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Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:55:56 pm »
God is not to blame since blaming a non existing entity for something is a waste of time, religion is to blame, if every religion is man made as darkstar2 correctly stated... what about the gods those religions worship?
I put "God" in quotes for a reason. What I was trying to say was that "your belief in God makes you not value your life".

Sorry my bad, I stand corrected.  :)

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:31:53 pm »

Contradictions you are searching?

Well search no more :

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:30:35 pm »
I respect those who don't share these beliefs but I have yet to be convinced otherwise, that our lives would be wasted all for nothing, that there is no purpose, that we go through all this fucking bloody for nothing in the end.......I have a hard time with that :D
But this is exactly what I was mentioning before. You think this life is somehow a "waste". I don't know you that well, so your life really could suck and be aimless. But mine isn't. And the fact that I find this life to be the only one is one of the most motivating factors to find a reason for it. If you understand that your life is 80 years and then nothing, then you start to respect those years and not waste them. You find many reasons, many motivations, many purposes. If you cannot find any besides "God and Heaven", then maybe "God" is to blame?

God is not to blame since blaming a non existing entity for something is a waste of time, religion is to blame, if every religion is man made as darkstar2 correctly stated... what about the gods those religions worship?

As TheExDeus says, anything is more precious, more valuable if there's little of it, time is precious because we can't make more of it, also the environment since we can't create another earth, what about my life? can anybody give a nanosecond more of it? No and since it's going to end sometime in the distant future (I hope) it's the most precious, the most valuable commodity I have, not to be squandered in any way.

The past is gone, the future may not come, so live today as if it were the last day of your life.

In other words : Carpe diem

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:06:10 pm »

Evil outside influence? You mean the devil made them doit? And when somebody does something good then god made them doit?

In my humble opinion that's hogwash, it's humans trying to avoid owning responsability for their own actions.

Kids more violent now than in past generations? Depends where you look, in the USA yes but that's not the devil, that's the rate of divorce, the all powerful dollar being more important than anything else, if you want to be the top dog in your line of work, you have to check if that ambition is compatible with having children, who said you have to do it all? some of us are not suited to have children, I strongly believe there should be a psichological test before marriage and another before having children.

Kids talking back... Well if you as a parent are never arround, never ofer any support, only criticyse and downplay any achievement of your children, and think that just because you donated half their genetic code they have to respect you and obey you uncuestionigly... You are wrong, I don't believe in following orders blindly, not even in the military, if your commander tells you to go and burn a hospital full of doctors, nurses and pacients just because they are of the wrong religion/color/status/etc. would you do it? I woudn't, I don't expect my son to blindly obey me, I preach by example, I don't do drugs (and never have) I don't drink (except for a glass or two on special ocasions) I don't steal, don't cheat, don't chase tail, I do pay my taxes, respect the law, etc. and when a rule is cuestioned I give reasons, not just because I say so!

Since in the judeo/christian religions the devil was created by god (before he was the devil he was an angel of the highest order) and since god is supossed to be allknowing... He should have known that lucifer was going to rebel even before creating him, then why create him? I wouldn't and I'm only an imperfect human. The plan, gods mysterious ways, everything happens for a reason; excuses and platitudes religious people are willing to make for their god but not for other humans nor in any other field.

The Devil's Advocate is a great film, and in the speach the devil gives to keanu lays a good amount of thrut and reason.

Why give us the ability to think and reason and then ask us to blindly believe in something? to never cuestion?

Faith is believing not only without evidence, but against all evidence in contraposition with your beliefs. Faith is the willful suspension of your ability to think, to reason, to analyze, to cuestion, and blindly follow orders. In what other aspect of our lives is the burden of proof placed in any other but the absurd claims? If I were to tell you that I have in my garage an invisible, intangible, all knowing, all powerful, omnipresent leprechaun, most of you would laugh at me and with just reason. If I claim that an invisible little man in my head talks to me and answer back when I talk to him I would be russhed to the nearest Psichiatric ward, put under heavy medication and probably never to see the outside again.

But if I claim it's god (Alah, Yahawe, Christ, Buda, etc.) who speaks to me then it's normal?

By the way people do come back from clynical death, but never, and I mean never has been a documented case of someone coming back after being brain dead. When you undergo surgery they don't attach you to an EKG or whatever is the name of the machine that measures brain activity, there's a cardiac monitor, one for blood presure and temperature even but not one for brain activity, if you don't believe me check it out.

