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Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:28:55 pm »
Religion causes wars. Not programming languages, OS's and all that other geeky stuff. While there are many passionate fans of every non-dead OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc) it's nothing to cause any violence over let alone war. That's like comparing a jagged knife with a sponge.

Okey, not literal wars with dead people and all but still wars of a sort.

Off-Topic / Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 17, 2014, 12:46:30 pm »
It's funny how the religious fervor is redirected among the community.

There is an inversely proportional correlation between how much have you studied and the grade of religious belief you have:

The more you stay in school the less prone to religious belief you are, and yet...

I beleive in FPC, him believes in C++, that one believes in C#, that other in java, and so on.

The same goes for libraries, wxwidgets people vs QT people, SDL vs SFML vs Allegro, etc.

Not to speack about Operating Systems, here truly the blood can reach the river, and is a free for all war, with the only exeption when you are confronted with people really outside the family : Windows vs Linux vs OsX, but among the Linux community there is no peace.

It's everybody against everybody else, Distro vs Distro, Desktop vs Desktop, Developing method and software are right there too.

Could it be only that, we, as a species, are prone to violence against those outside our group?

@edsquare that's great news. GMS produced just the executable (for some reason all Linux exes have no file extension?). I don't care about packing it into an rpm / deb etc since apparently as you said that makes things less compatible. Thanks! :D

The only reason to pack it would be to be able to sell it as a closed source game to the linux comunity.

@edsquare that's great news. GMS produced just the executable (for some reason all Linux exes have no file extension?). I don't care about packing it into an rpm / deb etc since apparently as you said that makes things less compatible. Thanks! :D

Exactly, on linux an executable (not an exe) doesn't have a file extension, so if GMS produces that on the "Ubuntu" export it's very likely it would work on other linux distros as well.

In order to test it and without having to install 3 or 4 distros on your pc, you could use the link I provided you about pendrivelinux:

Download the program to allow for a multiboot on a single pendrive with persistence (this lets you install stuff on the distros in the pendrive)

Install it on your windows

Download 3 or 4 distros (one of the programs at least allows you to skip this step and downloads the distros by itself) with different package managers.

Test the pendrive

If everything works ok, then test your game in all distros, you have to reboot the pc in order to change distro.

Other aproach would be to make several virtual machines and then test the game.

Programming Help / Make sprite run through a loop (like sonic)
« on: July 17, 2014, 12:21:35 pm »
Already went to google for some help but I cant seem to find anything (maybe my search is faulty).  :ohdear:

The goal is to make a character/sprite run on a surface that loops without the character falling if it has the right speed, I suposse it would have to be done by a mathematical formula in the script.  :o

Trouble is to find said formula and then to adapt it to the script. I only find references to a logical loop and that is not what I need and besides I already know how they work.  :)

@edsqare thanks for the info, that should help greatly for when I have time for it. I wanted a Wubi equivalent because it's easy and I already know how to do it. But your post seems to cover everything enough to require me minimal research to do it through a disk image. Thank you so much!! :D

Testing on them is a great idea.
Was that sarcasm? How do I pack my app into an installer (*.elf or *.deb I assume) that auto-detects what it needs in order to run it? I've tried googling these kind of things and it's really hard finding relevant information.

I don't think it was sarcasm, it is a great idea, provided the export is not in deb form; even if it is you can use a utility called alien to convert from deb to rpm. If the export is not in deb form, then it most likely is not an installer but an executable, and provided you work in a 32 machine then it has very good chances to work in any linux 32bits and maybe in the ones that are 64 bits.

One of the differences between linux and windows is the executable sufix, while in windows a file with the sufix exe can be an executable or an installer, in linux the installers have their own sufix depending the family tree your distro comes from:

Package formats
Main articles: Linux package formats and file archive

Each package manager relies on the format and metadata of the packages it can manage. That is, package managers need groups of files to be bundled for the specific package manager along with appropriate metadata, such as dependencies. Often, a core set of utilities manages the basic installation from these packages and multiple package managers use these utilities to provide additional functionality.

