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Title: Sokoban clone for Enigma
Post by: hpg678 on June 14, 2019, 08:48:03 PM
i am in the process of doing a Sokoban clone as another of my tutorial projects as well as a full game.

The full game will have a 'Select Level' screen utilizing one of my previous projects ......[size=78%]https://enigma-dev.org/edc/games.php?game=88 (https://enigma-dev.org/edc/games.php?game=88)[/size]

However, this will be slightly different. A thumbnail will represent each level which, makes coding for me easier to do. This involves taking a screenshot of each level, cropping it to a custom size of 96X96 pixels as a sprite, then simply duplicating that object and changing its sprite_index and room_index.

Title: Re: Sokoban clone for Enigma
Post by: Goombert on June 15, 2019, 01:11:06 PM
Holy cow hugar, you are on fire making games. This one too looks like fun! Yeah i'm still planning on setting aside some time to play your new games.

PS: What's up with the broken formatting of the size BBCode in your post? I think the version of Simple Machines Forums (SMF) we have installed doesn't support percentages. I would Google "SMF BBCode font size" or maybe try using the UI button to set the font size of that link.
Title: Re: Sokoban clone for Enigma
Post by: hpg678 on June 27, 2019, 07:51:38 AM
Greetings all.

this is a progress report on my game. you can check it out here on youtube. (https://youtu.be/ZqiaZKFn2TQ)

you have enemies to contend with and other various traps to avoid while solving the rooms.

it also has a Select screen, and my personal favorite, the ability for you to use your own music as background music in the game.
It's gotta be a .wav file though if you're using Windows. However Linux users will not a problem using .wav, and .mp3 though.

there are about 26 levels so far. I'm gonna release the full game soon with 50 levels.

Additionally, I'm planning to create a level editor where you can save your own levels and play them.