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Author Topic: Converting a Linux user to FreeBSD be like.  (Read 12170 times)
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Posted on: December 25, 2020, 08:07:04 pm


I know what you are thinking: "Why not just use Arch?" My answer: The less GPL, the better. After all, FreeBSD is what all modern Sony and Nintendo consoles and handhelds (even the Switch) are based on for the permissive *BSD license. These companies produce stable and respected products with huge followings. What can be said about Linux? Android and Chromebook. From literally exploding Samsungs to constantly breaking external storage, to having everything stored in the cloud and monitored by Google, what's not to hate? It's obvious why these products suck. "Just anyone" can contribute and break anything they want to without testing the code manually.

If it passes the imperfect and ever-growing CI, they'll probably accept it. Bad idea when money and making a living is a non-motivator to hobbyist GPL devs. This prevents quality products on being delivered, which results in severe bugs, and a rather poopy OS as a whole. FreeBSD needs to be stable, otherwise companies with the tiniest bit of self respect won't look to them. Even apple shares some of FreeBSD ancestry in common for the same licensing debate. Money talks, even if you aren't the one making it but others who are relying on you are, you'll be much likelier to be motivated to deliver what they need and keep up the reputation as being reliable.

Additionally, the process filesystem is optional on FreeBSD. Linux has it mandatory, which results in slower applications that need to read and write to files for any kind of process related interaction, even something as simple as getting the current executable directory and filename, it requires creating, reading, and writing directories, text files, and symlinks for practically everything. The more processes you run, all the more will your computer be unnecessarily slow because of it. More processes = less performance regardless, but now we're just adding to that slowness for no good reason.

Another myth: commercial developers don't give back to the open source permissively licensed OS. Some of that is covered in this video.

Greetings from Brazil,
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