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Title: Mega-textures and Atlasing
Post by: Goombert on April 22, 2014, 04:20:43 PM
We've discussed this before, but basically ENGIMA needs texture paging/atlasing/s for mobile platforms that can't handle texture binding but have good video RAM.

We also currently do not have mega-textures for fonts, so you are limited to around a MAXIMUM of 500 characters, Harri just ran into this after testing the new Unicode font support because he set a really huge range for all his characters and didn't optimize it. The picture below shows how it could not fit all 555 characters he had set.


Studio also has the "used for 3D" option for textures and sprites which makes them their own texture, which is good for multi-texturing as well. Not much to discuss really, we just need to do it.

There is also an issue for this filed on the tracker.