The failure of prayer.- There have been double blind tests where of two groups of pacients with similar affections one groups names was given to people (that didn't knew it was a scientific test) to pray for the sick ones, neither group knew if there was people praying for them, and the results were that the rate and speed of recovery demonstrated ZERO impact of the prayers.

Also do you honestly believe that the parents of sick children do not pray for them?

That there are not people, right now praying for the war to end?

For a cure for cancer, hiv, and many other deseases?

For all the gays to die a horrible death?

And guess what, none of those prayers is ever answered, the people that do get cured from cancer either had a spontaneous remision (which do happens even to atheist or devil worshopers) or were under treatment and the scientific treatment cures them, but we always hear thank good joe nobody got cured from his cancer, if you ask was he in treatment? yes they say without even blinking, WTF? god cured him? Give me a breack!

By the way those people that want the gays to die, to be put to death, to have no rights... Those people are the ones following the Tora/Bible/Coran correctly not we that think it's not right to kill people based on their sexual preferences (unless they are child molesters, rapist and such).
Leviticus 20:13

It's those people that would be happy to stone me to death if they hearme say that god does not exist who are the true christians, not the ones that don't. Hebrews 6:4-8 and 2 Chronicles 15:13 among others

It's the people that believe in witches and that they should be put to death the true belivers not the ones that don't. Exodus 22:18

It's the people that believe that those rebel children, the ones that talk back to their parents should be put to death, and their parents should be the ones making the chargers and throwing stones. Deuteronomy 21:20

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 10:46:04 am »
Actually most if not all the "scientists" that deny global warming/climate change are paid by the oil and vehicle companys, so I am more weary of what they say since it's more likely that them would "find" "proof" that pleases their employer than the other (bigger) portion of the scientists.

You said that science should be concerned only about facts, and now you show the contrary ! ;D If some scientists don't agree with our dogma, they are all corrupted ! You are just using ad hominem attack, which is the contrary of a scientific approach. Very funny !

The key word here is likely, and that's what, to my view, makes what a said anything but ad hominem.

Facts are in the climate change camp favor and they are free to search and investigate in the web if you want to do so.

The problem with climate is that it's really complicated to understand all the variables involved and its effects on climate if any, check out the number and intensity of hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, hailstorms, the colder winters, in my country (México), more close to the ecuator than the USA we just had a "Spring" colder than ever, and this Summer doesn't look like it's gona be really hot (so far), and this is just what climate change predicts: the seasons will start to be less noticeable in some latitudes and more extreme in others, little by little the scientific predictions are comming true; lukily for us more slowly than originaly predicted, and what do we do? take advantage of the extra time to insure our survival? noooo, we turn against people who study the science and say since it didn't happen exactly when you said all is bulldoky, clever really clever humans.

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 10:23:24 am »
Another example : in Switzerland we heard during many years that global warming was terrible, because we will see no more snow in ski resorts.  But as we have seen more snow during the previous years, now the same who were talking about global warming say it's normal because it's climate change ! What a joke ! :D (Well, not so funny because we want to spend billions for this scam).

Actually most if not all the "scientists" that deny global warming/climate change are paid by the oil and vehicle companys, so I am more weary of what they say since it's more likely that them would "find" "proof" that pleases their employer than the other (bigger) portion of the scientists.

Climate has been recorded for a very long time:

Global average temperature since 1880. This graph from NOAA shows the annual trend in average global air temperature in degrees Celsius, through December 2013. For each year, the range of uncertainty is indicated by the gray vertical bars. The blue line tracks the changes in the trend over time. (Image courtesy NOAA's National Climatic Data Center.)

As the average temperature rises (more slowly than originaly predicted true), the polar icecaps melt and dwindle, this changes the temperature of the oceans and ultimately could even change/destroy the currents that go from the poles to the Ecuador, this would result in all the plankton disapearing which in turn would trigger a mass extintion in the oceans which more likely than not would be followed by a mass extinction in land too.

As TheExDeus said better safe than sorry, in this case Pascal's wager makes sense, if we stop pulluting the environment, stop using oil and turn to green energy sources, and turns out it was a false alarm what do we as a species lose? In return if we don't and it turns out to be true...

We could be the receivers of a Darwin's Prize to natural selection (too dumb and too proud to survive).

