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Off-Topic / GMS prices up again
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:07:52 am »
GMS prices are going up again!

From this... this :o

GMS Pro is 50% off right now (49$ instead of 99$)...
but the modules (the ones that are going to cost more) are not.

They are quickly pricing themselves out of their previous "school kid" market.

How are you guys doing on providing a free replacement? :D

Issues Help Desk / Error - Invalid assignment to function
« on: June 08, 2014, 08:03:30 am »
I'm trying get an old .gm6 project of mine to run in ENIGMA.

It seems to import fine, but when I try to run it, I get this error
Code: [Select]
Building for mode (0)
Cleaning up from previous executions
 - Cleared parsed objects
 - Cleared room entries
 - Cleared shared locals list
 - Cleared event info
Loading shared locals from extensions list
Location in memory of structure: 519cd0d8
Copying resources:
Copying sprite names [5]
Copying sound names [0]
Copying background names [1]
Copying path names [0]
Copying script names [18]
Copying shader names [0]
Copying font names [1]
Copying timeline names [0]
Copying object names [9]
Copying room names [2]
18 Scripts:
Parsed `load_map': 13 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `draw_a_button': 12 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `negative_color': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `point_line_distance': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `segm2segm_dist': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `cells_under_line': 1 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `limit_steering': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `lines_intersection': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `lineVSwalls': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `first_reachable_node': 2 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `cell_units': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `optimized_BFS': 1 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `find_walls_to_avoid': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `find_units_to_avoid': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `collision_move': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `rectangleVScircle': 0 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `save_map': 4 locals, 0 globals
Parsed `mouse_over_button': 5 locals, 0 globals
"Linking" scripts
`Linking' 18 scripts in 5 passes...
Completing script "Link"
Linking `load_map':
Linking `draw_a_button':
Linking `negative_color':
Linking `point_line_distance':
Linking `segm2segm_dist':
Linking `cells_under_line':
Linking `limit_steering':
Linking `lines_intersection':
Linking `lineVSwalls':
Linking `first_reachable_node':
Linking `cell_units':
Linking `optimized_BFS':
Linking `find_walls_to_avoid':
Linking `find_units_to_avoid':
Linking `collision_move':
Linking `rectangleVScircle':
Linking `save_map':
Linking `mouse_over_button':
"Linking" timelines
`Linking' 0 timelines in 0 passes...
Completing timeline "Link"
9 Objects:
 ob_vertex: 12 events:
  Event[0]:   Parsing 1 sub-events:
Check `ob_vertex::create... Done. Parse... Done.
  Event[1]:   Parsing 1 sub-events:
Check `ob_vertex::destroy... Done. Parse... Done.
  Event[8]:   Parsing 1 sub-events:
Check `ob_vertex::draw... Done. Parse... Done.
 ob_creator: 12 events:
  Event[0]:   Parsing 1 sub-events:
Check `ob_creator::create... Done. Parse... Done.
  Event[3]:   Parsing 1 sub-events:
Check `ob_creator::step...Syntax error in object `ob_creator', Step event:0:
Line 295, position 28 (absolute 10683): Invalid assignment to function `connect'

Here the piece of code, line 295 is connect=1
Code: [Select]
if (dist<=vertex_radius) //if there is a vertex under the mouse pointer
                if vertex_b!=vertex_a //if B is not the same as A
                else connect=0

Any idea what the problem is?
This is old code that only uses the semicolon ; in var statements.

Issues Help Desk / Error - ENIGMA: Unable to communicate with library
« on: June 06, 2014, 12:06:30 pm »
Today I decided to try out the latest zip and couldn't even get through the first start.
I got the error you see in the screenshot.

When I restarted, the error did not appear again, but nothing works.
I'm on Windows 7 x64 SP1 - Italian version, if it makes a difference.

Off-Topic / Latest RPG Maker selling for $1
« on: May 30, 2014, 02:19:53 am »
With this humble weekly bundle you can get RPG Maker VX Ace for $1.

Add more money and you get a bunch of DLCs and a character editor.

Steam version only.
Seems worth it though.

