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Author Topic: Step by Step - 3D Tutorials  (Read 9631 times)
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This is a tutorial pack of over 60 tutorials including PDF documentation explaining 3D concepts, originally from the GMC about %60 worked directly out of the box, and the rest are working with a few slight changes.

The original topic:

1. Getting started with 3D - Category: Basics
Paragraphs: Going to 3D mode, Initializing 3D mode, Creating a 3D block, Using a virtual camera, Running the 3D program.
2. Z values - Category: Basics
Paragraphs: Relative drawing of objects, Pointing a camera at an object, Exporting and importing scripts, Declaring the z value, Adding motion to the Z value.
3. Specific use of sine - Category: Basics
Paragraphs: Moving the camera in a direction, Using sine to yaw, Using sine to pitch, Moving the camera up and down, Running the program.
4. Z detection - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Detecting z values, About collision detection.
5. Platforms - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: About platform games, Using gravity, Designing simple levels, Using a third person view, Animating by deformation, Making the character walk, jump, land and fall.
6. Elevators - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: About elevator types, Moving an elevator, Lifting a character, Taking character height into account, Looking around.
7. Stairs & ramps - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Setting up the objects, Setting up the scripts, Bumping against blocks, Walking on ramps, Switching between ramps and stairs.
8. Jump & crouch - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Jumping and crouching, Uncrouching.
9. Gravity - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Using gravity, Setting up values, More scripts, Using gravity interactively, Some more scripts.
10. Collisions - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Using collisions in 2D, Using three collision methods in 3D, Creating games using collision detection.
11. Flat sprite models - Category: Sprites
Paragraphs: Using sprites to create models, Part A: drawing a sprite on the floor, Part B: making a sprite face the player, Part C: an animation that faces the player, Part D: using virtual rotation.
12. First person mouselook - Category: Views
Paragraphs: Understanding first, second and third person, Creating a world, Creating rocks, Creating a character, Creating a camera.
13. Directional lights - Category: Lights
Paragraphs: About light types, Part A: setting up lights, Part B: colored lights, Part C: multiple lights, Part D: combined lights, Part E: fog and shading.
14. Split screen - Category: Views
Paragraphs: Drawing multiple views, Drawing multiple players, Drawing a radar, Moving multiple players.
15. Backface culling - Category: Basics
Paragraphs: Setting culling to true or false, Using culling with different objects, Flipping the back face.
16. Rolling ball - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Understanding transformation, Starting and ending transformation, Using rotation around two axes, Applying translation, Drawing and transformation, About the camera.
17. Polygons - Category: Models
Paragraphs: Understanding polygons, Defining different kinds of primitives, Adding vertices, Drawing textured primitives, Polygons and culling, Models.
18. Basic shape models - Category: Models
Paragraphs: Using basic shape codes, Creating basic shape models.
19. Overlays - Category: Views
Paragraphs: Understanding overlays, Drawing what the camera sees, Drawing the overlay, Drawing overlay sprites, Setting depth of camera, Setting depth of overlay.
20. Sniper zoom - Category: Views
Paragraphs: Adding animation to scope, Creating camera zoom, Adding border and crosshairs, Activating zoom.
21. Locations & dimensions - Category: Basics
Paragraphs: Understanding 3D locations, Understanding dimensions, Going from 2D to 3D, Moving around in 3D.
22. Bullet paths - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Animating explosions, Activating zoom with mouse button, Drawing an explosion, Drawing patches of floor, Targeting crosshairs, Marking the path, Drawing a sky dome, Drawing facing walls, Setting up a bullet, Placing markers on a bullet path, Checking for hits, Understanding bullet paths.
23. Full pitch - Category: Views
Paragraphs: Creating full pitch, Limiting the pitch.
24. Point lights - Category: Lights
Paragraphs: About light types, Defining point lights, Creating point lights, Drawing lights, Enabling and disabling lights, Using lighting and shading.
25. Multiple floors - Category: Levels
Paragraphs: Using sprites to create levels, Drawing floors and ceilings, Drawing stairs, Using level generation tricks, Walking on stairs and floors.
26. Upward sliding doors - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Finding the exit, Setting up a door object, Making the door move, Bumping into doors.
27. Third person view - Category: Views
Paragraphs: Understanding third person view, Drawing a third person camera, Drawing the character, Drawing the world, Moving the camera, Moving the character.
28. Shooting bullets - Category: Motion
Paragraphs: Shooting a bullet, Creating an impact, Adding virtual bullets, Enabling accurate hits.
29. Terrain model - Category: Levels
Paragraphs: Creating a model, Drawing a model.
30. Height arrays - Category: Levels
Paragraphs: Understanding height arrays, Generating terrain, Drawing terrain, Editing height arrays, Discovering countless uses.
31. Height checking - Category: Levels
Paragraphs: Getting ready to read heights, Reading terrain heights.

Size: 20.49mb's

This pack has everything from 3D Pacman to UFO's and car racing and PONG!!!  :)
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I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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I like the download like.
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Sorry about that Deus, I had posted the topic before I went through them all, the download link is now available, they all work perfect except 4 or 5 that have a minor glitch or two.  (Y)
I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who once said something along the lines of "If you build the robots, they will make games." or something to that effect.

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