For example, yum relies on rpm as a backend. Yum extends the functionality of the backend by adding features such as simple configuration for maintaining a network of systems. As another example, the Synaptic Package Manager provides a graphical user interface by using the Advanced Packaging Tool (apt) library, which, in turn, relies on dpkg for core functionality.

Alien is a program that converts between different Linux package formats. It supports conversion between Linux Standard Base (LSB), LSB-compliant .rpm packages,[9] .deb, Stampede (.slp), Solaris (.pkg) and Slackware (.tgz, .txz, .tbz, .tlz)[10] packages.

Wubi is most definitely dual boot. What it does is create a file in your Windows partition to use as its partition. That does have a cost in performance because it has another layer to translate disk operations through, and it is more susceptible to problems on the Windows side, but it definitely boots straight into Linux with no Windows code running (which is pretty much the definition of dual boot).

You may be right, but still, real dualboot, with the distro installed per the instructions I posted is preferible, since allows you to use the computer even if windows catches the worst possible virus.

Also, running Ubuntu-targeted games is definitely possible on non-Ubuntu-derived distros. Just like with Steam games (their Linux versions only officially support Ubuntu), you just need the right dependencies, which are equally accessible in apt-get, yum, or pacman formats. The biggest problem you might run into is if your distro has different versions or alternate libraries as its default, but that can be just as much of a problem within Ubuntu. Testing on them is a great idea.

Running something is quite possible, but installing? unless GMS exports as a linux executable, I mean a plain compiled file, then you can almost for sure use it in almost every distro, if it exports as a .deb (Why say it's Ubuntu export otherwise?), then you'll have to use alien to convert the deb to rpm or extract it and build the package yourself.

I'd like to install a Linux OS that is specifically something other than Ubuntu. I want it to not replace my Windows 7 but rather dual boot with it side-by-side, so I can select which to boot in every time I turn on my PC. I don't want an *.iso disk image file, I want an exe installer similar to Wubi (an Ubuntu installer exe) but to install a non-Ubuntu Linux OS so I can test my "Ubuntu" GMS games and see if they work on non-Ubuntu OS's. YYG said their Ubuntu module (even though it is only targeted to specifically run on and cater to Ubuntu) can also run games on non-Ubuntu Linux OS's and I want to test how well they work and investigate the level of compatibility there is with GMS games on different Linux OS's.

wubi is not dual boot, although it may seem so, it's an exe therefore it installs ubuntu inside windows as another program, this makes ubuntu slower (both oses use ram), more prone to failure and vulnarable to anything that may fuck your windows.

To have a dual boot (like me) you need to:

1.- Defrag your harddrive

2.- Shrink the windows partition from windows itself, always from right to left and never the other way around. once you start the shrinking process there's no turning back, you must wait untill it finishes or risk damaging your windows.

3.- insert a cd/dvd/usb with the distro you want to install

4.- Re-start the pc

5.- Press F12 untill you listen a bip, chirp or some other sound

6.- Choose start from the media where you have the distro

7.- Test if it works ok and then choose install alongside windows

8.- Follow the instructions and answwer the questions the installer presents you.

9.- Once the installation process is done you will be informed that you ca keep trying the OS in live session or reboot

10.- Upon reboot you'll have 10 seconds to choose the OS, the first is the linux in normal mode and the bottom one is your windows.

11 .- Enjoy a trully Operating Operatin System  ;D

Other option would be a liveusb with persistence this can be done from windows, just go here:

Regarding the possibility of running your ubuntu targeted games on other distros it may be possible as long as those distros are ubuntu based or maybe even in Debian (ubuntu's mom), I don't think it would be possible in RPM based distros as Fedora, Red-Hat or in Arch.

Different installer files and all that, Ubuntu uses .deb so distros that use it may be capable of using your games, but if the distrouses rpm or some other pakage then I don't think it possible (unless you use alien and even then it may not work).

