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Author Topic: LateralGM Update  (Read 34395 times)
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Stretch it? I though you must scroll it. If the scroll is broken then that truly is a bug. Though it works for me. My screen is big enough for the event selector to be full height by default, but if I shrink it and then scroll it works fine.
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Harri he's just being lazy, Greg if you don't like the scroll I put the dock event panel option for you in preferences just go back to the old way you're used to.

Finally Time to build this thing.. Owait:
That's the parser that has nothing to do with the IDE.  (Y)

undefined reference to
Yah, sorry I had to fix that from Windows with no way of testing. mouse_x is supposed to come from window_views_mouse_get_x() (notice that it is plural; not singular) the old mouse_x and mouse_y code was broken then I attempted to fix it and broke it worse, now I fixed it and it works on Windows, somebody just fix it for XLIB and commit.

However, it should be working, it is defined right here in XLIB and included from platforms_mandatory.h too.
Code: [Select]
void window_mouse_set(double x,double y) {

void window_view_mouse_set(int id, double x,double y) {
XWarpPointer(disp,None,win,0,0,0,0,(int)(view_xview[id] + x),(int)(view_yview[id] + y));

As for your NPE, good news, guess what, it wasn't my fault, it was pre-existing code and the same thing would have happened to you regardless of my multiple selection and deletion because my code is not the problem.
Code: [Select]
protected static void addResource(JTree tree, Class<?> r, Resource<?,?> res)
ResNode node = (ResNode) tree.getLastSelectedPathComponent();
if (node == null) return;
ResNode parent;
int pos;
if (node.getAllowsChildren()) {
parent = node;
pos = parent.getChildCount();
} else {
parent = (ResNode) node.getParent();
//TODO: Following line causes an NPE for Greg when trying to create a new sprite after deleting several pre-existing ones in his project.
pos = parent.getIndex(node) + 1;

Also, stop replying to this topic LateralGM 1.8.2 is old, I will announce the new one soon enough.
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I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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