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Author Topic: A New Arch Setup  (Read 2520 times)
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Posted on: November 03, 2018, 08:16:49 am

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With the many changes Enigma has been through, Linux users of Arch and its derivatives like Manjaro may find it difficult to keep up to date with those changes. Therefore i've looked into the matter and I'm happy to say that results  were successful.

First, let me lay down some ground work. My initial machine is an Acer Aspire 15" laptop with 4gb of DDR3-6400 memory; a 2.14Ghz AMD Dual Core CPU and 150Gb SATA hard drive.

My second testing  machine is a Desktop PC with 6 GB DDR3-6400 memory, with a embedded 2.4 AMD Dual Core CPU, and 320Gb SATA hard drive. The OS is Manjaro Linux with Gnome 3 as the desktop environment for both.

The installation setup is similar to the one in the wiki for Linux setup with changes made for Arch dependencies. Everything else is the same.  Additionally,  I've also made instructions to use Samuel Venable Tiny File Dialogs widget. For some reason the 'Zenity' segment will not display with the newest version of Zenity 3 installed. With KDialog installed, it works and displays just fine. However if you prefer to use Zenity, just follow the instructions written.

I also created 2 videos. one showing LGM installed and running a test program to display Dialogs with either Zenity or KDialog chosen. The second one shows ENIGMA setup using the setup script on the Desktop PC using an external USB camera. however, the quality is crappy.....really crappy, so I'll have to do it over on my Laptop. (that camera highest resolution is 640x480 at 30fps...its a really OLD camera, but hey it still works........)

If you come into any problems or need more help, you can post it here, on the Forums, or on the Discord channel as I am either here or there, regularly.

The link for the Arch setup script is here

The link to setup Zenity and KDialog on Manjaro Arch is here.

Instructions have also been added to the Wiki, where you can access it from here
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