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Author Topic: ENIGMA VS Game Maker (Speed & Graphics)  (Read 5506 times)
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Posted on: April 26, 2012, 08:37:30 pm
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I made a project in Game Maker that would draw a Mandelbrot Set fractal (depending on a few parameters). I ported the project to ENIGMA to test speeds of ENIGMA vs GM.

Visually this is what happened  :o

(ENIGMA on the left, Game Maker on the right)

Speed-wise I got a 10-30 times increase in ENIGMA over GM :D
I was able to render a fractal in ENIGMA at 50 iterations per x,y coordinate about 10 times in the time it took for GM.

Anyways..  :v:
I can't wait to see how far the ENIGMA project goes! Great work so far guys!  (Y)

The Mandelbrot Set script in GML for anyone who may want it:
Code: [Select]
//Mandelbrot set algorithm//
draw_set_color(c_black)     //sets drawing color to black
draw_rectangle(0,0,room_width,room_height,false)    //draws 'background'
screen_refresh();           //refreshes screen
xx = 0; //starting x point
yy = 0; //starting y point

Iteration = global._Iterations; //Maximum Iterations (Number of times it will redraw)
MinReal = global._MinReal;      //Minimum Real Number (Smallest, Negative)
MaxReal = global._MaxReal;      //Maximum Real Number (Largest, Positive)
MinIm = global._MinImaginary;   //Minimum Imaginary (Smallest Imaginary, Negative)
MaxIm = MinIm+(MaxReal-MinReal)*room_height/room_width;
                                //Maximum Imaginary (Largest Imaginary, Depends on Others)

RealFac = (MaxReal-MinReal)/(room_width-1); //Real factor
ImFac = (MaxIm-MinIm)/(room_height-1);      //Imaginary Factor

cReal = MinReal + xx *RealFac;  //C real start value
cIm = MinIm - yy * ImFac;       //C Imaginary start value

for (yy = 0; yy <room_height; yy+=1)
    cIm = MaxIm-yy*ImFac;   //New C Imaginary value
    for(xx = 0; xx<room_width; xx+=1)
        cReal = MinReal+xx*RealFac; //New C Real value
        zReal = cReal;  //Z Real value
        zIm = cIm;      //Z Imaginary value
        isTrue = true;
        for (i=0; i<Iteration; i+=1)
            zR2 = sqr(zReal);   //New z[Real]^2
            zIm2 = sqr(zIm);    //New z[Imaginary]^2
            if (zR2+zIm2>4)     //if the 2 numbers are inside the fractal's limits
                isTrue = false; //sets isTrue to false
                if argument0 = true //if you want to draw a background color
                    draw_set_color(make_color_hsv(zR2*(5*i),0,i*10))  //makes a color
                    draw_point(xx,yy)   //draws the color at the point
            zIm = 2*zReal*zIm+cIm;  //New z[Imaginary]^2
            zReal = zR2-zIm2+cReal; //New z[Real]^2
        if (isTrue) //if the point should draw
            if argument1 = true //if you want to draw inside the fractal image
            {   //makes a pretty color for the inside of the fractal
            else draw_set_color(c_white)    //else the color is white
            draw_point(xx,yy)   //draws a pixel at XX,YY w/ color           
    screen_refresh();   //refreshes the screen so you can see the fractal creating itself
                        //Putting the refresh here is faster than after a pixel is drawn.
    sleep(1);           //sleeps for 1 millisecond. Allows you to
                        //keep control of the window while drawing in GM
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There's some more games on the EDC if you want to test the speed of GM vs ENIGMA. These two are good:
I honestly don't know wtf I'm talking about but hopefully I can muddle my way through.
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The same reason ray trace demo from EDC look interlaced. I suspect it was flashing (like switching between the lines) right? I never could of figure out why this happened. I thought it was because of buffer switching during screen_refresh() but I am not sure. Anyway, as surfaces are in, you could probably use those to eliminate these problems.

edit: Just tried the code. Have the same problem. I fixed it by using surfaces and screen_redraw().
SwapBuffers(enigma::window_hDC); (on win) is the cause of the problem and I don't think you can easily fix it.

edit2: Its something to do with WM_ERASEBKGND message and OnEraseBkgnd. If they are overwritten then it could fix it (hell if I know how to overwrite them).
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It is because of buffer switching. Half of the lines are painted on the front buffer, half on the back. Just draw it all in one go. :P

Perhaps we could use for an option to disable double buffering...

At any rate, it's nice to see someone able to get the project running without hassle. :)

Also, you could speed this up more by placing it in draw_primitive_begin(pr_pointlist)/draw_primitive_end(), and using draw_vertex() instead of draw_point().
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But linux also has double buffering and you don't see this interlacing. I also thought it was something to do with double buffering (like half a year ago when I clearly mentioned this problem), but googling makes me to believe its something to do with windows and WM_ERASEBKGND. Its apparently a common problem with gl on windows.

edit: Also, OP if you used data types that are in ENIGMA, then you should be able to speed it up even more. Like putting int in front of some variables.
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