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Hi everyone, I today stumbled upon your project for the first time and was excited to see an open source alternative to Gamemaker.

Now, to test your software what I tried was to load an existing, open source gamemaker project.  (Disclaimer, while I have programming experience, I'm not a game programmer nor have I used gamemaker before)

So I download the portable package (version Version: which installed nicely for me under windows.

I selected spelunky which is missing a linux port where the multiplatform ENIGMA could shimn. For spelunky there are 2 variants available.

(Somewhere it was mentioned in the forum that an early test existed, but the link was broken and google revealed nothting too)

I could open both fine and ran for both into different problems (where I currently stuck)

Both seems to rely on the caster extension ( which is available as gex, which seems to be not supported (

OK, then I tried to mass remove this audio functionality... but I was unable to find with the inbuild editor a way to substitute scripts/functions throughout the project. (Had to click and open every individual file)

This project seemed to provide this functionality (which is missing in GM too?) but failed for me to work.

The same problem with another error: rand() expects now 1 parameter in former times it seems it was 2. This could be mapped to random_range if  I could mass rename / refactor the project.

Scoping/shadowing, by making a script "rand" which shadows the internal "rand" function I was also not able to bring to work.

Are there other alternatives (external editor also not worked on first try... notepad++)?
Dumping a project to pure text file and than replacing all instance in all files would be a possibility too, but I didn't found a dump possiblity.

Tipps and help would be very appreciated.

thanks :)

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