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Title: Looping Streamed Music
Post by: FroggestSpirit on September 08, 2015, 11:46:17 am
I'm wondering what the most efficient way to loop streamed music in OpenAL is. I would prefer something that would loop the audio to a specific offset of samples after reaching the end of the song (so it doesnt replay the intro of the music).
Another way would be having the intro and main loop as separate files, so the main loop plays after the intro, and loops normally. The only issue with this is getting the meain loop to start seamlessly when the intro ends.
I'd prefer a way to do this with the song being one file (the first idea).
If anyone knows how to accomplish this, please let me know

EDIT: I guess it doesn't have to be OpenAL, but I'd prefer it to be a portable system. Also, is FMOD able to be implemented? I noticed code for it