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Off-Topic / Most used browsers on this site
« on: December 23, 2008, 10:00:15 PM »

Delicious pie!

Announcements / OMG BLOGS
« on: December 06, 2008, 08:58:40 PM »

Making your own blog is easy; click on "my controls" and you'll see the option to make a new blog.

Once you have made it, you can post into it!

Some things still need to be done though, such as slimming down the blog control panel page. A lot.

Issues Help Desk / READ BEFORE POSTING: Help Request Guidelines
« on: December 03, 2008, 01:05:48 AM »
The following guidelines are not mandatory, but your problem will almost definitely be solved a lot faster if you follow them.

1) Try an Update.
-- I see too many topics posted using outdated versions with problems that I thought I already resolved. The user updates, and the problem is indeed resolved. Plus, it's hard to debug a problem when you and I are using different versions. If it's a real problem, the first place I'm going to look is in the line of code that the error mentions. Every few versions, that line of code moves, so the line number changes.

2) Run from console/terminal.
-- A great deal of information is still printed to the terminal rather than displayed in dialog boxes (mostly because the project is still young, and the printed information changes so frequently that keeping dialog boxes up-to-date would be impractical - likewise for log files). The terminal displays a log of information that the program has gone through to get to this point. Some of it might tell you, or us, what went wrong and where.

3) Find out what revision you're using.
-- ENIGMA usually displays its revision number in the console/terminal, one of the very first lines output, e.g. "ENIGMA r123". See guideline #1 above.

4) Share the console/terminal output with us (along with your version number).
--  Actually most posters are smart enough to do this already, but I'm gonna remind you anyways. For windows users, Right Click on the Terminal's Menu Bar > Edit > Select All; Right-Click > Edit > Copy; Then paste your clipboard contents here.

5) If you encounter an error, write it down, even if you're going to try to work around it.
-- This one kills me. People see an error, and then quick just dismiss it, and try to work around it. Then they encounter a stranger error down the road, and *that* is the one they report. The earlier error is usually a lot more informative to us, and easily explains why the later error occurred.

6) ???
7) Profit!

A few other suggestions:

Topic titles:
Good: "How do we use our own CPP library files?"

Post contents:
Good: "I am having a problem with running LGM; it appears that error x is appearing. I am on Windows XP SP3, and I definitely have the newest Java Runtime Environment..."

Bad: "HELP ME LGM ISNT WORK1N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

Errors with your game:
You may wish to post the source. If you are paranoid about people stealing your game (if it falls into the hands of a 12 year old who thinks he/she can make your game "better" or make a "better" version... well...), then try and post the source of where you think the error is being triggered.

General ENIGMA / MOVED: could not find the main class
« on: December 03, 2008, 12:49:48 AM »

General ENIGMA / MOVED: Forum changes
« on: November 29, 2008, 10:16:24 PM »

Announcements / Forum changes
« on: November 29, 2008, 04:17:19 PM »
You will need to do a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5) on the forum index to see some of the changes.

* Upgraded SMF from 1.1.4 -> 1.1.7
* Board descriptions are no longer displayed on the board index
* Some graphical changes
* Slimmed down the amount of boards, and the board index itself
* Quick reply enabled for everyone
* You return to the topic you were in when posting
* Working SMF Bugtracker integration (not working as well as wanted, but at least is working well)

General ENIGMA / Wuts dis I c thar
« on: November 26, 2008, 12:23:16 AM »
See attachment.

Announcements / Code hosting
« on: October 15, 2008, 12:08:32 AM »
I noticed a few posts discussing it, so I will make this clear. Josh is not considering code hosting until r4.

There is a colligma branch however it is for 1.0, and a major rewrite is in the works.

Pester me if you seriously want the link to the branch.

General ENIGMA / This.
« on: September 28, 2008, 11:17:29 PM »

Because SourceForge is too bloated.

