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Title: SDL Platform Released
Post by: cheeseboy on June 23, 2018, 12:26:04 pm
As, of today SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) platform has been released on the main fork. SDL is an alternative to our existing platforms Win32 and xlib. SDL should enable more consistenty across all operating systems with less effort on our part. SDL also replaces the broken Cocoa platform on Mac OS X but this untested as I have no access to a mac. If anyone out there on a mac could try building SDL and let me know your results on either the github tracker, discord, or IRC I can work with you to solve any issues. In general, the SDL platform is highly untested so I urge people to try it out with your games and report back any issues you see to the tracker.

SDL is the first step in much bigger things to come. I'm working with Robert with the goal of supporting Android. On our to do list, We plan on fixing the OpenGL ES graphics system, adding font support to emake and seperating the resource packer into it's own tool. These in combination with SDL will allow for building for android and possibly iOS and HTML5. After android is working, we both plan on getting back to the IDE (RadialGM). For which, I have large plans as well.

Warning: Anyone running a git pull should also run
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./install.sh && maketo grab new enigma.jar and rebuild the plugin or lateralgm may not run

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Title: Re: SDL Platform Released
Post by: hpg678 on June 28, 2018, 10:21:24 am
Testing have starting on my MacBook to have ENIGMA working and it has been very productive so far. This is not an official announcement....but I can say  that emake is running and LGM loads.  As far as compiling goes it can compile empty rooms now.
Further testing and modifications needs to be done to have it compiling and running an actual ENIGMA project/game.

Just wanted to update on its progress.
Title: Re: SDL Platform Released
Post by: Goombert on June 29, 2018, 07:35:10 am
These changes are closely related to the graphics changes I am doing too. I am really happy with the way this is going because we creating a very solid foundation on which nothing will regress either. It's going to be great to have Android working and I'm happy that Mac is working again too.
Title: Re: SDL Platform Released
Post by: hpg678 on June 29, 2018, 09:26:22 am
Good news for Mac users! i've been briefed that ENIGMA has sound and compiles now. Again this is not an Official statement more testing is underway but i have seen a screen-shot of an example 3D game tutorial running. Mostly through the efforts of gfundies, this have been achieved so, i congratulate him on his tiresome efforts, as well as to all the other developers on theirs as well.

it is truly amazing on the progress they have achieved in so short a time. Well done guys. well done!