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Author Topic: SMF 2.0 upgrade  (Read 3185 times)
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Posted on: March 20, 2008, 09:15:47 pm

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The Enigma Community will be upgraded to SMF 2.0b3 soon.

But trust me, by "soon" I'm not talking in Valve Time.

As for when it will be open, I will leave that up to Josh to decide.

After a staff discussion, I'm just going to make an IPB style theme for SMF. kthxbai

I can hijack the end of a newspost if I like. Anyway, this is totally just to remind me that as it turns out, I need to add a semicolon to the parser following conversion from "until ()" to "while (!())". Also, ' "+" '.

While I'm ranting to the news bulletin, I may aswell remind myself that those string functions suck and should be redone before the release, along with the horrible lack of operators for var.

Thanks for reading, you've been a great audience.
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