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Title: Just some observations and questions
Post by: ZooT_aLLures on September 07, 2013, 02:02:32 AM

Just found this project and like the looks of it so far.

Had some minor issues doing the install on XP pro64

Seems mingw doesn't like pathnames with spaces in them.

Placed the .exe file in C:\ and it ran and updated fine.

So it seems I've got a running system here..........so far.

Ran the minecraft demo and the fps shooter demo just fine, so I'll assume I did something right.....

Now the question.

I'm looking at the network functions and wrote a VERY simple network script for testing.

When trying to run it though..........it throws an error about not being able to find curl/curl.h in the compile stage.

*grins*.................anyone know how the heck to install the curl library under mingw?

At this point it doesn't matter whether my rustic script works or not..........but that compiler error tell me that it'll never work till I get that/those fixed first.

Anyways Thanks in advance....
Title: Re: Just some observations and questions
Post by: Goombert on September 07, 2013, 02:43:24 PM
Howdy, I am glad to hear you had such a pleasant set up experience, seems that our recent fixes to installation problems have been an improvement. But yes MinGW does not like spaces, we have tried to put failsafes where we can but it just does not wanting to go in a path where there are spaces.

Now the Berkeley Sockets networking system does require the Curl headers for HTTP functions. You should simply be able to download them and stick them in the folder, I don't know because I have not tested it on Windows yet. On Linux it is just one terminal command to install the headers and it runs fine. If you do not need HTTP functions but just regular networking for games, you can remove the #include and the function that uses that header.