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Author Topic: ASA - A Space Adventure  (Read 1362 times)
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Posted on: November 05, 2013, 10:48:19 pm

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This is actually one of my absolute favorite videogames of all time. It was developed completely by one person - Simon Mesnard. Considering the graphical detail and gameplay quality, it is truly a mind blower to think he did it all on his own, very impressive. If you check the credits I was one of his official beta testers - though to be clear my full name is Samuel Venable, he misspelled my last name (one letter off) in the credits video. He also made the game with Adventure Maker ( http://www.adventure ), which adventure maker just so happens to be the very first game development suited I ever purchased or actively developed with. It's a great tool but very limited compatibility strictly devoted to Windows (Or html4 if you wanted almost all key features excluded).

I offered Simon to port his game to Mac, Linux, and Android via re-programming his game with GMStudio and ENIGMA, Simon loved the idea, but the task was too time consuming for me so I let him know that I basically gave up and lost motivation.

For more info on his awesome game, check out ASA on greenlight:


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