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Off-Topic / Is the GMC dying?
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:29:46 AM »
This is not a rant topic, I am just noticing since I don't visit there but once every month or so, the community really seems like it is starting to become inactive.

Take for instance, the Work In Progress section...

Only a few games that were able to stay in the spotlight since this summer.

Look at the 3D examples.

Only one significant post since freaking 2012. Not to mention the only people that ever post to announcement topics are generally staff. Are they delusional over there, or can they not see they killed their own community?

General ENIGMA / Studio vs Legacy Alpha and Color
« on: December 09, 2013, 07:25:02 PM »

After realizing that some of the Game Maker sprite and background functions are not affected by the set drawing color and alpha I decided to run some tests. In the above two screenshots you can see a little test I ran in Studio and 8.1 with the code below. Notice in Studio the background function is affected by alpha but not color and in 8.1 it was affected by neither.

Code: (EDL) [Select]

My solution to this was to simply allow all background and sprite and standard draw functions that do not accept color to be affected by the set drawing color and alpha. However, due to outcries from retarded trolls (cheeseboy/polygon) they want the old legacy Game Maker behavior which breaks support for Studio's version of the functions.

Part of this issue was starting to unfold in the following post.

The GitHub ticket for this issue can be found here.

General ENIGMA / RadialGM
« on: December 06, 2013, 04:42:50 AM »
Hey guys, just wanted to update everyone a bit the LateralGM rewrite in C++. The project is definitely making progress, and I also decided to write a little article on the wiki with some information any of you may find useful.

The GMK API is currently completed, thanks to DatZach for writing the whole thing. The editor widgets and most of the LGM GUI layouts are completely redone and I do have a few functional editors such as the script/coding and game information editors working. I am waiting for the time to set down and work out the serializer for it with a little help from Josh. Basically what it does it make a single internal representation of the current projects kind of like XML sort of, it involves schema nodes and stuff. But anyway the goal there is to make it modular so many components of the various GMK/GMX/EGM readers and writers are agnostic to a lot of things. When the project gets further I will add information on building it, but it is too early for that quite yet.

General ENIGMA / LateralGM Plugin Repository
« on: December 06, 2013, 04:42:29 AM »
This is just a heads up everyone, the source code to the LateralGM plugin that allows you to compile games with ENIGMA, is no longer included in the main repository. Its new repository can be located at the link below and all your old tickets have been preserved and moved there.

The justification for this is simple, we need to make room to accommodate multiple IDE's, and that will mean multiple plugins in the future. We eventually plan to allow you to pick out which IDE you want when downloading, these ideas are still rather young and we will discuss them more in the future. This movement of the plugin code will also allow us to make a Linux package, for instance, for the Ubuntu software center much easier.

This also means a couple of other things, one being that on Windows, your games when compiled are now found in %AppData%/Roaming/ENIGMA

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Hacking Windows Executables
« on: December 04, 2013, 05:09:28 PM »
This is just a tutorial for anyone who may be interested. You can use a special tool to modify executable files and changes things such as the copyright and change any Windows forms around.

Hacking the icon, description, and copyright information.

Step 1
Download and install Resource Hacker from the link below, if you do not already have it, which is the program we are going to use to do this. Scroll down the page at the link below if you can't see the setup, its there, just scroll down a bit.
Step 2
Open Resource Hacker from Start->All Programs and hit File->Open then navigate to and open the executable you want to modify. You can also just right click it in Windows Explorer and select "Open In Resource Hacker" it installs an option there by default, for me it does anyway.
Step 3
Make your changes to the exe, set the icon, and the copyright info, modify dialogues, etc.
Step 4
Save your changes to the exe, and it should automatically create a backup copy of the old executable.

Ideas and Design / Website Issue Tracker Sucks
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:54:17 PM »
The website tracker is a disgrace. It files all bug reports to the ENIGMA tracker and everyone who comes here ends up filing LateralGM and Plugin issues there, which is a serious problem considering there will eventually be multiple IDE's.

I have already begun to accommodate this by moving the plugin to its own repository and moving all your old bug reports there.

Not only does the site tracker look like shit, it parses in BBCode since it is simply an extension of our forum which makes it incompatible with Git MarkDown cuasing the real issue tracker on GitHub to look like shit too.

My opinion is we should simply get the fuck rid of it and replace it with an embedded Wiki page that links people to the proper GitHub repository trackers and explain to them where a certain issue should be reported and how we would like them to report. Currently nobody even takes the time to add test cases or even thoroughly describe their problems, people literally need to be lead around by the fucking hand, and our site tracker isn't helping.

General ENIGMA / Canthelp/Default font
« on: December 01, 2013, 04:17:42 PM »
A while ago you wanted to add libtiff or whatever to generate a default font, I just ran across the fact of font_add.

Code: (C++) [Select]
int font_add(string name, int size, bool bold, bool italic, unsigned char first, unsigned char last)
  int res = enigma::font_new(first, last-first);
  enigma::font *fnt = enigma::fontstructarray[res];
  fnt->name = name;
  fnt->fontsize = size;
  fnt->bold = bold;
  fnt->italic = italic;
  fnt->glyphstart = first;
  fnt->glyphcount = last-first;
  return res;
That is the current implementation of font_add, I don't know if that even works or not, but I doubt it, because nothing is rendering the glyphs. A test should be done to see if this function works or not, and if it does not you can freely add libtiff to generate a default font, though the IDE should still render the fonts and place inside the GMX/EGM for later usage, I am only talking of for this function and for a default font.

