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Works in Progress / Re: Norse Adventures planing stage
« on: July 19, 2014, 04:17:28 pm »

Troll walking:

Red Baron Combo:

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 03:45:37 pm »
My posts aren't religious. I was agreeing with you the whole time. Assuming you were only refering to darkstar I don't know why he insisted on saying drug addicts are worse people than child melostors. On a different topic this is the off topic subform so technically everything is allowed to be discussed here.  You can't stop darkstar he has to agree to. Me on the otherhand I'll shut up sorry for adding fluff to the discussion. PS my games are weird but in a creative, funny way, right?

Peace out homies.

It's not that the discussion is strictly out of place since the forum is offtopic but the discussion might drive some people away from enigma, so I wont answer any topic about it anymore, if anybody wants to talk about it with me we can do so by PM anytime.  :)

Yes your games are funny and very creative, not really weird but different from what most people do, but that is also a plus to me.

Peace out hommie :-P

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 03:11:51 pm »
When I made that comment about drugs and alchohol I personally don't find it wrong to do those things but I personally don't do them nor do I recomend them to anyone (unless it's medical marijana as sometimes it could mean saving a person's life). I just like to play it extra safe an not take big risks. You have no way of knowing you'll become a lifeless severely-addicted alchoholic / vegetable until you've already tried it and it's too late, and that to me is enough reason to not experiement with it. I know it isn't garenteed, but it's a real risk. I know people won't agree with me, it doesn't mean their 'sinning' just because they disagree with me.

Exactly, I've never done any drug and yet I really think it should be legal to buy them and do them, we already allow two legal drugs (tobacco and alcohol).

Also drinking, or doing pot and being promiscuous is, in no way, equal to being a rapist pedophile, a murderer, a misoginistic/Misandryc motherfu**er. Sure you may find those in any walk of society but if I happen to be a huge dick I don't get to hide behind the bible and say that it's not misoginy or racism because the bible says so.

Enough about this, I wont be answering any religious post anymore, lets better talk about games, TKG & Darkstar2 would you be willing to help me/teach me how to do some things for my game?

In exchange I could help you with story/art with one of yours (TKG doesn't need help with the history, his games are weird enough without my help  ;) )

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 02:35:51 pm »
I think TKG nailed it sort of, I too have had the same experiences, most atheists I have seen just fuck around, drink, have no morals, disrespect authority, others, etc.  YET again TKG gave good examples of Christians who are fucked up seriously, and the name he gave are PERFECT examples, especially one of them amongst the names he mentioned :P  That's where you draw the line between believer and practicing Christian, I mean there are probably just as many believers who are sinning 24/7.  Though I have seen a trend of more promiscuity amongst atheists and bloody fucking drunks and violent tosspots. 

Sinning... what is sin? what the bible tells us? then everytime I work on sunday, or saturday or thursday I should be stoned to death, and not only I sin but everybody who doesn't stone me to death sins too.  ;D

Believer and practicing christian, you mean like the pedophile priests?

So as far as Christians who rape, cheat, lie, fuck around, etc, are they really Christians or are they dictated to be by their parents ???
You see that's the problem people are raised with religion so you use this as a guide, then you grow up and rebel...... That's the shite that happens when you dictate your life based on forced religion !

YET you might have some non religious people NOT fuck around with dem howes, drink up etc, because they know that's best, NOT because they are of a given religion.

So you have a division.

A group of SO CALLED religious/believing people being dangling pricks.


Non religious/non believing people being equally dangling pricks.

So in short, anybody who is a prick isn't a true believer but a secret atheist? Give me a break! You can't be serious!

And I guess they are really atheists although they are pastors, ministers, priests and/or proud to shout to everybody how much of a believer they are...  :o

YET in my experience I have seen more of a trend amongst non believers but yet I know better not to rely on such small sample and I'm sure it is pretty much divided, as human race flaws does not discriminate, no matter what fucked up the arse religion we are, we all share the same design and attribute flaws.

Now let's push this even further, how many so-called Catholics out there are non sinners, by the book......I think we could count them on our hands ......
NOW take any other religion, Buddhism, Judaism, Islamic, etc.etc... how many people in each group abide 100% by their rules.........Not much, how many people in a given religious practice their religion ? Again I would bet some money, not much.
I'd say now far less than before, times are changing.  People seem more open to believing something is out there than actually following a religion and "rules".

Some of the most promiscuous fuckers and drinkers of society were once Christians !
There again you have the opposite born again Christians.

Like Ted Haggard? Born again twice?

So religion can be a bad and I'd even go as far as saying good for some.......
Especially those people who took wrong path in their lives and caused harm to themselves and others who one day are reborn Christians or whatever shite they decided to believe in......if it sets them on a right path and lead a good life, then so be it, all the better for them.

So religion can be a doubled edged sword.

