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Posted on: March 26, 2010, 09:11:27 pm

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The rest of the forum's rules apply here, too. Go figure.

Anyway, the rules here vary according to the mood of the moderators. Your topic may be praised one day and locked the next on the grounds that it is "stupid."

This forum was made mostly as a notepad that I don't have to leave open all the bloody time. Bonus: Other people can read, comment, build onto, and suggest, not only on my ideas, but on each others'.

That said, no "stupid" ideas. But do feel free to make suggestions.

Your suggestions are subject to being flamed to hell before ever being considered. Being flamed to hell does not mean that your suggestion has not nor will not be considered.

I still encourage such suggestions, however. Especially the useful ones.
This IS a place for debate.

Something about tacos.
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