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General ENIGMA / Thank you for making a windows installer
« on: December 24, 2021, 12:56:40 pm »
I appreciate you guys making a windows installer.  Im own hospice now and started gamemaking again to fill my time and I could not get Enigma to work with windows.  So Thanks.

Programming Help / Re: Implementing WASD Movement
« on: August 30, 2018, 08:21:47 am »
And this is why we need these things asked in forum not just on discord, as other people like myself can find these and learn from them.

I figured you would be working in the new IDE.  When is the projected release of the new IDE?

BTW many of my posts are for people like me to know where little hiccups are so they can do work arounds, not to complain. 

And I appreciate the work!

I have OpenJDK on linux and oracle on windows.  I dont know if the windows ver copies or not.

Ok here is my code: doesnt look much different than yours.  But this works for me.

Code: [Select]
cd C:/Users/jbskaggshome/enigma-dev
C:/Program\ Files/Java/jdk-10.0.2/bin/java.exe -jar lateralgm.jar

so I called this  and in the file properties  I set it to open with with MSYS2 MINGW64 shell launcher.

The mysys2 shell launcher would not work as it does not link the libraries.

The issue was LateralGm when choosing from browse added "quotation marks" deleting those marks and it works great :)

For me just used
Code: [Select]
gimp %s as gimp is in my path.

Thanks your a big help.


Hi on win7 I can run path/jave.exe -jar lateralgm.jar from a my2sys terminal-

but how can I launch this from a shortcut on desktop? I cannot find any examples online.



I have installed enigma and lateralgm on 3 systems.

ubuntu 16.04 xfce4, Win 7, and Linux Mint 19 cinnamon

Ease of install:

Linux mint was copy and paste a couple of times and ran like a charm.

Ubuntu 16.04 with xfce4 on a Crouton Chrombook install, it was the most difficult to install- it should have been just like Mint but nope.  Took 3 different installs and actually going to Discord and verifying that I had the right install scripts. (the same ones I used and which worked for Mint) finally it installed and worked.

FInally Windows was fairly easy except trying to find a solution for the "java: not found", which I fixed by shortcutting to my actual java directory and calling Lateral with that path.

External editors: Windows worked out of the Box, I have not been able to get Mint or Ubuntu to accept external editors.

In LateralGM all three installs have the same bug about editing copied code.  My work around: Instead of copying the who;e code block, Go inside code and highlight and copy the text create a new code and then edit it and paste inside.

Over all this is working for me on three different systems. 1 chromebook, 1 laptop, and one desk top.

Hey on linux version of LateralGM I have this weird thing happening. If I copy a code action from one event to another event, then any edits to either copy of the code action changes both copies. IS this normal?

I asked this on discord but no one was on this morning yet.

my workaround is to create new code actions and paste the text into it.

Not a huge deal.

General ENIGMA / Re: Hi all!
« on: August 17, 2018, 05:04:50 pm »
I ended up having to run a virtual box with win 7.  But even it would crash and glitch out.

General ENIGMA / Hi all!
« on: August 17, 2018, 12:30:17 pm »
Ive been using GM since 2003, and after struggling getting gm studio 2 to work reliably under wine on linux I was happy to find this and install it on Linux Mint 19 and it seems to work just out of the box.

I have GM studio in my work office but at home I only have linux, thanks for giving me options.

IM going to write a small game and see what it does.

Thanks for this software. 


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