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General ENIGMA / Re: OpenSuse Support for Enigma
« on: October 05, 2020, 12:05:08 pm »
This is awesome, Hugar! Thanks for making this, hopefully it will make Enigma a more accessible platform for OpenSuse users.  :D :D :D

Off-Topic / I just want to express my gratitude to you guys
« on: April 14, 2020, 10:47:05 pm »
Hey everyone. I have been dead for a long time. I've not spoken to anyone in this community, at all, for months.
Things have been tough for me. I haven't been able to keep up with much Enigma, but I hopped over hear to have a look at what's been going on.

I'm really impressed that there's now a Free BSD port. You guys have been doing really well and I admire that. Keep up the great work.
I will be back soon. I miss all of you. Robert, Hugar, Josh, Sam, Fundies, YellowAfterlife, Rusky, Daspirit, there are so many of you i can't even process my thoughts to put all of your names into an intelligible list.

You're all wonderful people. Thank you for helping me with work, thank you for helping me cope. Thank you for making Enigma, and thank you for being persistent and keeping the work up. I'm so happy to see the project still going strong.

I've missed you all. I hope you're all doing okay.

If you've been wondering what I've been doing, it's mostly just been UTAU

I love you guys, and sorry I haven't been around. I'll be back someday, I promise.

General ENIGMA / Re: Making love to the project
« on: May 01, 2019, 01:18:38 pm »
so uh.. like..

"I'm not not responsible for all your problems."

Fundies, we're not responsible for your problems either.
and it's not a case of being nice or being a safe space. There's a difference between being critical to a reasonable point and helping progress, and being toxic and making people feel annoyed and avoid the server.

For a while I was avoiding the discord because you'd constantly @ me, and i know several others were in the same situation.

Also, bigging yourself up and saying about how you got so much done, and that everyone is "taking so long" is a bit of a dick move. I have reason to believe other peoples' work is to a higher standard than yours (though it's not much in terms of evidence so I won't say i'm fully right because in all fairness it is true that you've done a lot for the project)

Alas, just because you get a lot of work done, doesn't mean it's not beneficial to sort of corner you off in the server -- also you're not banned, you were just restricted to your own channel so people could actually DISCUSS engima without you getting on their case.

I get that you're most of the time trying to poke fun, but there's a difference between poking fun and laughing at people getting annoyed, and poking fun and having everyone laugh with you.

tl;dr: grow up fundies lol

(oh also "I'm sorry I ever cared." is very passive aggressive, guilt-trippy, and uncalled for. don't social engineer like this just for the sake of it)

Programming Help / Re: Implementing WASD Movement
« on: August 29, 2018, 06:02:05 pm »
running the code on a Windows installation of Enigma.

What OS were you attempting to run this code on prior?

EDIT: After running the same code on Manjaro Linux, i'm noticing the problem, very prominently. I'll mess around with some things for a moment and get back to you.

EDIT2: In the game settings, I went to ENIGMA>API and set Platform from Linux X11 to SDL and it fixed things. I could hazard a guess that maybe in X11 mode when you hold a key down it registers the keystroke inputs in the same way a text editor would, in the way that holding w down will tell the game it's held down, then the window manager spams that key on and off like when you hold the letter down in a text form.
SDL seems to work fine on Linux, and tbh it's probably best to stick to cross-platform things anyway if they work. That's my personal belief though.

Programming Help / Re: Implementing WASD Movement
« on: August 27, 2018, 07:38:05 am »
From what I can tell this shouldn't be happening... :/
your code appears fine and i can't think what could be causing this, i'll have a look though

EDIT: Ok so it can't be a problem with your code... since I just tried it and everything works fine;

Off-Topic / absolutely important announcement
« on: August 09, 2018, 04:42:15 pm »
hi guys

i am today announcing that i made my first ever contribution to enigma.

i love you guys, thanks for all the support.
i hope you're as proud of me as i am of my self.

have a lovely day, and remember that if you're ever feeling low, contributing to enigma will make you feel better.

best regards


lolz Are you serious guy ? you will need to look elsewhere for your script kiddie project, I'm afraid you are on the wrong side of the pond, you'll have to learn coding to do what you are trying to accomplish - and your finished product would likely have to be a DLL - not something you can do with this product, there's not much you CAN do with this product anyway so it's time to move away from n00b territory.

grow the fuck up before posting in a forum full of sophisticated adults.

now we have that out of the way, i don't think it's built in. probably for um... security reasons maybe..? like, we don't want people jumping in here and making keyloggers with enigma, that'd be bad.
though, i'm sure you could make an extension for enigma that supports it.

also fam, there's low probability of darkstar being a skid, i don't think anyone here is. or if they are, this is where they go from skid to knowledgable dev because of the small bits of grit you sometimes find.
communication is key there though

Programming Help / Re: GTK WIDGETS
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:01:50 pm »

For future reference I am using the LINUX platform. Only when a user needs help I then resort to the WINDOWS as I understand a lot of users use that platform, but personally I use the LINUX platform.

