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Author Topic: Sorry, I really tried  (Read 12371 times)
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Greetings! i did a 3 part series on installing Enigma with step by step instructions explaining the procedures throughout the installation.

everything from installing Msys, updating, terminal commands etc are explained in annotations through out the videos

Try them and if u have any problems let me know.
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Speaking from ignorance, wouldn't it work if someone who has the program uploads it completely to GitHub for others to download?
Hi again Waddlewaddle. This is technically possible and something we've discussed. However, for me to upload it, I'd have to upload several gigabytes as my particular MSYS installation is huge. You'll still need MSYS and at minimum GCC to compile your game's code. This is why one of the things we've considered is an installer, automated by a build server, which will upload only the minimum MSYS setup that's needed along with LateralGM and the rest of ENIGMA. That's quite the engineering job and we haven't exactly concluded on how to do it.

I am still troubled to hear about your setup and installation problems. I want to offer this video link in addition to hugar's resources above in the hopes that it may help.

Perhaps what may help is a brief high-level overview of how all these parts interact with each other.
* LateralGM is a GM file editor written in Java. It is older than ENIGMA and supports plugins. It can be used entirely on its own without ENIGMA.
* ENIGMA is both an engine and compiler. Its compiler parses and translates your game to C++ then feeds it to GCC/Clang. The build system compiles the engine when you hit run which will be linked to the executable produced by ENIGMA's compiler. Your resources are then appended to the executable in the data section, like traditional GM.
* When ENIGMA started, it did not have an IDE, but LGM existed and supported plugins. At that point a plugin, lgmplugin (aka enigma.jar), was developed to hook ENIGMA into LateralGM. This plugin loads compileEGMf using Java Native Access and adds a run/debug/compile button as well as a few other UI features to interact with ENIGMA.
I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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