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General ENIGMA / Thank you for making a windows installer
« on: December 24, 2021, 12:56:40 pm »
I appreciate you guys making a windows installer.  Im own hospice now and started gamemaking again to fill my time and I could not get Enigma to work with windows.  So Thanks.

Hi on win7 I can run path/jave.exe -jar lateralgm.jar from a my2sys terminal-

but how can I launch this from a shortcut on desktop? I cannot find any examples online.



I have installed enigma and lateralgm on 3 systems.

ubuntu 16.04 xfce4, Win 7, and Linux Mint 19 cinnamon

Ease of install:

Linux mint was copy and paste a couple of times and ran like a charm.

Ubuntu 16.04 with xfce4 on a Crouton Chrombook install, it was the most difficult to install- it should have been just like Mint but nope.  Took 3 different installs and actually going to Discord and verifying that I had the right install scripts. (the same ones I used and which worked for Mint) finally it installed and worked.

FInally Windows was fairly easy except trying to find a solution for the "java: not found", which I fixed by shortcutting to my actual java directory and calling Lateral with that path.

External editors: Windows worked out of the Box, I have not been able to get Mint or Ubuntu to accept external editors.

In LateralGM all three installs have the same bug about editing copied code.  My work around: Instead of copying the who;e code block, Go inside code and highlight and copy the text create a new code and then edit it and paste inside.

Over all this is working for me on three different systems. 1 chromebook, 1 laptop, and one desk top.

Hey on linux version of LateralGM I have this weird thing happening. If I copy a code action from one event to another event, then any edits to either copy of the code action changes both copies. IS this normal?

I asked this on discord but no one was on this morning yet.

my workaround is to create new code actions and paste the text into it.

Not a huge deal.

General ENIGMA / Hi all!
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:30:17 pm »
Ive been using GM since 2003, and after struggling getting gm studio 2 to work reliably under wine on linux I was happy to find this and install it on Linux Mint 19 and it seems to work just out of the box.

I have GM studio in my work office but at home I only have linux, thanks for giving me options.

IM going to write a small game and see what it does.

Thanks for this software. 


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