Correct, a lot of users (the ones that are not brainwashed at least) use Windows.  Nothing wrong with Windows.  The only thing wrong is the user who's been fed bollocks about windows sucking.

i mean, windows does suck. everything is wrong with it.
linux and mac also suck.
all platforms are terrible.
that's why people can choose the one they find suits them best.
stop being a silly billy ;P

Programming Help / Re: Enigma crushed on save, my game is lost?
« on: August 06, 2018, 07:50:22 pm »
The title says everything, is there any backup or something else to restore my game or I lost it forever?

Correct, because the geniuses who maintained this product never properly QA'ed it.  Use a real product that is tested and tried.
nobody wants to lose all their work and efforts over something that has never been addressed.

Congrats on necroing a thread from almost 2 years ago. i find it amusing that you bring up a problem from that long ago in addition to arguing that the project hasn't "progressed". If you're looking at the past, you will see no progress from the present, as that occurred before the present came to exist.
I think you'll find this issue
1) isn't relevant any more.
2) is fixed and won't occur again.

In adition, don't complain about QA on an open source project; these projects are maintained by the community and you should always expect bugs on the latest version released. This is because they're rolling releases, and updated every time the source code is changed. That's just how the computer world works. This is why you always must save backups. We all forget to, i lost a ton of college work because word corrupted it, and i had to re-do some work that took me 2 weeks, within 3 days. it's life.

Kindest regards, and best of luck making your own immensely powerful IDE.

Congratulations to whoever genius woke up one day and had this messed up idea of THINKING they can take ENIGMA in a new direction - Are you guys still wasting your time ?  Years later not only have you done NOTHING but you have completely messed up whatever tiny hope was left for this project.


tbh if i may say something i'm very happy with this new direction and much prefer it. it's easier to maintain. sure, it's a little more fiddly to set up but it's worth it, you literally run a command or two to update everything entirely. Also, i've had less stability issues.

You have alienated 99% of your users by requiring people to download bloatware and manually compile SHIT - Nobody has time for that - people want to download and install - It defeats the whole purpose behind this whole goddamned project - might as well tell people to learn coding and write their own games.  Are you guys out of your minds ??? Because some lazy git cannot maintain windows executables anymore, you expect your user base to be mangling with all kinds of shit to install enigma and its components - you are dreaming,  You high ?
um... i mean, it's really not that hard...

Some people have made progress, don't look far, users of game maker studio are not required to download a full suite software and compile the software they are going to use !!
. um. as goombert stated, gms requires a bunch of prerequisites too and those are more bloated than anything enigma uses...
also... um... enigma has made a shit ton of progress iirc... stability issues resolved... i can actually get stuff to run now... um... idek what to say.

As far as the IDE in 2, before engaging in lip service look no farther than your own back yard, your product is based on messed up code, a flawed and obsolete infrastructure and an absolutely horrible IDE, including the so-called latest attempt at reviving this mess-up. At least people have a working product on this side of the fence, nobody said it was perfect but it works
erm, the ide is horrible sure. it's outdated and based on old gm, and that ide was never anything good.
GM:S2 isn't actually any better, let's be honest. it's literally just the old GM interface with a texture revamp and like 2 extra shortcuts added.

* Require users to download crap which installs tons of files on your hard rive, and makes so many unnecessary writes !!! only so users can then COMPILE your shit.............THEN they must also do the same to install the IDE !!!!
* No serious or ANY progress made with the core engine itself
* No updates to documentation on existing commands, or any removal of deprecated / non working commands
erm... this sounds more like GM to me than Enigma... also who tf even uses enigma's documentation for writing code lmao, it's based on gml so most people probably just google for gm stuff to use in enigma.

Instead of focusing on fixing what was broken you guys just went ahead and steered way off course, by not addressing important issues in your already flawed software, but the whole MSYS2 thing is a new low even for your already low standards.
man... they fix so much shit daily you'd have to be blind to not see that. They've fixed SO FUCKING MUCH. if you find anything broken, REPORT IT on the fucking github. You call these guys lazy, you're not even addressing the important issues you're finding, just things you dislike because you're too lazy to use msys2 (which actually gives you less hassle for updating to a new version of enigma.).

Quite disappointing that you have decided to alienate the near totality of your user base, nobody has time for all this shit
people want to download and install software, now mess around with compilers !!!
If you intend to become a developer you're going to have to learn to mess with compilers at some point.

You are still dabbing your cheese encrusted feet into a world of obsolete, whilst some of us are making PROGRESS and moving forward.
show us your progress then. if enigma is this much of a problem to you why bother with this post?

Have fun running around circles chasing your own tails :/
But alienating your user base that supported you from day 1, that is fucking unacceptable
you keep arguing the same thing this is clearly just a troll or shitpost lmao. nobody is actually being alienated.
and also, there's no circles here. if you want circles go play osu.
in all seriousness there's been a fuck ton of progress, but from what i see you don't really know enough to determine this.

Off-Topic / Re: Research on Gaming
« on: April 18, 2018, 07:04:17 am »
Good afternoon Patrick.

I decided to check basically every topic on the forums today and stumbled accross your post. I have not been very active on the forums recently due to some drama in life and some arguments with my mother and family and friends.