Did you know that in the USA most of the people that deny climate change do so because in the bible after the flood god promised to Noah never to kill everything again by a flood? And since the poles melting would cause an increase in sea levels (Global flood), this is in clear contradiction to god's word; and that prick has our best interest in mind of course, that's why he can't be bothered to make it clear he exists and stop once and for all the religious wars being fought right now in the world. And if you don't think there are religious wars... just check out who the USA atacked after 9/11, who else have they attacked, how many muslim countries are being bombarded by them, not to mention the ongoing war between Israel and the Muslim world. And lets not forget all the bombings being made by muslim terrorists so they can die as martirs and be granted 72 virgins in paradise!

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 02:21:33 am »
@ Darkstar2:

I wont quote your whole huge post mate ;D

Just a couple of points.-

Something from nothing: Science does not subscribe that in any way or form, yet every creation myth does, first a being/beings that exist beyond time and space, then the whole universe magically apears, and then humankind is made out of corn, mud, blood cloths etc.

By a loving god that would send us to burn forever if we do not sing his praise. And if we do then will reward us by sending us to heaven to keep on singing his glory for ever! and to live under his tiranic thought police for ethernity? No thanks :)

The evil/freewill thing: Even conceding that it must be untouched not matter if you're a mass murderer or a child molester, ok I'll give you that but... What about the inocent? why must they suffer in order for the degenerates to have their all-important freewill? Why not read their minds/hearts and if they are about to grab a children from the street kill them? if thinking is a sin then intent most surely is, the freewill is untouched and the inocent protected; I wont buy the divine plan and my inability to understand god's misterious ways, if he exists and he is all knowing, all powerful, then he most certainly can stop the child molesters before they do actual harm.

If he does exist and is such a dick as to let all those horrors to take place in order to prove to the devil who has the biggest cock... he is a prick and does not deserve as much as a how are you? let alone to be worshiped by me.

It really should not surprise me that the god of the bible is such a prick since it was the war god of the judeans before they became monotheists.

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 11:38:54 pm »

Yes I am and I did pay attention, but I think I will refrain from commenting on this subject anymore, since it's likely to lead nowhere and to build anymosity between us.

Edit: This Freewill of the child molesters is so precious that He/She/It can't prevent the systematic rape of children?

Yes this is a touchy topic, there are pedophiles in every religion, and yes it's pathetic to see these kind of crimes committed sometimes by the people you least expect and who are ministers, priests, etc.  But again, if you understand the concept, and read the bible and history, sin existed since the beginning of man kind, God does *NOT* prevent sin whatever the implication, and again it comes to free will.  I do believe in Karma and I do believe those won't go unpunished........We both can agree that those pedophiles, rapists, etc, have only one destination....... :P  But there again maybe life is just an experiment, we are meant to live in a fucked up world, maybe there is a purpose, and the whole pedophile, rapists, etc is all about EVIL, all this is covered as well, if the world was perfect and every bad thing was PREVENTED by a supreme force then you might as well call it heaven, not earth.......So yeah life is just an experiment created by a supreme being.

So basically we are an ant farm and god is a child with a magnifiying glass?

But I think I see and understand now what turned you atheist, in a way I share your frustrations which are the same, I have on may occasions cussed out and asked how the bloody FUCK can God allow what's going on in this shite world we live in ? But there again I think life has a purpose, and it was not meant to be pleasant and perfect - so I try as much as possible to channel out this rubbish though it's difficult because you hear about it everyday in the news.  But evil, false prophets, corruption, etc all that is covered and things are happening now before our eyes, can't be denied.  IS it GOD to blame for not stopping it or preventing it ?'s us bloody CUNTS of human beings to blame as we choose our own faiths, God gave us freedom to decide...... But as an ordained minister if you became an atheist because of that reason alone, and because of all the HORROR stories you hear from your colleagues or the church, vatican, ministries and other highly corrupt organisations crafted by man kind ? then it's sad because this is the power of evil getting the best of you.  Mind you as a kid remember we used to say our prayers before meals, and before bed time, go to church etc, I used to - but as you grow up you kinda lose that and your faith takes a hit, for much the same reasons covered above, and I'm probably not the best person to talk about this as I am not exactly a practicing catholic, have not seen a church in ages, and don't make it a habit of praying, though I do believe and I have faith, which I almost lost for the same reasons as most, though I watch the news and watch what's going on around me daily and that is the only thing keeping my faith lit........
But I guess to each their own.

