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This topic is way off the rails and clearly way over the line between trolling and constructive criticism. We honestly shouldn't justify it with a response, but I can't help myself except to refute nearly all of these bullshit points.

Quote from: jackass
your product is based on messed up code
You're absolutely right, ENIGMA is based on modular and extensible components that are open source. Modern ENIGMA is also a lot more stable because it has continuous integration tests that are making the project more stable than ever before.

Quote from: jackass
THINKING they can take ENIGMA in a new direction
Well, sorry if you have a problem with people coming up with innovative ideas and working hard enough to actually pull them off. I guess you don't like people who believe in themselves?

Quote from: jackass
have you done NOTHING

Quote from: jackass
messed up whatever tiny hope was left for this project

Quote from: moron
You have alienated 99% of your users

Quote from: fucking moron
download bloatware and manually compile SHIT
GameMaker: Studio requires the exact same bloatware in the form of LLVM & Visual Studio. The difference here is that ENIGMA is not a giant monolithic piece of bloatware shit like GMS is. You can remove any of the extensions and you don't have to install all of the dependencies. If you did that, then I just feel sorry for you that you clearly don't know how to use a package manager and probably don't even know how to use your computer either.

Quote from: gigantic fucking moron
are not required to download a full suite software
Except, they ARE, GameMaker: Studio is a giant monolithic piece of shit.

Quote from: jackass
At least people have a working product on this side of the fence, nobody said it was perfect but it works
Yeah, you're right again, GMS is really hard to install on anything except Windows because it's a big ass monolith turd. They spent most of their time making sure it was difficult enough to even make GameMaker run on Windows that it's also impossible to run it on any other platform. You used to be able to run GM8 in Wine, you can't do the same for GMS.

Anyway, thanks for showing up and clarifying to all of us why ENIGMA is a GREAT PRODUCT!!!

Off-Topic / Re: Fucking Microsoft
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:12:49 pm »
Why would you like to play offline? If you go offline you can't play online. Everybody wants to play with you online. What do you have against playing online? What have the people who want to play against you online ever done to you personally while being online? Online isn't as bad as you may think. At Microsoft we've been working tirelessly to ensure a continuous online experience for you to play your friends online. If you go offline, we're honestly going to just make it harder for you to play, because fuck you, we're Microsoft.

Announcements / Re: RadialGM
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:57:30 am »
Quote from: Steve
Truly impressive effort!
Thanks Steve! We're really trying, and it wasn't always this great for ENIGMA either. What's really helping is our embrace of continuous integration and regression testing. The changes are truly revolutionary for this project. Please check out my other announcement for more on that.

Quote from: pavul
however i dont know if will be open source as well and i would like to see the improvements
Fear not, as we all intend to retain the open source nature of RadialGM and ENIGMA as well. Open source has always been a defining principle of this project and none of us have any intentions of changing that.

Quote from: pavul
if is an IDE for enigma with the UI to create a game like GMS but without unusable items would be better, for that i dont use D&D i dont need those bunch of icons, only script and the events.
The initial beta is going to lack a Drag & Drop UI completely for the time being. Games like this will continue to function partly thanks to the fact the Drag & Drop in GMS2 is actually embedded as regular GML and using a document generator to read metadata out of the comments. That allows it to completely function in ENIGMA without any UI when I get the YYP reading finished. I will continue to look towards keeping a non-drag and drop mode for users who prefer that if and when a drag and drop UI is developed here.

Quote from: pavul
and im from now on waiting some advancements.
Hopefully much more on this soon, we're almost done with the engine changes. Please read more about that on the announcement I linked for Steve above.

Announcements / Re: SDL Platform Released
« on: June 29, 2018, 07:35:10 am »
These changes are closely related to the graphics changes I am doing too. I am really happy with the way this is going because we creating a very solid foundation on which nothing will regress either. It's going to be great to have Android working and I'm happy that Mac is working again too.

