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Author Topic: Poll: Regarding community/forums  (Read 7533 times)
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Posted on: July 08, 2008, 04:30:37 am

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Please vote. The end result of the poll will decide whether the communities will merge, and if so how.

Updated the project page so it's sorted by category. Should make it a lot easier to find if what you want is there. Oh and clarifying: the stuff there is what's currently coded, not released, so if it says it's done and it's not, it'll be there in the next release.

Smell that? It's time to hijack a newspost!!

So, as usual, listen to what a2h says. But aside from that... It's time for an update.

ENIGMA R3 is going very, very well. Though I haven't heard from Luda about implementing the collision system, we will likely do that, though I can not promise it. I may have to stick on bbox based collisions for the time being, but we'll see.

However, I have some amazing news for those of you who do not like LGM's room editor. However, the news is totally secret. :3 But I have had great success with the idea so far, and it will be in R3 for all to see. It will give us a new edge on level design; that much I will say.

Next off, I've totally reorganized everything in R3 twice, as well as recoded var twice, which lets me safely say that var will be stable for R3, and that we LIKELY will have the Linux version ready and MAY have a working Mac version for R3.

Additionally, some bad news. It seems some graphics cards, in fact, most graphics cards, have some kind of problem with OpenGL, such as the complete inability to draw sprites and any sort of surface. These functions were implemented for Windows 95; all are supported since Win95 service release two. HOWEVER, somehow not only is the newest set of functions I use not supported, but neither are the ancient ones.

On a brighter note, however, I have seen no problems with getting a working syntax checker online, as well as removing every single bug from the compilation process. LGM no longer freezes on error, and, in fact, all syntax errors and unimplemented functions are reported.

R3 has seen a great deal of recoding and rethinking. It is faster and more stable than ever.
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