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Announcements / Re: LateralGM
« on: August 03, 2016, 08:49:28 am »
I'm working using EGM as format instead of GMK and LGM always corrupts whenever I load a EGM file. It used to work on the old one BTW and I might go back and switch to the old one if this still goes on.

Announcements / Re: LateralGM
« on: August 02, 2016, 06:43:57 am »
So, how to update the enigma portable build in order to run the new LateralGM? (Or do I have to wait for the new one in order to update it ...)

Programming Help / Re: changing depth of instances.
« on: January 10, 2016, 10:26:28 am »
It's drawn as sprites per object instance.

In fact, to make it easier on the both of us (and for people who want to check out the code), I'll just give you a sample of the game.

parkour_min.egm - Dropbox

This bare minimal build contains a fix in obj_player.

Programming Help / Re: changing depth of instances.
« on: January 08, 2016, 10:45:56 pm »
Oh yeah, i forgot to place screens. Here:

Direct comparison:

My current fix (check if player collides to the right, then put her behind).

Here's basically its collision bounds (the dotted line). Sprite is from my map editor.

General ENIGMA / Re: Splashscreens
« on: January 08, 2016, 03:10:15 am »
Hey, I've been looking back at the splash screen I just made and with your comment about the orange, and so I did check it out if it works:

I've made some even more tweaks.

Programming Help / changing depth of instances.
« on: January 07, 2016, 09:48:40 pm »
Hey, I've been on the works on a Freerunning platformer based on an old game maker game, with newer cleaner code and new moves.

I've almost finished the meat of my code, but I've hit a snag. The blocks I used are similar to the 1980s Prince of Persia, so they have this 3D look to them. As such, when the player hits the wall to the left, the player should be behind the wall and the opposite, player should be in front.

Now, I'm struggling to do something like that. I use sprites instead of backgrounds, since I will be designing the game along with a map maker.

Is there a way to do so without messing up the entire level depth? I've been experimenting with the blocks in the level, checking if the player's y was greater than the y of the block, but it messed up the levels. Maybe using the player would do such?

Hey guys, I've got this thing that was quirking me here. Not sure where to put it, but I'll just place it here.

To replicate, I made a local float like this:

Code: [Select]
local float hsp;
hsp = 0;


Now supposed if that code was in the create of a parent entity.

We then make a child for it, obj_player for example then in the  creation script, we want to inherit what was there:

Code: [Select]

When I do that, an error gives off like this:

Code: [Select]
error: invalid initialization of reference of type 'float&' from expression of type 'var'
       case obj_player: return ((OBJ_obj_player*)inst)->hsp;

Just an heads up for you guys.

Oh, okay. Well, I did a rewrite on my code that is different from what I currently do. In fact, I adopted the Grandma Engine for platformers now and it's approach script (which uses min and max, but is passed as arguments) mysteriously worked. Is that they are passed as arguments (argument0 and the like) and not act as instance locals?

Programming Help / Getting min and max of variables without min and max.
« on: December 24, 2015, 11:47:06 am »
I want to use min and max on my own variables (in the example is hsp) and it had the error:

error: 'hsp' was not declared in this scope

Also in subsequent variables as well.

Is there a way to do something like this without using min and max? I'm using this in a script. I think it's related to this issue.

Programming Help / Getting the parent id
« on: December 20, 2015, 12:45:46 am »
If object_get_parent doesn't work so far, how to get the id of the parent entity?

General ENIGMA / Re: Splashscreens
« on: December 08, 2015, 12:36:08 pm »
Here's something I whipped up. I'm going to remake it again, this time on a vector graphics program.

Here's my render using a vector graphics program (specifically Inkscape)
Needs shadows though, that could be fixed in PS.

General ENIGMA / Re: Splashscreens
« on: December 08, 2015, 03:57:26 am »
We could lighten up the background for the Blue, we could swap the dark one with the light ones. Or we could surround the red square with white lines. This made the LateralGM logo to pop out of the blue in the first place anyway. I also noticed here:

Just on my desktop, this red isn't actually hurting on the eyes. The catch is this red is a bit muted, that's why it registers nicely on the colors.

Here's my take using that color:

As you can see it looks kind of nice.


I accidentally flipped the back one with the front:

Just realized how messed up my shadows were. My bad.

General ENIGMA / Re: Splashscreens
« on: December 08, 2015, 03:37:10 am »
Hehe, yeah, i got what you mean. Why did they went to this first? :eng99:

Anyway, that's why I used orange, if you check the paletton that I've created, Orange is a bit compatible with the blue.

General ENIGMA / Re: Splashscreens
« on: December 08, 2015, 03:15:04 am »
Yeah, I forgot about the Red part, it does contrast over the blue theme, maybe the orange accent for the Lateral could be red as well.

Although the color scheme that I placed seems to use orange, we could use red without a problem. They are natural contrasting colors anyway.

Oh yeah, I adjusted the Paletton colors, it seems that according to it, the primary contrast to red is green:

Programming Help / Re: My platform generation code does not work in ENIGMA.
« on: December 07, 2015, 08:01:35 am »
Okay, I'll take note of that, thanks! Who should add that ticket BTW?

I'm optimizing it for now and make it better and adding the game stuffs like items and enemies. I'm also going to be making the level editor better as well so that I'm just generating maps instead of placing them in the room itself.

BTW, how do you find the platformer so far? Just curious as you tested it. I'm going to put up those links and clean them up, and I might share a tutorial on working platformers on Enigma once I'm done so.

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