Announcements / Graphical Fidelity Testing and Engine Cleanup
« on: June 29, 2018, 07:23:13 am »

Note: The two images are intentional false positives I did for the purposes of demonstrating the bot and to verify its behavior.

Hey guys! I've been busy for a few days working on a side improvement to the engine code base that I want to share with you all. It is closely related to the SDL changes fundies recently announced as well as us adding support for Direct3D11 and modern OpenGL ES. We have basically extended our continuous integration to perform an image analysis on graphics tests to improve graphical fidelity both between the graphics systems as well as between ENIGMA and GameMaker. This is still a work in progress but I just this morning got it fully working to where we can successfully screencap the game in the Travis CI virtual machine (minor bug in our test harness taking the screenshot directly after game start and before any draw events were processed).

You can see what we're up to on the pr here:

We expect to have it merged soon and will then be adding drawing tests from here on out.

I've also cleaned up the tile drawing code and optimized them on top of the vertex buffer functions I added for GMS compatibility. They are slightly different though because I use an index buffer to render them more optimally as an indexed triangle list. Regardless, from my benchmarks we can see that the tiles are not only more consistent now but also build and render much faster. When me and fundies get these image comparison tests merged into master, I will add a tile drawing test to prevent future regression of the functions and finally merge in the new tile code.

I will be following up those changes by rewriting the model classes as well:

The whole point of this changeset is to have less duplicate code by using proper abstractions of vertex and index buffer concepts, while essentially providing both to the user. This not only improves what ENIGMA already provided, but will bring new features and functions that users have desired. With all of that in place it will be super easy to finally have OpenGL ES working again as well as Direct3D11 because building a graphics system then simply consists of making each graphics system have working vertex functions.

I hope everyone likes these changes and will find that it's going to significantly improve the project. Open to comments/feedback/suggestions as always.

General ENIGMA / Re: Brand New Here
« on: June 23, 2018, 06:37:18 am »
Hi pavul and yes welcome! I believe we already met on Discord. Regardless, sorry I did not get to this last night, a car accident shut the electricity off right when I was going to start my reply until just now.

Allow me to address each of your questions directly.
Quote from: pavul
Radialgm it will be replacing lateralGM or enigma?
Yes and no, it will be another complementary tool for ENIGMA. Emake is already pretty much complete, minus our new EGM format we are still designing, and can be used in place of or along with LateralGM. RadialGM will be the same scenario because we have no current plans to end complete support for any of them. However, my own development focus is going to be shifting more towards RadialGM.

Quote from: pavul
is porting to mobile platforms in the work road?
Yes, if that was you I met on Discord last night, then you actually walked right into the middle of discussions about mobile. More on this later, but we're working on SDL and cleaning up our graphics systems to add OpenGL ES support. We're making considerable progress with that actually as fundies shared just the other day he has the SDL platform working in Firefox again using Emscripten.

Quote from: pavul
is lateralGM or Enigma still maintained?
Both are still maintained but my development focus has shifted to ENIGMA as well as RadialGM. The only attention LateralGM is getting is where it's absolutely necessary to continue to bridge the gap with the new Protocol Buffers and such.

Quote from: pavul
does this tool or team the goal of create serious or maybe commercial videogames? ( because i am )
Yes, and this is becoming ever-more increasingly one of our top goals actually. There are other supplemental goals as well though, just that I personally find it fun and I also like having my own hackable GM that I can just add my own stuff to.

Quote from: pavul
should i use LateralGM along with Enigma to deploy games or wait until RadialGM is released? ( because currently im working in a new game yet in development state)
For now, please continue to use LateralGM as it is the most feature complete. I will certainly be making everyone aware of when the RadialGM beta becomes available. To save yourself the hassle when the beta does arrive, you should use the newer MSYS2 setup if you are on Windows, or just use the regular Linux setup. This will ensure you have most of the dependencies installed through a package manager and you won't have to configure as much.

