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Author Topic: What's your favourite Linux/Unix DE/WM and why?  (Read 480 times)
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Posted on: December 14, 2021, 03:51:56 pm

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Feel free to discuss; if you're a WM user, I'm curious what WM, what extra stuff (like panels, etc) and why :)

I've been DE-hopping again over the past week and have been unhappy with everything i've tried. I eventually bit the bullet and actually gave Gnome a shot. not perfect but I can seemingly get it to do what I want a little better than the others, but it feels a little hacky in some places.

When I first started, I dived into KDE, which I used 2013/2014, and for a while I was using Zorin OS. I then moved to XFCE in around 2014 to 2016.

I used to use XFCE as it was the most solid and stable desktop I could find and stick with. It isn't the easiest to customize but if you're willing to get your feet wet then it's very customizable.

Over the years I grew unsatisfied with the feel of XFCE, it felt a little clunky and old. I tried budgie for a while as it seemed elegant and minimalist, but I know underlyingly it's just Gnome but stripped down with some different components; the panel is drawn with software and not hardware.

When I used Zorin (which was and still is (probably even moreso now) gnome-based) I found the desktop to be very unstable, which, was the main reason I was deterred from gnome. The second reason I've been deterred from gnome is that it seemed like it had the resource hog of KDE, but also lacked the customization. It seems a lot better now with all the extensions available (eg dash to dock, dash to panel, etc) and more stable, and I don't really want much from it that it can't offer anyway.

overall KDE and Gnome were the least stable desktop experiences I ever had, which is what made me just persevere with XFCE. I think that's why I was interested in Budgie but not interested in trying KDE or Gnome again.

Gnome and KDE seem far more stable now than they once were, and on both Manjaro KDE and Manjaro Gnome my ram usage averages ~3.5gb (with Firefox open, mind you), which, while not ideal, is way better than Windows hogging ~8gb for ""system""

I thought this would be an interesting thing to discuss :)
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I like Xfce and don't really like KDE so much anymore.
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