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Author Topic: Virtual Visit Maker (Prototype)  (Read 5105 times)
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Posted on: May 13, 2019, 01:53:38 am


The source code is very messy. This project is just meant to demonstrate you can make an entire game with one GameMaker / ENIGMA object instance with the help of an INI file and loading / unloading external resources at run-time. In this particular case you would be making a first person, point-and-click, adventure-puzzler game.

Please do not steal my sound or graphics that I created and shipped with this project. They are included for demoing and educational purposes only. You may however use the GM81 file however you see fit, to reiterate, without the external resources that I made available with it. Make your own games with this, using your own graphics and audio. The only graphical pieces you are permitted to use are inside the binary blob GM81 file itself and can be viewed when you load the project into GM / LGM.

GM81 project file can be built with the ENIGMA Development Environment using:

- Compiler: MinGW | Platform: Win32 | Graphics: OpenGL 1.1 | Audio: OpenAL

- Compiler: G++ | Platform: Linux X11 | Graphics: OpenGL 1.1 | Audio: OpenAL

...or GameMaker 8.1, but make sure you install the extension package included.

There is a 64-bit Windows EXE included, which was compiled with ENIGMA.

Yeah bro, please check it out. You will be blessed.
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