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Off-Topic / Want some cheese ? Click here!
« on: February 14, 2014, 10:45:42 PM »
Back from a wee trip to Ireland to visit my family, so now I can catch up with some of you bloody fucks!

First things first, let me introduce myself, my name is CheeseBoy, also known as CheeseKnob.   I am such a loser that decided to be part of enigma's dev team and found out eventually that it was too much for me to handle and decided to quit but I did not want to embarrass myself and make myself to look like the retard that I am, so I tried to blame everything on Robert and Josh and the whole bloody team and bash the whole project instead just to make Josh & Robert look bad ! 

I am a pathetic half-wit shiteless excuse of a human being, not short of a plethora of deprecated and highly inefficient set of dna cells !

I cannot stop having those vivid dreams at nite, highly erotic in nature and involve Robert, sometimes Josh (eeee GADz)  ! 

Sometimes I cry myself to sleep thinking about enigma, but I am in denial and so instead I bash the project and bash everyone behind it.

who are you kidding you sad fucks, i couldn't bloody start my own engine with this prick daz if you held me at gun point and begged me, I know nothing, but I don't want to come across as n00b so I deflect and cry cry cry and blame Josh for ruining enigma even though I cannot do any better and even though, fag that I am, quitting pillock, am not in a position to talk about others failure.

So I confess, of my truly ignorant nature, I love you all, in a highly fucked up and deranged way, but enigma is too much for me to handle and I never wanted to admit what a farce that I was, all these years pretending to know what I was talking about.

If you can find it in your hearts to forgive me,

yours truthfully,

It's time to come clean right now.........

I suck at making 3D, I am a complete bloody n00b which is why I use Bryce 7 to render my gay scenery for my games, and I need someone to hold my hand because I am a stupid lazy fucking blimey kid !

I am such an unoriginal bloke that slaps random objects in random scenes and brag at my amazing talents.  I like to add an extra touch to my ARTWORK by boosting the contrast because I notice something is slightly off, I can't explain it.   

My mates all tell me that my renders are too bold but I can't for the fuck of me see what's wrong.

So I have come to the conclusions ladies and gents, that all those years of daily wanks and animal sex (Oh wait, I guess me right hand would disagree, it does not count as bad!)  has severely impaired my eye sight and might have slightly damaged my already damaged brain.......  Don't adjust your monitors folks, it's me, I'm just a wanker.

Yours truly.....

Signed TimeKillerGames

Issues Help Desk / Bug / Error: Missing header file (GME.h)
« on: January 23, 2014, 07:43:53 PM »

I've been playing around with LGM and just experimenting a little.  There seems to be a missing header file whenever I use the MIDI emulation box I have it checked, but during compile it says missing GME.h.  Not that I use General MIDI emulation :P but just thought I would point this out, why have that option there if the file is missing :D


Let me clear the air, because it seems my posts were misinterpreted !

It's so easy for people to flap their gums and use the "troll" word which gets used a lot on forums.  I have done more than my fair share of raising arguments and examples, with facts.

I don't 100% agree with everything YYG does, in fact, I do agree with a lot of people's problems with YYG.  Yes they did lots of tings wrong and fucked up, there are many examples I can cite, however, there are lots of unfair things said about YoYoGames!

I will respond to each of these individually as I see them.

As people who bash and insult YYG you sure don't seem to be taking the heat .  If you are going to be talking about a competing product in a bad way, your better be have something solid to brag about or you shut the bloody fuck up !  I am all about principles and fairness......

It's easy for you lot to say "Oh we don't have to do this or we are not required to do that, it's free" rubbish, fine, but this is besides the talk rubbish about another product, well can you deliver any better ? You have great potential to do so but you lot fucked up too in many areas.  Sorry but you'd shut up pretty fast if you knew who I was Josh & Robert, calling me a troll and such.  I don't post on those forums but I was a big supported of your product from way back and the project, and I am shocked at how it stalled and where it is heading, that's all......Unlike what you think I DO want to see ENIGMA compete and do would be bloody amazing for an open source program to give an $800 product a hard time........But forget about Master Collection, if it could even closely compete with GM:S Pro it would be fucking brilliant !

So let's get one thing straight, I'm not here to shill YoYoGames or troll in any way.
I am not paid by YYG in any way, they couldn't pay me enough money to shill.
I defend what's worth defending.........The moment they fucked windows developers in the arse once they started moving more towards mobile devs and charging rip off prices, that is when I started seeing how ENIGMA could solve that.