Developing ENIGMA / GameMaker: Studio is EXTREMELY slow...
« on: November 30, 2013, 10:34:50 AM »

Well, I figured out how they are handling draw_set_color()

Harri, you were wrong, they are not adding it to each vertex if one is not passed. They are halting the ENTIRE graphics pipeline, and adding the currently set drawing color. I am amazed at their stupidity, the only thing I can think of is that Micro$hit gave them this idea, see the following article.

I tested this by simply doing the following before that model is drawn in the above screenshot.
Code: (EDL) [Select]
draw_set_color(choose(c_green, c_red, c_blue));

Which sure enough proved that the entire graphics pipeline was haulted in order to update the color vertices, this is only possible on a model without colors added to each vertex already, which is why when I originally tested this I couldn't get any results, I had to go and remove the color and alpha from their AddCube() script. I also tested with the built in block and other shapes to get these same results.

So anyway, I am going to scrap what were doing by adding it per-vertex, and sure as HELL not doing what they are doing. I am going to change the default drawing color to white and alpha to 1.0, then handle it all in the shader, it's the most optimal solution.

Developing ENIGMA / Why is GameMaker: Studio so slow?
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:57:27 AM »

So while working on the global batchers to get the context managers finished for OGL3 and D3D so I can add the new matrix functions for Harri, I decided to do a little test.
I ran into a particular issue with an auto-magic global batching system, and that is when you are constantly changing the stride or primitive type of a global batcher. I was disappointed in how much slower it caused my Box2D physics example to run as it draws a lot circles and rectangles with outlines, so I decided to test if Studio also has this issue. Sure enough it does, you can run the two examples below by simply making an empty project with 1 object whose draw event is the code below, sticking that object in a room and hitting run in either ENIGMA or Studio.

The first example demonstrates the batching problem that no batching system can really resolve, this also ran at 183fps in Game Maker 8.1 because it just drew the primitives instantly without any overhead.
minFPS, maxFPS, avgFPS
41, 52, 48
Code: (EDL) [Select]
    room_speed = 1000;
    draw_text(0, 0, "FPS: " + string(fps));
    repeat (500) {
        var xx, yy;
        xx = random(room_width);
        yy = 50 + random(room_height);
        draw_circle(xx, yy, 10, false);
        draw_circle(xx, yy, 10, true);

This demonstration shows that global batching does help when not constantly switching stride and primitive type as this example ran 3 times slower 8.1
minFPS, maxFPS, avgFPS
60, 583, 524
Code: (EDL) [Select]
    room_speed = 1000;
    draw_text(0, 0, "FPS: " + string(fps));
    repeat (500) {
        var xx, yy;
        xx = random(room_width);
        yy = 50 + random(room_height);
        draw_text(xx, yy, "wtf");

I am really at a loss for what to do here as I am historically in favor of users learning to do the batching themselves so they can fine tune it to perfection, I do not like trying to auto-magically make games faster. But then again I suppose it is not that big of an issue since I can always add the ability to disable global batching later on anyway, and well OpenGL 1.1 we had no plans of ever adding global batching to, so it's perfect. But anyway, moving forward, ENIGMA will have this same issue with drawing shape outlines in Direct3D and OpenGL 3 and I will later add an option if there is a lot of need for it, and OpenGL 1.1 will never have this issue, since it expects you to do shit yourself.

Off-Topic / Don't get Scroogled!
« on: November 26, 2013, 05:06:59 PM »

This is the worst advertising campaign ever, Microsoft is reallllyyy shallow.

Works in Progress / Upcoming Games
« on: November 17, 2013, 07:43:36 PM »
I figured we should start a topic where you everybody can show a game they are currently working on, doesn't have to be made in ENIGMA, it can just be anything you are currently working on.

The general forum board rules apply here as well, including no pictures of pornographic material, etc. But there are a few extra rules for this topic.
1) You can have multiple screenshots in a post, but please use the
Code: [Select]
[img width=xx]url[/img] code to embed the images shrunken so your post doesn't take up someones whole browser.
2) Only 1 post per person, this is not a place to give feedback on people's projects, save it for when they actually have a working demo and their own topic.
3) No download links, if you have a download link, just go ahead and post your own topic.

This topic will be archived and a new one posted in it's place when it gets too large. Allow me to start off with a screenshot of my game I am making.

Off-Topic / ENIGMA SEGA Font
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:44:32 PM »

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Blend Modes Explained
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:07:50 PM »

This example is courtesy of Phantom107 over at the GMC.

Size: 1.4 MB

The Wiki article describes blend modes more in depth.

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Voxel Raster Example
« on: November 12, 2013, 10:08:37 PM »

At the request of new members I have decided to fix the bug in my voxel raster example. This was the first thing I wrote when I joined ENIGMA.

There are two types of voxels, one is like Minecraft involving cubes, the other involves raster graphics. Basically you just ray-trace every pixel of the display into the scene. This made it possible for early 90's games such as Outcast to do special effects such as bump mapping and water reflections.

Size: 3.19 MB

This technique was also used in the first Comanche games for rendering the terrain.

Most of Wikipedia's information covers Minecrafts version of voxels.

Which I am going to touch up as well with some elaborated information. My method is similar to 3D scanning and what satellites do.

General ENIGMA / Skeletal Animation
« on: November 12, 2013, 08:10:29 PM »
Well with the advent of Unity2D and all it is going to have like skeletal animation and such, we will probably need to add it as well.

Especially because YoYoGames is copying and pasting everything Unity is fucking doing and now have it on their roadmap.

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