Announcements / Re: Announcing Patreon
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:20:09 am »
This is a minor update on all the progress lately. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I've been continuously updating the list of patched bugs mentioned in the original emake video. And as you can see from the latest proposed PR, we've just about fixed all of them:

We're still working on this and cleaning up a lot of old code.

Fundies (aka Cheeseboat) has created a video of setting up ENIGMA/emake/LateralGM using the new MSYS2 setup on a Windows 10 virtual machine. The reason for using a virtual machine is so that we can demonstrate to you the reproducibility of a setup in a "clean" environment.

We hope that some may find that video useful. If enough people request, I will take the time to cut the video shorter, annotate it, and add a voiceover. It's worth mentioning that when the RadialGM beta comes, it will be much easier for you to try it out if you already have an MSYS2 configuration, so it's a good time to jump on that if you're antsy.

More news to follow!

Announcements / Re: RadialGM
« on: June 18, 2018, 01:31:12 am »
Qt Framework is being used for the GUI controls and it's using a data model layer (from MVC architecture) that is powered by Google Protocol Buffers.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Forum registration issues
« on: June 18, 2018, 01:30:07 am »
Hello, and welcome! No you've not stepped into some secret society. Sorry for the confusion, but this is Josh's anti-spam technique that he's used here for some time. I can maybe bring this up to him when I next see him, perhaps we could extend it with additional names now since there have been a lot more new people.

Feel free to look around and ask questions on the help desk if you get stuck at all. We also hang out in Discord, which tends to be more active:

Issues Help Desk / Re: Keeping assets outside of executable
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:18:04 am »
Yeah, I totally get your point of view Wendigo, I don't have strong opinions on this. I think the ENIGMA case is unique though, just considering the history of YoYoGames, I can understand some of the concerns. I was just trying to provide context by sharing some views and perspectives I've heard on the matter.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Keeping assets outside of executable
« on: June 07, 2018, 01:36:58 pm »
Yeah TKG is right again, and the WINE developers probably saw very little of that profit/growth/gain. This is actually Josh's concern, not originally mine, but it does concern me too. Basically, just imagine if a company like YoYoGames were to grow out of ENIGMA as opposed to having grown out of Mark Overmar's original project. I think a lot of people would probably hate that.

Quote from: Wendigo
Furthermore If someone really could force me to release the source of the game I could simply exclude the assets as they have a different license. The source of a game without the images, sounds, music and videos is pretty useless so one could prevent others to just publish your game elsewhere for free since recreating the assets is a lot of work.
Right, I think this is the source of my confusion. Because when you release your game your license should just state the license of the assets separate from the license of the code. I'm going to ask Josh, since he knows a little more, just how big of a concern this is.

Also, the secret feature is related to one of ENIGMA's oldest features that people have asked a lot about. So there's technically 3 features here, the one is basically the same as the zlib request except for everything, and the other is a much much more powerful feature.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Keeping assets outside of executable
« on: June 06, 2018, 04:01:03 am »
These guys are right on the money with their advice Wendigo. ENIGMA does support replacing resources that are from the IDE, just like old GM. We will continue to support this for the foreseeable future, even with RadialGM, as there is no reason not to and I'm not really sure why they don't. We also have a secret feature we would like to do that's related to this but are not saying anything yet.

I am not exactly sure I understand the issue here though. You really do not need to concern yourself with the licensing of the engine, because we will work out an exception, the only reason we haven't yet is out of fear of what happened to the WINE project basically. I believe this discussion is actually about GPL-licensed assets, as in, just the sound/image data. I am not too familiar with the restrictions of this myself, but I find it surprising that you would need to externalize the assets just as you would code.

Quote from: Wendigo
Unfortunately that approach degrades the game engine to a mere game framework since you can't really use the the room editor anymore and need to keep track of the assets by hand without a visual representation of them inside the IDE.
Yeah, some of the secret stuff we have may address exactly this, if we can pull it off.