That aside, I would gladly donate / pay a 3 figure to a product like ENIGMA, that competed against GM:S Pro  I don't think money is the issue I think the project ENIGMA is dead, and I am skeptic that it will even compete with GM:S Pro, let alone GM 8.1.........the program is still very incomplete and too many issues.

Prove me wrong.  Just because you are a free, open source program does not give you the bragging right "oh we don't have to do shit because we are not a company" bla bla bla bla........If you are ready to go down dirty and borderline slander another company and its products, you better EARN those bragging rights motherfuckers, until you do, maybe you should put all that energy and sexual tension amongst some of you devs aside, and work together instead of against each other!!!

Off-Topic / Where YoYoGame Shines and where ENIGMA lacks!
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:23:07 AM »
First off, it's always shocking to see some people run their lip against YoYoGames and its amazing software, but even more shocking to see a bunch of numbnuts not state all the facts.

Where does Yoyogames shine and where does ENIGMA sucks donkey's penis!

At least with YYG you are getting frequent updates, which btw, you can perform from within the software !  No need to manually compile and no repository crap! A user friendly way to report bugs and prompt answers to your bug reports !  YoYoGames strives to release frequent updates, with several bug fixes and new features on a frequent basis.   At YoYoGames, the project is in constant development ......Where the bloody hell is ENIGMA going ?  As it looks more like a sinking ship run by a myriad of developers whos egos are bigger than their dicks !

A stalled project going nowhere and fading in the distance and the n00bs who quit Game Maker quickly come to realise that the competition is not all that claimed to be.  The one reason people complain of GM Studio is because they are a bunch of sorry newbies who have shitty coding skills, who are lazy and don't learn the proper way to optimise their game code.

Now let's see now........How many games were released with GM Studio, put on apps store, become popular, made money ????

Now how many were done with ENIGMA ?   

Again the same newbish argument "Oh Enigma is a compiler" boo hoo fucking hoo !!!! Cry me a goddamned river !!! Give me a break !  Most people will never really need the YoYo Compiler.  Many people have released really good games long before the YYC export, with very decent frame rates.   Now let's see now, how many export options do you have with Studio and how many do you have with ENIGMA ? Hmm???  GM:S is a user friendly software - no playing with dependencies, compiler, mangling, repository, suppositories, etc. You would really have to utterly be a complete newbie and totally suck for you to have trouble making a decent game with that software which has gone a long way !!!

ENIGMA is program that COULD HAVE been a great alternative with amazing potential, but currently it is a pile of dung !   It has so many issues, its compatibility to GM (which is supposed to be its purpose no?) is abysmal at best and it is so incomplete.  SO how the fuck can you tell some GM veteran to come over to ENIGMA and bring their project and that they would get better results.

A sinking ship, no updates, no fixes, too many issues and no sign of any new version or further development, I guess YoYoGame is a winner here ladies and gents.

So whilst the developers who rarely agree with one another keep on fighting like a bunch of ladies......and getting nothing done other than lip service and over hyping their sorry, miserable attempt at a GM altnerative, the folks at YYG keep on working hard day and night to improve and bring its product to new heights.  There is no way that ENIGMA can keep pace with GM.  You either fucking release something that works properly or you work on it and when you get something half decent you release it!  Is this shit in alpha stage or what ?

Before criticising YoYoGames, you should look at yourselves and if you wan to engage in lip service against another company, be sure to deliver the goods, work on making your product better, release frequent updates, and put your fucking differences aside ! Go get a room or something, kiss and make the fuck up and walk the talk.......

Sure ENIGMA is in some ways better, but it has a long fucking way to go to be considered over GM:S for serious game development.

At least YYG takes the time to provide a proper help, documentation built into their software, yours is incomplete !!! and online only.  Is it really that hard to transfer all of that to a damn PDF file or HLP file ?

No means to auto update the software and offer stable / beta channels I mean come on, many FREEWARE products online have an update feature.

Your software is HYPE and so incomplete and lacking.

You have developers quitting, bitching, crying, and giving lame excuses.

So whilst you blimey kids keep fighting, Game Maker Studio continues to be worked on and improved for the better.

Let's see you folks release some updates and complete your software then you can earn back your bragging rights motherfuckers.

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