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Thanx a lot guys.

I already had the feeling there had to be a much easier way. Glad to see there is. I guess the problem here is  me still being a newbie. Lets see if I can change that soon :)


First of all: I'm really new on Enigma. Just discovered the tool last weekend so forgive me for asking questions that are probably asked before.  :ohdear: However, I checked the documentation and the forum posts but did not really found the answer.

I'm playing around with Enigma, trying to make a simple ball-game. You probably know, bal+plate, some bricks to hit and when hitting the walls, the velocity of the ball is inverted. No big deal.

In this game, the room has 3 edges where the velocity inverts (left, right, top) and one that edge that is game over (bottom). So in the collision event I wanted to inspect what edge of the room the ball is colliding with. That turned out to be more difficult than I expected.

After playing around a bit a came upon the section explaining the file: events.res. So I thought if events can be defined, why not just define them. I found the entry "intersect boundary"

Code: [Select]
boundary: 7
Name: Intersect Boundary
Mode: Special
Case: 1
Sub Check: (bbox_left < 0) or (bbox_right > room_width) or (bbox_top < 0) or (bbox_bottom > room_height)

So I made a copy like this (just showing the left intersection here):

Code: [Select]
boundaryleft: 7
Name: Intersect Left Boundary
Mode: Special
Case: 1
Sub Check: (bbox_left < 0)

Nice and easy, I thought. However, to my surprise the event never showed in the Enigma IDE.  :( :(
I guess I'm missing something fundamental. Can anyone explain what part I'm missing here?


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