EDIT: I prefer LinuxMint, just upgraded to Qiana (LinuxMint17) is ubuntu based but cinnamon is much better than Gnome, much lighter than KDE and much more stable than mate.

Off-Topic / Re: WINE & Crossover
« on: July 15, 2014, 12:33:02 pm »
So wine can let you run old delphi-based GM 8.1 games, correct? Are there any exceptions in what it can and can't do on linux regarding GM 8.1 exes? Also I realize in order to run my games on Linux without any Wine or external installer and actually "convert" the windows exe to a legit standalone Linux app, I need to buy crossover which basically is wine based but fills in the gaps to make it standalone / no need for terminal commands or 3rd party installs, just double click and run it by itself.

Is all of this correct? I want to know a few things before I go through the trouble of porting my projects downgraded from GMS to 8.1 AND purchase crossover. I would post this at the crossover and/or wine forums but this is specifically about porting GM 8.1 games.


No, it's not correct, the main difference between wine and crossover (other than the price) is the number of windows applications it allows you to "install" on linux and that on crossover some actually work better or just do work; while on wine those same apps won't work correctly or at all.

Crossover is based on wine, it's a compatybility layer, it installs certaing things that allow certain apps to work under linux.

None of them: wine, crossover, playonlinux converts anything, if it were possible linux would be the number one system on the world (by user number).

Among the things I'm currently doing is porting some delphi apps to linux, using lazarus and, in some cases, a lot of hard work.

Your best bet would be to install enigma on linux and port from GayMaker to enigma and then build.

Off-Topic / Re: Remake classic games.
« on: July 14, 2014, 05:48:01 pm »

Yea, substantial similarity is indeed a problem, that's why I said make your one assets unique and do not copy 1:1 game play (rules).

Anyway, making a clone is a great way of learning to use enigma, since you don't have to design the game, somebody already did that.

I too am making some clones right now, don't think I'll upload them anywhere and only allow my son to try them (so he can see what gaming was like in the dinosaurs time  ;D

As you say better safe than sorry, and there's always abandonware, games that have no copyright or opensourced games, so you can make a tux clone, a tux cart clone, an opensurge clone, a super smash bros clone and so on. Just go to sourceforge and check out the games they have there, avoiding the clones of commercial games.

Off-Topic / Re: Remake classic games.
« on: July 14, 2014, 03:31:57 pm »
Astrosmash was conceived as Avalanche! after Meteor! did not take up the cartridge's entire ROM space. Meteor!, an Asteroids clone, was cancelled to avoid a lawsuit and Avalanche! was released as Astrosmash. The resultant game borrows elements from Asteroids and Space Invaders. Source:

You can protect assets, and in some extremely rare cases gameplay, if your assets are different, and your gameplay is not an exact 1:1 copy is doubtfull you'll have any problem, since you can't copyright game genres, hence the jump'nrun, shootemup, rpg, etc. genres.

The way I see it astrosmash is a top-down scrolling shooter, just like many others before and after.

If mattel (the owner of intellivision) could they would have copyrighted the genre a long time ago.

So don't copy assets, make them as unique as you can, modify the gameplay so it's not a 1:1 copy of the original and you're set to go.

Also there are about 12 astrosmash remakes right now on the web.

Off-Topic / Re: Remake classic games.
« on: July 13, 2014, 07:50:24 pm »
I thought about it and didn't agree with darkstar2 (not the first time he bro?)  ;)

But since I'm no lawyer I went and did some research:

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 13, 2014, 03:49:07 pm »
You were priest / minister whatever it was your job to peddle, I'm not a minister, just have my beliefs usually I keep them to myself and could bloody care less what people around me think, I respect what they think though, but since the topic was open I added my 2 cents. I'm sharing what I believe but don't tell people don't believe or that they are crazy for not believing nor do I use insults or personal attacks to people not having the same faith, :P but I guess not everyone is like that.