Quote from: Wendigo
The ideal solution would be an option in the project settings that enables automatically copying the assets in separate folders and pointing the paths to that location when the game compiles.
I see, thanks for raising these concerns, because they are relatively new to me and it helps to know what Blender does as well. We are changing a lot of stuff with emake/protos/RadialGM and are also planning to look at decoupling the asset compilation from code compilation, as GM itself does. With this accomplished, a checkbox to do exactly this would be extremely easy, but it's also related to our other secret feature.

One of ENIGMA's oldest open issues:
Is also related to this, because some people would like their resources not to be zlib compressed when attached to the executable.

I'll keep this in mind and also update everybody if we do get these features out.

Works in Progress / Re: Pacman for Linux demo
« on: May 22, 2018, 08:15:42 am »
Nice to see a Windows version hpg, thanks for that!

I finally got the chance to give it a go, and overall I'm impressed and had fun. I'm going to be totally forthright about my entire experience.

First the good:
* I liked the background music right from the start. That James Bond-esque tone it sets made me chuckle but I overall found it fitting. Believe it or not you kind of have me wanting to design some kind of 2D spy game (though I've had interest in this idea for a while).
* I don't know if some of the non-character tiles and sprites are inspired by the original Pacmans or not (I believe the potions are original?), but I liked them because I found them unique but also consistently employed throughout the levels.
* I'm a huge fan of the bonus levels, but I do not know if this is an original idea. Regardless, it's employed well because it kept me engaged with the game. I'd be quick to give up with the original Pacman if not for these levels. When I made it to the bonus level I felt relief and like I had a real chance to do an easy level. Who honestly doesn't love this technique when it's employed game design?

Some bad:
* I find the controls really hard for making quick directional changes around a corner. The timing has to be just perfect and I find it a little too difficult.
* I can't tell for sure if it is intentional, but I noticed on latter levels that sometimes the ghosts that go offscreen do not come back right away.

Overall, it's really looking good so far, I actually enjoyed playing it this morning! (Y)

Finished Games / Re: Key to Success
« on: May 22, 2018, 07:50:03 am »
Well, that may be a bit of overstatement to say it's been here since ENIGMA came into existence because at first ENIGMA did not even have a room system. Perhaps it has been here since the room system was added, but that's besides the point. We don't need to analyze the git blame in order to fix it, I just meant that it was never noticeable enough that I consciously payed attention to it before. Again, on my end the flash of black is mere milliseconds. Also it's possible that if it had ever occurred before I may not have seen it due having vertical synchronization disabled (which can lead to ENIGMA and GM rendering more frames than the player actually sees).

Announcements / Announcing Patreon
« on: May 20, 2018, 01:21:16 pm »
In this post, I want to talk a little about where ENIGMA is headed and what we are trying to achieve.

As many of you saw, I recently announced that RadialGM is being developed and that I have intentions of making it a fully-featured IDE. Accomplishing what we have so far has not been an easy task. It has already taken several months to develop the new architecture and continuous integration platform. As I've said, I'm very happy with the results, and I think that when the IDE does become stable, it is going to be a tool that once ENIGMA users try it, they won't want to ever go back to the way things were.

YouTube demonstrating emake, libEGM, and libProtocols:

Just since this video was made a few of the bugs mentioned have been fixed and for the first time in years ENIGMA has an issue count in the double digits (at this moment 84).

Proposed, but not yet merged:

There are a number of tasks left to be completed before I believe the IDE and new setup can really be rolled out to everyone. I also believe that this work is going to require a few months of development. I've been preparing to launch a Patreon page for the community to get involved and help support the project:

We chose Patreon in particular because we did not want to pressure anybody into funding the project, but we value donations and contributions from the community and feel that they should be rewarded. Through Patreon's platform, we will be able to transparently fund the new IDE and give the community things like special Discord roles, recognition in the new IDE, and early and privileged access.