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Issues Help Desk / GPL?
« on: December 13, 2009, 07:41:57 AM »
Here's the issue I'm thinking GPL poses:

GPL is viral. Any code that uses GPL code must be GPL
Enigma is GPL. Any code that uses Enigma code must be GPL
GPL demands source be supplied in a readable manner
Projects are built on top of ENIGMAsystem
ENIGMAsystem is Enigma code is GPL code
One of Enigma's selling points is projects being closed source
Projects that use GPL code must, essentially, be open source

Enigma's security promises are made inept

Announcements / R3 isn't dead
« on: December 10, 2009, 04:27:06 PM »

You all might have forgotten, as Josh is most certainly 1984's Big Brother, but there was a time when Enigma didn't intend to parse C++. Perhaps you forgot that cpp{} was a half ass feature which meant don't parse. We all should know that Josh doesn't solve problems with half known solutions. Josh solves invented problems. I'd like to continue on, and say this is how Enigma started; that Josh really just invented GM being a problem. But if I said that you'd all eat me

I digress. The point is that R4 is not only the next version of Enigma, but the next version of Enigma's philosophy

From discussions over the past couple of days, and from what I can see when I got myself a fresh copy of R3, conclusions seem to be that Josh is developing R4 and leaving R3 to rot. As such, I think it may be better to see the R3 git repository as the development branch of R3 and Josh's subversion repository as the development branch of R4

So we have an 3/4 divide. If such a coexistence is to be, the philosophies must complement each other. R4 and beyond are Josh's ambitious toying. R3 has the sole goal of efficiently emulating GM, and no more. Extensions such as cpp{} and anything else that would be an error if written in GML are open to addition if they are proven reasonable, but these are happenences

I hate writing conclusions in essays, and the same holds for posts

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