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Issues Help Desk / Full Screen bug? and help
« on: May 15, 2014, 04:55:23 AM »
Hi everybody...

I am new to Enigma so i was trying to find info and tutorials about it.

I downloaded a metal slug demo fromm yoyo website

and after changing 3 small things:
!= instead of <>
an empty sprite i deleted
break sentence in a for statement that i deleted

all of them in marco_obj

I managed it to run but i found a problem:

The game starts in the title screen which works ok in full screen...but after pressing enter to go to the first level of the game, this level does not go in full screen. Instead of it you can see the game in a small area at bottom left of the screen.
i tried with ogl1, and ogl 3 and the same...with dx9 the same but the game is at up-left of the screen and you can not see the platforms even.

In GM8.1 works well without this issue

Maybe is a problem that the title screen and the levels are different size and enigma is not updating the fullscreen when you change the rooms?

On another hand, as i told you before, i am new in this envoronment...can i use tutorials from game maker? any differences with functions or system variables?

what can you recomend me to start? any good tutorial?

Is enigma at the same level of GM? any missing features?

thanks a lot

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