Not only the pedophiles, natural disasters, desease, greed, corruption, the total failure of prayer, among other things took a hit to my faith, but what ended killing it was the bible itself, since I didn't had the faith blindfold covering my eyes and mudding my reason, readding the bible opened my eyes to the atrocities promulgated by my christianity, not to mention the horrors done in it's name.

Jesus said he didn't came to change the law but to fullfill it, and that not a single iota or dot of the law would change until the endtimes. Therefore all the 613 commandments are still in place and not only the ten the christians follow, and among all the commandments there's not a single mention about not raping people, let alone children, yet there's one about mixed fabrics, and several about what to eat, when and how.

I do think DIRE things are to come......BUT out o this will come good.

If you get out your house tomorrow and fall off stairs and break your nose will you blame GOD for not preventing your fall ?  I'm guilty of that I must admit, used to cuss out why ? Because I have free will, but also I know better.....and I think with everything going on in the world, full of SHITE, corruption and evil, I now understand that all this was foreseen and has a meaning / purpose.  Hopefully something good will come of it, if not, then I did not lose anything as again, I know I lived my life without letting religion and man crated corruption dictate my actions.

Nice topic though I think most of us here are open minded enough you can elaborate no animosity as I said I have an open mind and I'm not exactly an example anyway :P 

We were created with flaws and the things around us, but we have been given free will.
Yes that includes free will to destroy our planet.


So we are created sick and commanded to get well, how fucked up is that? This homicidal, egomaniac, unsure, homophobe, misoginistic god ceated us as we are, and then has the gall to command us to be different? The sins of the father pass to the sons? fuck him! My son wasn't born evil or with any imperfection (and I would say the same thing even if he had any dissability), he was a perfect and beautiful baby, and now is a perfect and loving teenager.

About the origin of evil nobody can say it better than Epicurus so I will just quote him:

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

Unless He proves beyond any doubt and in a falsiable way to exist I don/t believe in his existence, almost every religious person is an atheist in regards to the god/gods of all the other religions, I just went one god further.

There are around 40 thousand christian denominations, with the same number of interpretations of the bible, which one is right and why?

How can anyone know for sure that it's not Mahoma, Buda, Hanuman, Zeus, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, the one true god?

And about hedging my bets... believing in order to avoid the posibility of hell is not believing is just hipocrisy.

Life has meaning and purpose? of course it has! Well at least mine does, to do good by my fellow humans, to be the best example for my son, to guide him when he needs it, to hold him and to know when to let him go.

Morality? The bible has no high ground and neither does any other religious book I have read ( so far only the bible, the coran and the tora), what is so moral about hating homosexuals? where is the morality in treating women as second class humans? Where is the morality in picketting dead soldiers funerals and enhancing the suffering of the family? For every good thing a religion does it does a hundred bad things.

Check out the worst countries for women and you'll find they are among or the most religious countries, the worst AIDS epidemic is in a country in Africa (I don't remember the name) and the Catholic and other christian misionaries there constantly tell the people the the use of the condom not only doesn't help in preventing the contagion but helps spreading it.  :-\

The poorest and most ignorant people are the ones that have more children, why? because their religions tell them that any form of anticonception is a sin.  :-\

This I heard in a song in youtube:

I have no problem with the religious believes of other fuckers
as long as those believes don't impact in the happines of others
but if you build a church in claims of moral authority
and with threats of hell impose it on others in society
then you you can expect some fking raft
when it turns out you benn fking us in the mrfking asses

if he protects a single fker whose a kiddie fker the he's not better than the mrfking rappist.

Peace out bro.  :D

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 07:13:14 pm »

Yes I am and I did pay attention, but I think I will refrain from commenting on this subject anymore, since it's likely to lead nowhere and to build anymosity between us.

Edit: This Freewill of the child molesters is so precious that He/She/It can't prevent the systematic rape of children?

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 05:02:42 pm »
Thanks edsqaure. I don't want to discuss this for so long as I'm already getting a head ache, last thing I'd like to say about evolution then we can all go back to discussing holes in religion if you'd rather, as there's a lot more we'll agree on.

I won't dismiss the possibility that not all dinosaurs died off or evolved before we came along. At the time being we have no way to know that for certain. I doubt evolutionists would make a hoax of dinosaurs living with us, what would that accomplish?

