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Author Topic: Gaming and other stuff anyone's learned?  (Read 1349 times)
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Posted on: August 11, 2015, 03:02:16 pm
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This topic will have great discussions I promise.

SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Here are two things I will tell you in this post I Fira learned

In Breath of Fire for SNES
Debo out of water:

#1: Save anywhere except Prima. I recommend Windia.

#2: Go under water.

#3: Have Karn and Gobi and Ox and one other player I recommend Nina as non battling characters.

#4: Go underwater.

#5: Have Karn cast Debo.

#6: Go into battle.

#7: Have the four battling characters killed.

#8: Switch back Karn as battling character and vwhala you do it! You can now show people this cool thing!

In Breath of Fire for SNES
Doof in water:

#1: Save in Prima.

#2: Get out of water.

#3: Have a character I recommend Nina, Karn, Ox and Bo not battling characters.

#4: Have Karn cast Doof.

#5: Go into battle and have the four battling characters killed.

#6: Put Karn back as a battling character and vwhala!! You did it!! Now you can show your friends and others Doof under water!! Cool!!
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@ShadowMan, my favorite always has been and always will be when I first learned you could get to Yoshi in SM64. Always one of those rumors when I was a kid but when I actually found out it was true unlike all the other rumors.... yeah.

I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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just read the topic title, now i get whats going on. And yeah i used to have that and think it was a myth too Robert. lol my friend who used that cannon to get up there i still havent figured out how to do up to this very day, as i wanted to not cheat and find out on my own but yeah. I also have the DS remake still i think.
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