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Title: The Saga Continues
Post by: Josh @ Dreamland on May 16, 2010, 09:54:29 PM
I'm pleased to inform that Makefiles now work, themselves, exactly as I intended them to. I had some trouble getting them to work on Windows, but now it's looking good. I've renamed some of them to use the "proper" case. The rest will follow in their own time.

I have two computers in front of me. One is about seven years old and runs a single core, 2.9 GHz. It compiles and runs in roughly 5 seconds.
My other is a much more recent lap top. Roughly a year old, dual core, 2.88. It compiles and runs the game in about 2 seconds by my stopwatch (2.07, actually, thanks for asking).

Anyway, those are basically pointless statistics. I encourage users to check out 224 and test it for themselves. I'll be doing a couple important things next, in this order:
1. Add sprites to the exe again.
1.5. Deal with the series of adversities resulting from that move on both operating systems.
2. Replace var with my stagnating recode.
3. Replace instance system with my semi-documented second version. This will implement depth and hopefully heredity.
4. Reincorporate macros and scoping into the syntax check, as well as replacing operators := and <> (begin and end will be macros).
4.5. With the new instance system in, incorporate event behaviors, default events and event prefixes (such as alarm behaviors, default draw event [draw_sprite] and force calculations at the beginning of step).
5. Backgrounds from sprites.
6. ? ? ? ?
7. Profit? Just release? I don't know. Maybe I'll move on to sounds and leave the project in the SVN, maybe I'll make the testing phase more public by bringing the project out of the SVN.

There's not been a better time to check out the SVN than now (Yes, it's only getting better from here, I hope). If you do not know how, refer to old topics or ask here.
Please report all problems, however minor, preferably here until we've a bugtracker.

Furthermore, I should mention that I believe the new instance system will further lessen compile time. A schematic will be posted when one is available.

One last thing. If anyone who has checked out previously on Windows has trouble compiling, I recommend deleting your old makefiles and checking out the new ones. Windows and its SVN clients are... odd about that. To say the least. I suppose this goes for Linux fans, too, but it's unnecessary as make never tries to execute comment lines on Linux.
Title: Re: The Saga Continues
Post by: Grundoko on May 17, 2010, 07:19:12 AM
I came
Title: Re: The Saga Continues
Post by: retep998 on May 17, 2010, 11:46:21 AM

It took about 3 seconds the second time.