Announcements / The lack of development updates and progress
« on: September 27, 2008, 07:35:44 AM »
About Josh:
Josh @ Dreamland says:
 I guess.
 Lemme at least give you the whole story...
 After Mouso died, I came down with a case of MRSA.
 MRSA is a deadly staph infection.
 I started breaking out in lesions,
 so my dad took me to the doctor.
 The doctor sent me to the hospital,
 where they took a culture.
 After a couple days, they identified it as being MRSA,
 and so they prescribed a powerful antibiotic called bactrim.
 After about a week on Bactrim, I started breaking out in a rash all over, and had a fever of almost 103.
a2h_ says:
 australia uses celsius not farenheit
Josh @ Dreamland says:
a2h_ says:
 ok, that's bad
Josh @ Dreamland says:
 So they took me to the doctor again, which led to more meds.
 This time they put me on Benedryl and prednisone.
 Benadryl is an over-the-counter antihistamine.
 Prednisone is an immune system suppressant.
 The rash was gone in a couple days
 So I had some reprieve to work
 Two days later, I came down with pneumonia
 and spent another week on the couch,
 literally unable to breathe if I were to sit up.
 After a week of breathing treatments, the taste of which I still can't rid myself,
 I ended up here.
 Rest assured, I'm still working on the thing.
 And compile speeds are already significantly faster, from what I can tell.
 Features include faster compile, and a system I'm calling 'Post-Compile Script'
 which will allow for additional compiler parameters such as amazing asm-level optimization thanks to GCC,
 as well as the ability to strip (cut down in size) (still thanks to GCC) and protect your executables before and after sprites are added (This'd take an external program, which you could add to the list of things to call after compilation and before resources are appended).
 So yeah... Sorry I disappeared for two weeks, but I wasn't exactly enjoying my stay at a health spa or anywhere nicer than Ohio.
(I use WLM 9 beta in case you're wondering how so many lines are possible in a single message)

About me:
Uhh, yeah, procrastinating about the site again, and thing's aren't working so I'm annoyed about that. I was working on this. I don't know how this is going to work out; the server is giving me errors when I try to run any SMF's install script (in the edc folder)... there's no .htaccess file there as far as I'm concerned, and /www/.htaccess doesn't have anything referring to /www/edc/ sooo... yeah. I guess I'll need to figure out something else then.

So there, your explanation for why neither of us have done any or much work on what we were supposed to do. Serprex, put your sharp stick away.

Joshedit: I left out some details while I was talking to a2h, which would lead to scratched heads later on. So I added them in to the end. ...I don't care how that sounds, I'm back and breathing and that should be good enough for you people. *angryface*

Announcements / Forum changes 6/aug/08
« on: August 06, 2008, 04:10:04 AM »
* Theme changed to EDC one (hardcoded... the template system on EDC needs to be reworked so SMF can easily fit into the template as well)
* Replies possible in announcements board now
* A few board descriptions changed

More changes are on the way, but they'll be rolling along and this post will be updated. Now reply, my friends! Enjoy your newfound powers! The power of replying to announcements! Don't overdo it

I am attempting to make the forum less GMC-ish.


Suggested improvements

Here you find a huge lists of improvements that have been suggested. They are subdivided in categories.

Image and Sprite editor

  • Preview in the image editor (when in zoom mode)
  • polygon drawing in the image editor.
  • Save and jump to next/prev frame (To help animating)
  • onion skinning ? for easier animations
  • CAnimation object must store images in one bitmap to save resources.
  • use a tolerance level for transparency (either in the image editor or in the runner)
  • Select different transparency color than left bottom one (internally make all sprites one higher???)
  • Make it possible to save a sprite with all this collision data, etc. and load it later in the game. Similar for sounds, backgrounds, paths.
  • Apply the animation tools to only certain frames (i.e. i have a 30 frames animation, then i want to morph it form frame 15 to 30, so the first 15 frames remain without changes)
  • in the overlay function in the animation menu, an option to pick a color and set it as transparent, so we can overlay an animation without first turn it transparent.
  • Integrate the sprite editor and the image editor with additional support to create animations
  • support for mng animations
  • possibility to add a shadow
  • allow for alpha value changing, storing images differently (32-bit) and importing images with alpha channel (e.g. png)
  • When in selecting mode, all sort of operations (color, blur, etc.) should work on the selection, not on the image
  • Loading AVI files as animated sprites (????)
  • Creating libraries of sprites and other resources that can be loaded during the game.
  • Give much more control over the mask of a sprite (alpha value, disk, other shape, etc.)
  • In image editor: Effects in image editor should only apply to the selection
  • In image editor: Grid with changeable size
  • In image editor: Polygon drawing
  • In image editor: Color wheel for selection
  • In image editor: Goto next, previous subimage (in sprite)
  • In image editer: resize or rotate a selection
  • In image editer: cut a selection
  • Multiple undos
  • During selection, show width and height in the statusbar
  • Crop command (when size can change)
  • While color picking, display the r,g,b (and hsv) values
  • Add a ruler
  • When pasting a copied image it should appear at a visible place in the image (e.g. when zoomed)
  • Show brush size when drawing


