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Author Topic: Thank you, Seagate!  (Read 942 times)
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Posted on: March 15, 2013, 01:15:03 am

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Everyone remember to give a huge "Thank you!" to Seagate, incorporated.

The hard drive I bought from them in December—the one with all my development tools and other goodies on it—died on me last Thursday night, so I placed an order for a new drive on Friday morning at 9:00, and paid extra to have it shipped to me via 2-day air.

I should be receiving it tomorrow, a week after ordering it, just in time for my spring break to end. I'll then be spending the next day or two migrating files, and should be all done and ready for action by the time school resumes.
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Kinda reminds me about this AV to VGA cable that I bought and was supposed to arrive within two weeks, but came on the third.
It wasn't compatible with my monitor.
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