Off-Topic / Unity3D developers starting to listen?
« on: May 16, 2014, 03:27:27 pm »
Hello, I think you noticed the storm that the release of the new Unreal Engine v.4 brought.
$19 per month, including mobile and access to source code
Takes 5% of your games' gross income

That 5% royalty may not be so cheap, but sure beats Unity's $1500 for Pro + $1500 for iOS Pro + $1500 for Android Pro.
And it's cheaper than Game Maker Studio Professional + plugins.

First the CEO of Unity3D releases an interview stating that UE4 has had no impact on Unity.

Yet now they open a forum topic titled Official: How Can We Serve You Better?

General ENIGMA / Game Maker Studio HTML5 discount
« on: November 25, 2012, 06:18:05 am »
YoYo Games is selling Game Maker Studio at a discount
Studio Pro + HTML5 export module -> 49.99$

I would have never paid 99 bucks for GM Studio alone, but this seems
like a GOOD deal. :D

The offer started some days ago, ends on 27th November.

I can code in raw HTML5, or I'd better say JavaScript + various API,
but it's even more painful than coding in GML. :pseudo:

I might as well buy 2 of them.

Issues Help Desk / G++ compiler not found
« on: August 31, 2011, 07:21:50 am »
I'm using an Italian WinXP32 SP3. I already installed MinGW (it came together with the latest Qt SDK).

Still, I get this message

Is there a possibility that by pressing Yes it could mess up my perfectly working compiler suit?

Off-Topic / Automatic code formatting
« on: January 26, 2011, 08:41:23 am »
I know you guys use Code::Blocks for your projects, and I'm trying to get used to it too.

But there's something I miss a lot from Netbeans, automatic code indentation/formatting.

Is there a plugin which can add this feature into C::B?

In Netbeans you can decide things like spaces, for example, should it be a/b or a / b
and then you can select the code > right click > Format and it applyes the new style.

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Chesee finder - pathfinding and collision engine
« on: September 18, 2010, 09:50:19 am »
I guess you need something simple yet effective. I think I've got a solid solution to your problems,
wheter you are coding top-down shooters, RPG or a RTS games, this engine can help you moving
your units fast and reliably.

Doesn't matter how big your maps are, or how big your armies are, this thing is designed to SCALE
for all your needs. I've tested labyrinthic maps full of bottlenecks and get it to work smoothly.

I won't lie to you, this thing is pretty advanced, but I've worked to make it as easy to use, but with
a radical design in mind, you are the one in control. You get to know how it works when you design
map, but you can change the most important parameters of your units without a need to understand
all the underlying math. However, if you are curious to know how it works, the code is commented.

Still i suggest you watching this video tutorial in order to get started. BTW Can't incorporate vieo in post?


Here is a partial list of features:

- quick and simple BFS algorithm
- incorporated smoothing
- GM-functions free (no mp_grids)
- full GML, no dlls

Path following
- units can avoid each other without smashing into walls
- can handle queues and bottlenecks
- customizable steering options

Collision engine:
- doesn't use sprites (will be easy to port on Enigma)
- can handle really fast units
- "collision_line_width" like functions
- "collision_line_first" like functions can be implemented
- splits the maps into cells to cut down pointless checks

- easy to use
- lets you build your own paths
- eliminates the need of having dozens of wall objects

- supports units of various sizes
- GM save and load won't work, use the custom replacement

To do:
- 3d support, can be achieved through layers
- more tutorials, on demand

- units will never give up seeking their way until they can see their destination, can be changed on demand
- if the destination point is too close to a wall, units won't even try to get there, no quick fix

Off-Topic / What licence for my open source project?
« on: September 13, 2010, 06:17:02 pm »
I'll soon release my AI for Game Maker / Enigma, but I need to decide the licence first.

Well, yeah, other people who release their project simply don't care as the Game Maker licence itself sucks, but I do.

I've worked a lot on this project, and I want people to be able to use it but not to steal it. Some ideas:

- people should be able to use it in closed source non-commercial games
- I want citation for my work
- freely redistributable

A MIT/BSD licence should do the trick for the citation, but what about the non-commercial use only?
The only thing that comes to my mind is CC, but I don't know if that's a licence for code, and even so, there are a lot
of CC licence, and I don't know which one to pick.

General ENIGMA / State of the project
« on: December 16, 2009, 03:17:27 pm »
I'm really having a hard time in understanding what's going on here. :raise:

Is there some kind of usable GM clone yet? If so, I wanna try it (link plz)

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