If I offended you please accept my most sicere apologies, that wasn't my intention.

In all fairness, it is true that there are contradictions and crap everywhere but both sides, religion used as a tool to brainwash people and make it an industry......AND the other side trying to discredit religion and faith (but NOT for the right reasons) just as a tool for shite stirring, propaganda and their own agendas, so the 2 sides are guilty......:D

Yet these same people still fail to answer the questions.....many things science cannot explain, people seem to deny it.  Of course this is no "PROOF" of a God per se, but again, there is no EVIDENCE that there is nothing outside our physical realm......  Those who say "Nah there is no God, no nothing" still cannot answer these mysteries, they are not even willing to believe in the notion there is something more out there, outside the physical world. but that's ok.

The problem here is that those who make extraordinary claims have the burden of proof, in other words is the ones saying there is something that exists beyond time and space the ones that need to prove it and not the other way around, since it's almost impossible toproof the negative, you can only disprove the studies, experiments that make a claim.

Some people who flame and send personal attacks you have not lived experienced nor are you experienced in life.....  Let's forget about Religion and God for a moment, put that aside and explain how some people are the nicest people with the best of intentions and get the biggest crap out of life, failing in everything they do, it's as if they have a shite magnet, no matter how positive or what they do........ There are many people like that, hence the theory we are born predisposed for certain things, out of our control, how to explain this ? Who's experiment are we ?

Again, if somehow I offended you I apologise, now why do bad things happen to good people?
I don't know for sure but maybe because shit happens?
Why not to them? If bad things happened only to bad people you'd have grounds to state that there is something taking a desicion, since the law of probabilities says it shouldn't be that way.

Why me? Why not me? I come from a broken home, my father never was around (And he coul habe been if he wanted) He had money yet I went to public schools while the childs of his second marriage went to private schools, he took them to Disney while I was in bed with a severe gastroenteritis (Almost died of that one!), and I wasn't a bad boy, I was more close to what some call a golden boy (except for the atletic part).

This supreme being either doesn't exists, is a complete sadistic or incopetent (so much for the all knowing, all powerful loving god hypothesis).

That said, this is the last I contribute to this topic.  I respect what others say and their beliefs I expect the same but I guess that seems too much to ask......I don't know how old you lot are, but I am one those motherfuckers described herein, that has gone out of my way to think of others and do good and yet I seem to have a shite magnet yeah.......What do I know right ? But that has never deterred me from my faith though because on the counter side, I have things others don't, and I could brag.  So it's all about how people deal with shite and what you make of what you have and not what you don't.

That said I think people misunderstand.  There are many types of people, religious, fanatics, etc. I'm not religious motherfuckers, far from it, not even close to practicing catholic, but I have faith and I work differently than a typical religious person, I don't let dictate my life, and there are lot of rubbish I don't buy into either, you'd be surprised, most people who know me would probably take me for an atheist as I am not quite the example of a typical "religion incrusted catholic".  I believe in a supreme being and I believe we are only part of something bigger.... That's it......
And I do acknowledge the flaws of religion and its atrocities, most fanatics would never admit that, so I think there has been some misunderstanding or people have not fully read and comprehend. :D


Lapsed christian, non practicyng christian but a christian, and therefore religious, being religious has less to do to going to church than it does with personal beliefs, actitudes and convictions.

Peace brother and hope that once again if somehow, inadvertently I managed to offend you, you can forgive me.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: EnigmaFileFunctions repo
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:24:04 am »
Although I almost never boot into windows maybe using some sort of package manager would be beneficial:

Off-Topic / Re: Holes in everything...
« on: July 12, 2014, 04:37:42 pm »
Oh would you look what I started.


Darkstar2 please don't turn into what I've grown out of. :P

Play nice children.

Edit: Thx edsquare that is quite the find. *highfive* :D


Contradictions you are searching?

Well search no more :

And to think that not so long ago you were a full blown creationist... :)

Well I used to be pedling superstition and ignorance to my fellow humans so...

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