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Thank you hpg678 it is working fine  (Y)
I wonder if there is a list of function that used to work but does'nt anymore.

Firstly, thank you so much Enigma-dev people to share again a windows installer (I lost the previous installer years ago). As a person who teach how to create video games to children, it is very good news that the kids have access to this game dev tool again.

I tested enigma with a old project and got Unknown function or script `audio_play_sound' . I found [url]this topic[/url] on the forum, but I don't understand the answer as it is for non-installer versions. I understood I have to put libopenal-1.dll in my game's working directory : but at that moment, I don't have exported yet so I don't have a game directory. I tried tu put the .dll in msys64 folder and enigma-dev folder, even in the folder that contains the .gmx file. Nothing works.

I'm sorry, I may lack some understanding/knowledge with this. May someone help me with this ? I'm using the windows installer release on Windows 10
Thank you for your time and help, and for the amount of work the comunity put in enigma :)

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