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Author Topic: Don't you just LOVE Apple?  (Read 2044 times)
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Posted on: November 08, 2013, 04:14:15 pm

This is my personal rant toward Apple and their customers who blindly give them bank accounts beyond bank accounts worth of money that they don't deserve right into their pocket for the sake of bragging rights and because of them being the most well known, most expensive, brand name...

The quality of what apple customers pay for is like a hotdog stand. Imagine for a moment Apple and all it's rival companies each being a hotdog stand, all of which sell Oscar Mayer's which means they all sell in a nutshell the same exact hotdotgs (In quality). Let's say apple decides to sell their hodogs a little under cooked, no toppings, and at a price so big the aposing stands (Windows, Google, etc) sell theirs for a fraction of those sold by Apple's stand. A ritch guy  buys Apple's hotdogs out of curiosity, thinking "Hmm... Why are these mores expensive here?". Well, a classic case of why curiosity killed the cat. Before you know it more upper class people only buy Apple's hotdogs. Then celebrities get paid by the apple stand to advertise on their behalf why people should only want Apple hotdogs. As this cycle goes on those who are middle class save every penny they can cough up to get Apple dogs. A lot of these people haven't even tried the other stands before, so they ignorantly buy the most expensive assuming there is an actual reason behind the price. Little did they know they were paying more for less.

I've personally tried both Apple's and Android's "hotdogs" and I've heard very good things about Windows' mobile hotdogs. Apple I must say out of complete honesty is my least favorite. Android's are delicious...

If you are looking for more specifics on why I don't prefer Apple products, this should be what you're looking for...
Why does anyone even buy apple devices anymore? Back when I bought my iPod Touch I only did that because I was misinformed and influenced by apple's blind popularity.

I bought my Barnes and Nobles Nook Color and installed the Android OS on it for just a measly $80, it was used but by the time it shipped to my house I wasn't at all upset to find that it came with a USB cable and wall charger, everything including the Nook itself was in mint condition as if completely new.

I compared the apps available on the iOS app store to Android's Google Play store, just about all the exact same videogame and app titles were present on both platforms while Apple definitely had a small handful of apps Google didn't the same was true with vice versa which isn't that very compelling of a reason as to way anyone would get apple products both app stores and OS have all the same hardware and performance capabilities.

So this his my conclusion, Apple has the highest prices with the lowest benefits matching those prices, while android being the better choice (most benefits reflecting the cheapest cost) and if you want a tablet or phone with an 1000x better camera, try Windows Phone or Windows Surface RT. Though Windows mobile devices are a bit pricier than Android, and the least amount of app titles on their store compared to Apple, Google, and Amazon: Windows Desktops, Phones and Surface RTs are still literally half the price of Apple's Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad. Windows Surface RT tablets specifically have the most capabilities compared to the iPad, iPad mini, and Samsung, Kindle, and Nook tablets. Windows Surfaces more than any other tablet or mobile device to date to have such potential and is the closest to a full length desktop or laptop a tablet can get.

Brief summary...

Nook Tablet = everything an iPad or iPad mini can do minus a built-in camera. The price difference? Nook was $80. iPads are over $800 that is a tenth of the price because of the camera (which has crappy resolution BTW) and of course for the sake of being wealthy enough to buy Apple devices, to brag about the name brand you bought from, etc it's all no real reason to buy apple or should I say "crapple".

Windows Surface = Everything an Apple tablet can do, with a 1000x better camera resolution, and unlike Apple, everything that can be done on a normal Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Solaris, and FreeBSD desktops can pretty much be emulated on a Windows Surface just as easily but with a more User Friendly, Tablet-ish look and feel. The price difference? Windows Surface $400-fish while iPads, as I already mentioned is a $800 robbery.
YYG have a lot in common with Apple, don't they?
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Yah I say this pretty consistently myself, they are just $1000 iToys for rich people to wipe their bums with, that's about it. I literally say so on our Wiki page I wrote...

They make a bunch of $5000 iCrap for rich people to wipe their asses with.

That said, Steve Jobs was an over-glorified hippy, he abandoned his daughter and said she wasn't his and tried to refuse paying child welfare support not to mention the fact he was a rude dick to everyone who worked for him and just completely batshit insane.
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I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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