So you know, our flesh and body chemistry is a lot closer to pigs and rodents than apes. We have a much more similar siloette to the apes. But that's not enough to say we're 95-ish percent close to them in the evolving cycle. We are much more different that you think. Compare the intellectual copacity of an apes that can use sticks to catch bugs and then look at a human mind that can create a supercomputer from scratch. There's no comparison. We may look similar but our relation in the development in our brain is what most of all brings me to conclude we transitioned from being apes over a much longer timespan than what a good number of scientist would agree on.

Plesiosaurs aren't dinos I know, that didn't come to mind when I was posting that but I still made my suggested point.

Okey I'll stop pestering you about this as well, but... Do you know what the Rh factor of your blood exams means? it stands for Rhessus factor as in the rhesus monkey.

Some other time if you like we can talk a lot about evolution but first I advise you to go here:

And here:

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:58:16 pm »

Regarding the article you cited, if it were true somebody would have earned a Nobel Prize for that, read this and do some more research abou it:

As I already said in science you never throw away facts or evidence because they disprove your Hypothesis you change the hypothesis and move on.

A scientific theory is very different from a hypothesis:

In a hypothesis you are guessing and then do some more resarch/experiments tocon firm or deny your hypothesis, then you summit your findings to the community and the community reads, analizes, studies and replicates your work, trying to disprove it, if nobody can then it is accepted as a fact, until somebody can disprove it.

In a theory you are explaining several facts and laws in a cohesive, logical way so each piece of evidence has its place and helps in advancing the study of the others, for example the Theory of gravity, the Atomic theory, etc.

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:36:34 pm »
@edsquare - So I'm not alone in this "acting christian" circus. It's good to know.

@Robert - All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Ruler of worlds! The one nicknamed Jesus Fuck!

No you're not alone even in your county/state/country, search the web for atheist support groups you can find like minded people to talk to befriend and build a support group before comming out (If you decide to do it) since you could really loose friends and family.

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:27:09 pm »
Something I know you're not understanding about my point on dinosaurs. Some evolved. While others didn't based on their ecosystems. We see birds, yes, those are dinosaurs. But it's not like we can say all dinosaurs evolved into birds. The ones who were living amoung humans must have died off or had their evolution delayed due to what was required for them to live on in their ecosystem. To say all dinosaurs became birds over the same time span and rate as time went on is like saying we aren't living among apes because they evolved into us. We still see great apes. There's a reason for that. When a species evolves, it's relative to what it needs to survive better.

Apes are not humans. Birds are not dinosaurs. They are completely different species with entirely different genetic code and genetic compatibilities.while we came from apes, they aren't the same thing. Likewise for birds and dinosaurs. Try raping a gorrilla or mating a bird with pleasiosaur. It won't happen. It doesn't mean all apes are going to become like us. Apes of today may take a completely different route due to their circumstance. They might even die off.

I don't know why all these people can justify ignoring we made a minor mistake in our our observations. We lived with dinosaurs.  It isn't a creationist's scam and it doesn't disprove our views at all.

You're right and also wrong:

Yes not all the Dinosaurs evolved into birds, some went extinct, and of the ones that did evolve not all of them did at the same pace hence the claws of the ostrich and the Kiwi, the penguins flying on water, the eagle hunting from above while the vulture eats carrion, hence all the different genus among birds.

No never did humans live among the huge beast that are the birds ancestors, many millions of years separate their extinction and the evolution of the comon ancestor of all great apes (Gorilla, Chimp, Bonobo, Orangutan, Human).

"Sixty-five million years ago the last of the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct. So too did the giant mosasaurs and plesiosaurs in the seas and the pterosaurs in the skies. Plankton, the base of the ocean food chain, took a hard hit. Many families of brachiopods and sea sponges disappeared. The remaining hard-shelled ammonites vanished. Shark diversity shriveled. Most vegetation withered. In all, more than half of the world's species were obliterated."

"The most recent common ancestor of the Hominidae lived roughly 14 million years ago,[3] when the ancestors of the orangutans speciated from the ancestors of the other three genera.[4] The ancestors of the Hominidae family had already speciated from those of the Hylobatidae family, perhaps 15 million to 20 million years ago.[4]"

So no never did humans encounter, breed pet, mount a Dinosaur (unles you count their avian descendants).

