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Author Topic: ENIGMA a1 r1  (Read 3227 times)
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Posted on: April 07, 2008, 04:08:36 am

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Let's stick to a standard version naming system, shall we?

ENIGMA alpha 1 revision 1 has been released to ludamad in the form of a patch. He has posted it on 64Digits.

I have uploaded the patch here as well.

Go ahead and download if you don't already have it.

You're just all kinds of helpful, aren't you? :3
I thought I was gonna have to do that just now, but looks like you saved me the trouble. ^_^

Thanks to Luda, my official patch tester.

From now on, all updates you get from us will be delivered like this. I will update the actual downloads every official release period.

Since ENIGMA is compiled, you will be able to download a <200KB set of source files for, ie, a bug fix or set of functions.
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