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Off-Topic / Code::Block Plugins
« on: August 10, 2009, 11:17:13 PM »
Does anyone know of a good Code::Blocks/Scintilla highlighter for C++? The default highlighter sucks and I don't feel like messing with Scintilla and XML.

General ENIGMA / C++ operators in EDL
« on: August 10, 2009, 01:51:49 PM »
Lets say I have a vec3 class and functions to go along with it:

Code: [Select]
vec3_set(vec3, x, y, z)

//But what if I implemented the operators:
// vec3 '+' vec3
// vec3 '*' vec3
// vec3 '*' double
// double '*' vec3
// vec3 '*=' double

//In EDL can I simply use:
vec3 v = vec3(0,0,0)

v *= 1.9999999;

// Or would I have to add the C++ operators to EDL, if so how would I accomplish this. Do I use cpp{ }?

General ENIGMA / I got to thinking.
« on: August 09, 2009, 01:08:47 AM »
    Ok, just saw the child forum below and read most of the post. No offense to anyone here, but damn, you guys put that guy in the ground.  His 'program' and I use that word carefully didn't seem all that bad from what I read, just another GM alike, which has been making me wonder and think 'real' hard.
    I'm honestly sick of gm but from what I understand ENIGMA is going to be 'similar' (used carefully) to gm. So why not completely rear off that path.  I was looking in the Development section of the site and noticed that the 3D implementation is planned(no matter how far away) to be 'just like' gm and that bothers me. Why not incorporate a front-end interface for 3D? I know LGM is not ENIGMA developers responsibility, but you do use it as an IDE and I don't feel that it needs to change, you can always modify it easily. Here is some recommended changes to create this front-end 3D interface:

  • Make a 'Mesh' resource object and a small editor/viewer in LGM to go with it.
  • Instead of 'Backgrounds'; call them 'Textures'.
  • For 2D objects create a 'Node' object. Which will be NO different than the gm 'Object'. For 3D objects create an 'Entity' object. This will be just like a 2D 'Node' but with 3D components.
  • Now a 'Room' should similar to it is now except designed for the 3D placement of 'Entities'. A WYISWYG 3D editor. For all 2D 'Nodes' create a resource called 'Overlay' with an editor (no different than the room editor now). which can be used to place 'Nodes'. Every 'Room' can have an 'Overlay' associated with it. If the game does not use 3D; then just use 'Overlay' objects and use an empty 'Room' and control the game progress by changing the 'Room's Overlay'.
  • Create a resource called 'Material' which will be applied to 3D objects, along with an internal editor/viewer.
  • Create a tool called 'Interior Editor', which will create a mesh and a material associated with an octree mesh.
  • Create a tool called 'Terrain Editor', which will create a mesh and a material associated with a terrain.
  • Create a resource child-of 'Room' called 'Camera' in which 'Material's can be added to in order to create special effects. This will be 'Room' oriented; not a global object.
  • So here will be the tree-node setup example for a visual:

[-] Sprites
[-] Textures
[-] Meshes
[-] Materials
[-] Paths
[-] Time-lines
[-] Scripts
[-] Nodes
[-] Entities
[-] Overlays
[-] Room
   [-] Camera

Allright, this isn't meant to harm the progress of ENIGMA but it would be nice to see this program grow into powerful software that can be used to easily create next-generation games. As far as console support goes, ENIGMA does use C++ so not impossible; just legal issues to deal with. These are only recommendations to think about while ENIGMA is still early in development.

Website Bugs / Buglist - 404
« on: August 08, 2009, 11:52:39 PM »
I'm not sure if the 404 for the Bug-list is intentional but if not it should be looked at.

Issues Help Desk / Compiling Enigma
« on: August 02, 2009, 11:32:39 PM »
Hi everyone,
    I'm new to enigma so I just wanted to get the introduction out of the way.  Alright I decided to see if I could compile enigma with dev-cpp.  I compiled the compileEGMf project without a problem.  Then I tried to compile the ENGIMAengine project.  The first try gave me build errors because of dependencies like zlib etc. I fixed that and then the second attempt it compiled all source files except at the end it reads out the following build error:

Code: [Select]
C:\ENIGMA\ENIGMAsystem\SHELL\| [Build Error] exe: *** [Default Profile/ENIGMAengine.exe] Error 1
I just don't understand.  It compiled fine but with a 'blank' error... ???

As of writing this I thought about something.  I didn't use the include directory that came with enigma. I will post results in a few.

Nope, did not change a thing...

Just wondering: Do I have to define BUILDMODE somewhere in the sources?

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