Also the genetic difference betwen a chimp and a human is much less than what you think, we share about 96% of our genetic code with them, that is our genoma and theirs is 96% identical with only a 4% defference between our species.

We do not come from apes, we are apes, the other great apes and the humans share a common ancestor, this is why you'll never see a chimp evolve into a human, they are evolving but will never be humans since it would be a really great coincidence that two different species evolved into the same thing.

Birds are dinosaurs, yet you could not interbreed them with their avian dinosaur ancestor (there were other non-avian dinosaurs and plesiosaurs were not dinosaurs [I think]) the genetic drift among them is to big for them to produce ofspring.

I think the same holds true for the other great apes and us, yet take the Dogs and the wolfs and coyotes, since their common ancestor is not too far in the past, they can still breed among them and produce fertile and viable offspring.

Apes are not humans true, Humans are Apes, since you can't outgrow from your ancestry.

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:05:50 pm »

PS I used to be a christian and therefore I have a lot of close Christian friends in my personal life.It's so fucking annoying but I have to act like I believe around them. I have to force myself to not curse and not be anything like who I really am just so they'll stay my friends. It's annoying as fuck. Everyone who I know who aren't Christians from public school hate me because I've in times past told them they were going to hell as of before my braincells budded. So it's like I admit to being an atheist now and lose all my friends or suck it up indefinitely.

Yea, I know what you are going thru, all of my family (or almost) are devout christians, even my wife, and I'm still in the closet for fear of loosing them, but this is not a way to live, I'm planing in coming out to them some time before Christmas; if they truly love me then it will not matter, and if they can't accept me as I am...

fuck them!

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 11, 2014, 03:52:02 pm »
Those are some great points edsquare but I won't list them for the following reasons.

1) Christians have the mentality that all things are possible with God so just anyone could make the excuse for example the kangaroos didn't make fossils outside of Australia for the same reason it rained frogs in Egypt. The "all things are possible with God" excuse.

2) you didn't list a contradiction between two points within the religion. The contradictions you listed are between the religion and scientific reality. With any deity that's utterly in control of everything. Comparing a religion with real science won't mean anything to a Christian. Christians (like all other religious folk) don't believe in "science". It's a foreign concept to them.


I'm aware of the Giraffe issue and how it has a special vein to prevent it's head from exploading when it bends down for a drink I knew you were talking about that without googling it. The funny thing is when I went to private school they mentioned that specifically as not as a stupid/sloppy design, but as an intelligent design and to make the radical point to somehow disprove evolution. Here you are using the same example to argue the opposite. I personally agree with you but it's crazy what these loonies can come up with. xD

No it's not a vein in the giraffe but a nerve that goes from the brain all the way down the neck to the torso and then up to connect to the laringe.

Also about your evolution and dinosaurs point:

In Science you never dismis some evidence because it would disprove your Hypothesis, you take the facts and then revise and adjust your hypothesis to take in account those facts.

We live with Dinosaurs today my friend, in fact every time you eat a turkey, or chicken, hear a bluejay or watch an Ostrich you're seeing a Dinosaur. But did ever a human being live among the gigantic ancestors of the birds? No, unless you count the Flintstones and/or the folks at the creation museum, in the caves of Laxcaux you see beautyful and very accurate paintings of the animals the people of that time hunted, if they had seen a Tryceratops, or a T-Rex, don't you think they would have painted them? Every single "evidence" of Dinosaurs living among humans has been thorougly debunked.

If you're searching for inconsistencies in the Bible you need only make one stop

The best is why not a single Christian follows all the commandments? there are 613 of them if I recall correctly.

Check this out:

Also do some research about the ten commandments, right now I dont remember where do they appear as we recognize them as cast in stone but when they do they are not the ones you know.

Also how about Thou shalt not kill? and then Moses and his God go around killing and raping all over the place.

Edit: And in regards to the God versus Science controversy, would not an almighty, allknowing deity give more factual/accurate descriptions of it's "creation"? Would an allpowerfull deity give us a brain, curiosity, and reason only to tell us not to use them to understand the "creation" it made for us? Would He/She/It dictate a book? or would He/She/It find a better way to express it's dictates? Why has He/She/It never contradicted the human errors in interpreting the book? Why is there a commandment about mixed fabrics and the color of the satchels but not about not rapping children? (Something not only the catholic church is guilty of)

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