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General ENIGMA / Brand New Here
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:17:05 pm »
Hello Everybody this is my first post here...

i have been messing with game maker since 2009, few months back i released a game crated in game maker studio and finished in GMS2. im an experienced java developer and passionate about video games.

i have been looking for a tool like Game Maker Studio because i cannot use c# as java developer i dont know but i cannot use c# i was forcing myself to use unity and/or monogame, but i cannot simply use microsoft environments, i have the option to use LIBGDX but one of my goals is to be able to port the game to some console, i have all the morning reading several topics of this forum and i think Enigma have a lot of potential, also i read there is a new effort called RADIALGM, so i have few questions:

Radialgm it will be replacing lateralGM or enigma?

is porting to mobile platforms in the work road?

is lateralGM or Enigma still maintained?

does this tool or team the goal of create serious or maybe commercial videogames? ( because i am )

should i use LateralGM along with Enigma to deploy games or wait until RadialGM is released? ( because currently im working in a new game yet in development state)

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