Announcements / Poll: Regarding community/forums
« on: July 08, 2008, 04:30:37 AM »
Please vote. The end result of the poll will decide whether the communities will merge, and if so how.

Updated the project page so it's sorted by category. Should make it a lot easier to find if what you want is there. Oh and clarifying: the stuff there is what's currently coded, not released, so if it says it's done and it's not, it'll be there in the next release.

Smell that? It's time to hijack a newspost!!

So, as usual, listen to what a2h says. But aside from that... It's time for an update.

ENIGMA R3 is going very, very well. Though I haven't heard from Luda about implementing the collision system, we will likely do that, though I can not promise it. I may have to stick on bbox based collisions for the time being, but we'll see.

However, I have some amazing news for those of you who do not like LGM's room editor. However, the news is totally secret. :3 But I have had great success with the idea so far, and it will be in R3 for all to see. It will give us a new edge on level design; that much I will say.

Next off, I've totally reorganized everything in R3 twice, as well as recoded var twice, which lets me safely say that var will be stable for R3, and that we LIKELY will have the Linux version ready and MAY have a working Mac version for R3.

Additionally, some bad news. It seems some graphics cards, in fact, most graphics cards, have some kind of problem with OpenGL, such as the complete inability to draw sprites and any sort of surface. These functions were implemented for Windows 95; all are supported since Win95 service release two. HOWEVER, somehow not only is the newest set of functions I use not supported, but neither are the ancient ones.

On a brighter note, however, I have seen no problems with getting a working syntax checker online, as well as removing every single bug from the compilation process. LGM no longer freezes on error, and, in fact, all syntax errors and unimplemented functions are reported.

R3 has seen a great deal of recoding and rethinking. It is faster and more stable than ever.

General ENIGMA / Poll: Regarding community/forums
« on: July 08, 2008, 04:26:36 AM »
Right, I think it's about time EDC and forums should be merging soon. Of course, I've been procrastinating, which is why it hasn't happened earlier. Anyway. Choose which option you believe is best.

If you choose option 2 or 3, the end result will be named the ENIGMA Community instead of the community forums and EDC. Also, if options 2 or 3 are chosen, there will be a secondary poll to decide whether the community will be part of the main site or separate.

Option 1
Leave everything as-is.

This means that:
* EDC will remain separate from the main site
* The forums will remain part of the main site

Option 2
Keep the forums, and merge EDC into it.

This means that:
* EDC and the forums will be one single community
* The forums may lose features that are considered bloated
* The forums will be the focus of the community

Option 3
Keep EDC, and merge the forums into it.

This means that:
* EDC and the forums will be one single community
* The forums will be emptied of all contents
* The forums will lose features that are considered bloated
* EDC will be the focus of the community

Announcements / ENIGMA on SourceForge
« on: June 13, 2008, 11:29:32 PM »
You heard right. ENIGMA's on SourceForge now.

The website will remain here at, however, downloads will be moved to SourceForge.

This means that you can download with local mirrors, and it also solves some... hosting problems.

Currently only r2/noGCC is uploaded, because my upload speed is made of fail.

But anyway.

EDIT: the full version of r2 (zip) has been uploaded.

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