I am sorry to hear about your fileserver, and the inconvenience with your friend's misuse of the computer you gave to him. Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue though ;)

Some games I would recommend are Fortnite, Osu!, Garfield Kart and Bumbledore. I asked my friend for some help with this list, and the two games I have experience with are Fortnite and Osu!, but from what I've heard the other two games are very entertaining as well!
I think all of these are only available on Windows though, and from what I can tell you are enthusiastic about Linux. That shouldn't be a problem though since I believe these games will run relatively smoothly in WINE.

I hope this helps you. Take care and have a wonderful evening :) :) :) :)
Kindest regards,

Hello, so since I did get response for my design, i have stopped working on it; this is because Josh intends to implement this design concept for the enigma website at a later date:
Thanks for the support though, greatly appreciate it!
If you wanted to see a live view of what i'd worked on, then it's uploaded to 000webhost here
take care!

Hey everyone;
I recently completed a unit on web development at college and would consider myself quite knowledgable in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP (I have also messed with ASP.NET Core for an electron application).
I quite often check these forums etc and have felt like the website could be made to be more attractive to game developers.
I am not intending to criticise the current web design, I just feel like certain elements are a little bit old-fashioned, and I have one or two ideas in mind for the homepage at least.
I haven't got anything to put forth at the moment, but as Enigma means a lot to me, I want to make the face of the community and its website look more up-to-date as to not deter anyone who is looking for a "modern" software.
This would be more of a hobby project than something I'm looking to get much out of, but I'd like people's thoughts so I don't just develop something that nobody really wants or needs or cares about, since the current website is indeed functional, and there's not really anything wrong with it.
A lot of people also do not like redesigns of websites as change is always bad. Even if it's for the better, adds new things, takes away nothing, then it's still bad.
So, I'm more intrigued to know if anyone is interested in any of the ideas I have so I know if there's any point in creating them.
My main motive for this post is that web design has really grown on me, so I'd like to work on something I'm quite passionate about, and the biggest thing I could think of that I've never not been somewhat passionate about is Enigma, whether it is just usage of the software, ideas for my IDE (which is currently on hold as I'm intending to make it in Electron using an HTML frontend with ASP.NET Core backend), or other things such as this.

I'm going to start working on my ideas as of posting this, so if you're interested please post a reply including what you think of a redesign of the site and make sure you chip in any ideas you have. I'll post what I have either later this evening, or tomorrow, depending on what I get done, and what responses I get.
Part of me feels like I'm going to get negative responses because I seem to have a forte in accidentally offending people; my intention isn't to say "this web design is bad", it's more "I want to show some ideas I've come up with".

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a nice day  :)

EDIT: here's a display of a design I had in mind;

Off-Topic / Re: Developing Games
« on: September 18, 2017, 04:26:55 pm »
Always been a fan of the Linux operating system. Been using it since 2013, because 13 year old me was very interested in things like it. I have wanted to make my own distro but... never have managed to get all that far.

Regardless, I've always seen Windows as a priority platform for compiling applications and games, due to the fact it seems to be the most mainstream, especially for games. This is because it comes pre-installed on computers and laptops alike, much more so than linux. These devices are far more expensive than Apple devices.

I do prefer Linux to Windows (but keep running into issues with hardware compatibility which pushes me back to Windows far too much).

But, while you have included iOS, I think you should also have considered the fact Mac OS is its own thing (or maybe not, I've heard that iOS and Mac OS are the same OS, but they detect their hardware and change interface to match correctly. Don't quote me on this though, since I would never buy an Apple product as I cannot justify one for my own personal needs.

But overall, I would usually try to develop for Windows and Linux, which is why I like Enigma. I can make games that run on both of these platforms so long as I have an install of both, (though, again, my linux installs keep breaking due to random issues which have mainly been hardware).

I wouldn't really develop for a mobile platform, simply because I'm really too lazy to bother trying to compile for those platforms.
And while I do like the whole cross-platform thing very much, Java is one programming language that I'm going to avoid as much as possible, since it hurts me at how slow it is. So again, Enigma is my preferred compiler. Not a huge fan of the IDE (LateralGM) since it runs in Java, but I should appreciate that it works on windows and Linux. That being said, it actually functions very smoothly considering that it is in Java.

Sorry for rambling, I hope I helped provide any extra data you were looking for :)

Ideas and Design / Re: Writing an ENIGMA guide.....Interactive or not?
« on: September 13, 2017, 01:26:59 pm »
ENIGMA STUDIO.Net.........sounds interesting. (Y) (Y)

.NET meaning C# .NET Frameworks, working on it in visual studio.

However, after reading some more documentation and thinking about it a bit more, I feel like I could achieve a more malleable result by making it in Enigma itself due to being able to make custom rendered graphics and interface. :P

REGARDLESS--- I've brought this thread quite off topic, so back on the topic; I think we should have a simplified index or something of all of the functions where each parameter is briefly explained to make everything clear yet not overwhelm the user. Though, I think this stuff is provided on the wiki's documentation anyway.

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