A PERFECT example of people claiming to be religious but not knowing FUCK ALL about any of it, is this lady colleague whom I used to work for, she bragged that she was raised in Church, hardcore Christian all the way yet she was the most disgusting, rude bloody CUNT of an employee, promiscuous hoe bag, defying authority, disrespecting everyone in the office.........Christian my arse........I almost once called her out and wanted to ask what the bloody fuck kind of fucked up the arse Christian are you BITCH ??? But I didn't........ This goes perfectly with what TKG was saying citing examples......
YET.......there were some atheists who were calm, respectful...... WHY because they were raised to know better......... RAISED by the parents.....not by religion.

So in the end you have 50/50 I think.
No discrimination - You will see this trend across all races, cultures and religions.

Now maybe the fact TKG and I are seeing this trend more prominent with atheists might be a coincidence......
One thing for sure, people make babies now like flat bread !!!  It's so easy and pleasurable to FUCK and out comes the baby from the person you barely knew, that you fucked after a one nite stand or in a crack house...... Out of all the new born in this fucked up planet we live on, what % do you think was planned ? What % of those new born come from parents FIT to raise said child ?  I'd gamble and say the majority of babies put in this world were accidents from one nite fucks, or because the 2 bitches didn't wear the rubber when they were shagging each other after a hot nite out.  Result they put up babies in the world they can't properly raise, and some of those parents can be religious too.......So it's all in how you are raised and your own values..... This is why I am a strong supporter of abortion, under such circumstances.....instead of people making babies they are going to raise like shite.

If religion is suffice to keep some people in check, all the better, UNFORTUNATELY in 2014, religion is used mostly for evil and scam! if people are not aware of this, look at the news !!! 

One thing I disagree - wanking is a sin, pleasure is a sin......... If that was a sin then why did God make it pleasurable to blow your load.  So to me religion has flaws, and since it is man kind's creation, it is just as flawed.

But we all have free will (and free willies :D) ok the non english might not understand this part but never mind!

It's OUR own choice to be dicks or to NOT be, not God.

God is not a dictatorship.

Religion is man made, and therefore rules can be bent (just like the prostitutes these same Christians shag on a daily basis!).

@TKG: You are on the money !

@Ed: Are you MENSA ?  I mean with 180IQ,you are in the extreme rarity nowadays.

@Eds: I understood perfectly what you said to TKG, and it's true, don't let people put you down about yourself, fuck them, in the sense just channel them out.  HOWEVER, keep in mind some individuals have shite magnets and seem to be rejected by a large number of it's kinda hard to channel out

Some people get along with anybody no matter how much of a pendejo they are ! and some people for odd reasons seem to attract only the bad people....I call those shite magnets.  How do I know ? Cuz I'm a shite magnet lol!

La belleza es subjetiva..... Algunas personas atraen la mierda.  :P

You will discover more and more why I think there is  a force controlling our lives, and that we are more than physical bodies.
Some people are nice and innocent and are part of the shite attractors, regardless of where they go, yet you have the most evil people get along with everyone.

Same for the music industry - again citing TKG's names he used as example, these people he mentioned are ZERO talent, arrogant, self centered *****..... in my opinion :D   So it's all about popularity right ?  YET some people with amazing talent are unheard of and just struggle.

So I'm hoping that after all this there is reward in the end...that this whole life was not for nothing ........ :D

So basically you are saying that any self proclaimed believer who happens to be a dick is in reality an atheist and that since they are atheists, and some atheist do have a different standard about moral than you (drinking, drugs, promiscuity) then all or most of atheists are dicks, cunts and m***erf***ers?

This is something that truly bugs me about religious people, they always say but you see he/she is not a true believer, even when that person is following to the letter the same book the one doing the discalification claims to follow.

Now if you are a jain I apologize, I wish every religious person converted to that religion.

Off-Topic / On a distant future
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:33:45 pm »
This will be the first 3D game I make:

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:24:55 pm »
jk = just kidding. You basically told him the same thing in your post so I figured why not? :P

I told who what?

I did not tell anything to anybody, read carefully:
What? I think you're wrong, but then again I could be wrong. Lets supose he doesn't like you, so what? fuck anybody that makes you feel akward, rejected and bad about yourself just because you are as you are, FUCK THEM!

What I said is if someone makes you feel bad about yourself fuck them, but I didn't said fuck you to anybody...  :o

Works in Progress / Re: Norse Adventures planing stage
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:20:11 pm »
I find that to be a really good idea. Maybe add some RPG elements in there like a selection of weapons, magic, or even armor it just depends how far you wanna go with it. I know it's gonna be a good game. You seem to know what you're doing. I don't know much about your game other than mostly the graphics but it's still impressive.

Believe or not I had thought about that, but first I would need to remove the hammer of every single frame so he can fight with his fists alone, then as he gets points or solves a riddle or something he gets the power of Thor  :D and of course with that comes the hammer, and have him fight with :

Ice Giants
The Midgard serpent Jörmungandr
Fire demons
even Hella

Works in Progress / Re: Norse Adventures planing stage
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:13:25 pm »
Just made this on the Gimp since it has no left facing images.

