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Author Topic: Compiling in Linux (Solved)  (Read 973 times)
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Posted on: April 21, 2011, 04:10:05 PM
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First of all, congratulations for the proyect. I thougt to do something similar for years.
Ok, I couldnt download the .deb file from dropbox, so i have done a svn -co from the repository and tried to compile in linux. Everithing seems to work fine. I open the .jar and try to run a game, and then I get a linker error from the g++. I notice that this seem the last step to compile so i try to find the error and I read:
g++ SHELLmain.cpp libEGMstd.cpp Graphics_Systems/OpenGL/.eobjs_Run/*.o Platforms/xlib/.eobjs_Run/*.o Universal_System/.eobjs_Run/*.o Audio_Systems/OpenAL/.eobjs_Run/*.o Collision_Systems/BBox/.eobjs_Run/*.o Audio_Systems/OpenAL/.eobjs_Run/*.a Audio_Systems/OpenAL/.eobjs_Run/libogg.a Widget_Systems/None/.eobjs_Run/*.o -lz -lGL -lGLU -lopenal -o /home/joserc87/tar/enigma-dev-svn/enigma-dev/trunk

but trunk is a dir, so g++ cant create the output file. I've changed with ...trunk/something (in a terminal) and it compiles, but doesnt work like expected. There arent any resources in the program, so all I see is a black window and a keyboard tester in the terminal.
How can I solve? I'm very curious about this project and wanna try it.

(Note: As you can notice, I'm not an English speeker :eng99: (really I'm spanish) so sorry for my bad English. I hope you can understand what I've said  :)).
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1) Care to share what was wrong with the .deb?
2) You need to also share the revision you're using to get help.
3) svn co enigma-dev
That will checkout the trunk of the project (bleeding edge, yadda yadda). It looks like you might have checked out from the svnroot, and got a lot more than you bargained for. Alternatively, if you don't care about bleeding edge and just want a version that works, consider checking out the stable branch:
svn co enigma-dev
4) I'm not entirely sure, but you might be experiencing this problem because of problems with the latest revision. Again, consider checking out the stable branch instead, because we do break the trunk from time to time. Alternatively, consider reverting to a slightly older revision, `svn up -r 700` before we broke it, or wait until we fix it.
5) Consider joining the IRC to get faster help and to talk to the devs directly. We know what we're doing on the IRC, but kinda fumble around on the forums.
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Sorry about that, Joserc. We've been making some reparations to get ENIGMA working on Mac, iPhone, and Android out of the box. As IsmAvatar said, you can revert to an older revision that still works using the SVN up command. I recommend revision 710.

To check out new, use this:
svn co enigma-dev -r 710

To revert, use this:
svn up -r 710
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Reply #3 Posted on: April 21, 2011, 07:46:54 PM
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Yes, this revision 710 works fine. Now I feel a bit stupid checking out the latest version and asking why doesnt work hehehe :P.
This look good. Congratulations again! I thing this is a proyect the world needed.

Best wishes.
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