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Author Topic: Release 1  (Read 7149 times)
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Posted on: April 06, 2008, 03:34:58 pm

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That's right. I decided to make the release today since a lot of you have been waiting to see what it's made of.

NOTE: This is Alpha. 'Pre-beta.' Almost-not-functional.

Only meant for testing the code features. 10% of all scripting is done, and rising. String functions are under development. Try not to abuse those. In fact, avoid using them.

Sprites were planned in this release... but I have some bad news.

LGM and ENIGMA have some communication errors at the moment. You will have to manually activate the ENIGMA exe, then the game exe, which is always game.exe. This will be fixed in the next release, which is also soon.
>>To clarify on that, you must hit "compile with enigma" in LGM. Then open its directory, and double click
>>"compileEGMf.exe". This will do the rest for you and produce "game.exe".

Version one will be a totally operable Game Maker replacement, we hope.

To be on the safe side, save all the LGM things before hitting compile. This was all done very quickly to get a demo out.

So for now, no sprites, unless sprite_add still works.

All the DND stuff is just for show. Scripts, Objects, and Rooms are it. Explore a bit, but don't expect it to compile an entire game just yet.

For those who don't like to read a lot:
Basically, do as follows.
  • Open LateralGM.jar.
  • Add scripts, objects, and/or rooms with whatever code.
  • Save it and close out of all the resources.
  • Hit compile with Enigma.
  • Close LGM.
  • Open its directory.
  • Double click CompileEGMf.exe.
    • It should export Game.exe if you didn't use unimplemented functions.
    • Run game.exe, it's yours.
    If your game does not compile:
    Make sure you aren't using functions that are not yet implemented.

    IE, draw_sprite without calling sprite_add. The current LGM -> Game sprite loader is broke. Sorry.
    Show_message is dispstr(string,string or real), or MessageBox(0,Text,Caption,0) if that works for you.

    If your game does not draw:
    •   Tip: draw_set_color() is your friend. All colors default to white.
    •   Sprites are not loaded from exe yet.

    And I know there are lots of errors. Please compile them in this topic post them in the bug report section and they will be dealt with on a Can-This-Be-Corrected-Without-Disrupting-Anything basis.

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