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Posted on: November 02, 2009, 09:14:04 pm

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Today I had to turn in Paper 3 for English 101. It was a 4-5 page requirement. I also had to turn in a 10-12 page essay on a self-help book for psychology. In both cases, I barely scraped the minimum requirement. I just hope I manage a good grade for them. Truthfully, I did the entire psych essay yesterday. All ten pages, including reading the book. THAT is an accomplishment. Unsurprisingly I am ending the venture as a slightly more religious person than when I began.

It is a nice feeling, to move that self help book and the accompanying essay to ~/Hell. I won't miss it.


Um. I can't remember. My brain is full of psychology and English fluff. Moment... Ah, yes. __asm. Totally forgot.

Code: [Select]
int returns_one() __asm(":mov $1, %eax");
That particular piece of code threw a parse error. After some WUTs, I fixed the problem. That's when I took a look at my psychology essay requirement and realized it was 10 pages. So I will be continuing now...

Also, we seem to be having some server trouble today. Don't worry, they're on it.
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