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Posted on: May 05, 2008, 05:12:34 am

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Just trying to keep you people informed for now.

Progress is slowly kicking back in as I get deeper into some of the hidden problems. I had to rewrite var in its entirety to remove the segfault on cleanup.... That is no small task. Rest assured, however. I've learned a lot between writing it the first time and rewriting it now.

The old var boasted 5x faster than GM... This one boasts 10. I'm sure you're wondering how ENIGMA could get much faster. Or maybe you're not. But yeah, it just did. It's also more stable... Old var didn't like being a member of a struct that was dynamically allocated. I don't think this one really cares.

So yes... Enigma isn't canceled just because I can't show you progress like before, so no need to go from forum to forum talking about its imminent failure again.

I'll be working on object's cleanup next. This'll be even more difficult than var, I'm afraid...
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