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Author Topic: What's happening now  (Read 12165 times)
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I'll look into debian packages more.  I know that there's a purge configuration option in the package manager, which, when chosen, would fully remove configuration (in this case, /opt/enigma) after uninstall.  It's not done automatically with the package because you might want to uninstall and then reinstall explicitly, and that would delete your configurations without any undo.  Could you check the software center for me and see what kind of uninstallation options that there are?  I know that Synaptic has it, but I'm not sure that it can be done via the software center.

You have to realise that this is still a development version of ENIGMA.  It's not automated for Linux yet, but I'll try to do that.
It showed up under installed software only after I used the search function, here's a pick.
There's only one uninstall option, a Remove button.

BTW there's a typo in the description "EnvironmentAn"
Okay.  It's automatic now, anyways.

EnvironmentAn is bash being stupid as far as new lines go.  Let me fix that.  I'm building packages right now.
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