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Posted on: March 30, 2020, 10:54:49 am
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I don't speak English very much.  I am a teacher,  I want to create a translation of lateralGM for children.

I read ->

Where to paste?


Here? -> enigma-dev/plugins/

I tried to put in but it doesn't work.

LateralGM (no recompile necessary) ??
Where to paste? to enigma?

I can't compile the lateralGM project to create .jar

My translation beta 0.001

Don't have a screenshot or video?

Or do I have to "install" again and do "make" or something like that?

Thank you
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Reply #1 Posted on: April 07, 2020, 10:55:37 am

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Hi! I'm familiar with the LGM code base, you could try creating a folder named "messages" next to the jar file and put your message properties file there, mimicking the directory structure of the jar itself. I can't guarantee that it will work as I don't think we've programmed an override to pick up external message properties in LGM, but it may be built into Java.

If you are still unable to get it to work, this is a reasonable feature I could add to LGM for you if you would like. I would also be willing to accept your properties file in the master repository.
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We have a section in the wiki about this:

No promises as to how fresh it is.
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