Idle Left:

Works in Progress / Re: Norse Adventures planing stage
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:05:01 pm »
Not if he doesn't settle for pixel shit and goes full HD. Edsquare you are a real artist I'm so happy I've found another one on these forums. You did that by hard and the lines are clean, perfect, no smudges or eraser makers, no holes in the paper. When I go fractional I bare down hard out of stubborn habbit and I mess up 100x through and my drawing usually looks good at the end but the paper is so messy and whatnot by that time. You have serious skill. I'd say you are much better an artist than I am. Like times 10. It's so neat. I'm stunned by the perfection. Look the comic book style "line shading".

First of all thanks for the praise, it's what we artists live for.  :)

It's so clean because I did it over and over again and some times I even cheated a bit and just copied something that I had gotten right in a previous iteration, no smudges or eraser marks because I used good paper, good pencils, good erasers and finally inked it and then used the eraser again. So no serious skill there (although at one point I did work about three months drawing comics here in México).

Edsquare please make this as HD as your willing to take it so the gamers will have something beautiful to look at like the picture you've already posted. It's already obvious you have what it takes no doubt. Push your limits. This one will be worth a greenlight. No joke. I understand that traditional paper/pencil drawing you posted won't be a normal gameplay sprite, perhaps a splash or title screen instead but even then with smaller graphics fore actual sprites it will still look petty damn good if you don't make them too small. I'm thinking on a range of 128x128 to 512x512 somewhere in there.

I was thinking about 128X128 and not bigger because I want it crisp but I also want you to be able to play it in relatively old hardware.

The picture I posted is at the original size, so I think that size is good enough.

I'm thinking in making it a platformer jump'n run/beat'em up mixture, what do you think?

Works in Progress / Re: Norse Adventures planing stage
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:56:01 pm »
I find the ability to draw assets for video games by hand breaks down at about the point you need small, animated sprites. :P

Lets see:

You scan the drawing

Load it to Inkscape

Turn it to a SVG and then scale it to the size you need

Save it

Load it in Gimp and save it as PNG

And that's all folks!  :D

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:51:24 pm »
That's right ExDeus you harri penis FUCK YOU! jk jk

Was that necessary? Or was it a joke?

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:28:54 pm »
Edsquare you misunderstand me. It's a matter of coincidence because it's completely based on my experience. If I moved to another state or country I won't deny every environment is different. I was just complaining on how it just so happens to be where I live. Also now that I think of it you're right, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, etc are all Christians but they are extremely fucked up in the head. I need to be not so quick to make invalid assumptions.

And don't generalize the other way around, not all christians are lying hypocrits, most are true believers who happen to believe despite the evidence, but that doesn't make them bad people, it only makes them missguided and deluded.

Have you seen me talk about the historical monsters that happen to be christians? No, because although they were both christians and complete amoral psychotic/sociopathic monsters, it doesn't make everyone that shares that belief a monster, it only proves that you can use religion to make good people do bad things.

Don't jump to the conclusion/assumption, first investigate and find out if your data is correct, find out from several sources, preferably neutral ones, then you can make an educated guess; and always make sure to frase carefully so as not to be missunderstood.  ;)

Also it's hard finding other Atheists because I'm afraid of people in general. I've been rejected by like everyone in every school I've gone to. Public/private doesn't matter I've been to plenty of both and everyone hates me. Edsquare you seem to be a real friend I really appreciate talking with you it encourages me to connect in more social events. I've been talking about these things in counceling and the doctor pretty much suggests the same thing you did, Eds, he mentioned this website called "meet up" ( ) where you can meet people in your area you know you'll like and make plans to hang out. I like this one a lot I'm gonna have to check it out:

Let me guess they mock you, reject you, call you names, and in general they are just gigantic dicks, Am I right?

Been there done that, search for a support group outside school if need be, but I suspect not everybody in school is the same, I think you could make friends among the other castouts; why would you want to hang out with pricks, cunts and dicks? Better to hang out with nonjudgmental people than with the popular kids just because they are popular.  ;)

I have a strange feeling Harri doesn't like me. I don't know why. <awkward silence>

What? I think you're wrong, but then again I could be wrong. Lets supose he doesn't like you, so what? fuck anybody that makes you feel akward, rejected and bad about yourself just because you are as you are, FUCK THEM!  :D

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:46:10 am »
ExDeus I found the opposite correlation. Every Christian family I know has tons of money they travel the world on vacation in famous places all the time. That money doesn't just fall out of their armpits it's rooted by their jobs, hard work, and education. Public schools are filled with swarms of atheists that don't want anything but to get drunk and smoke pot and all that shit rather than get a serious education. Passing just barely. The grading system in american public schools are fucked. Dumb as hell. Where as I've been kicked out of numerous private schools because it was too much work and quite frankly a group of people who were generally a lot smarter than me. Didn't have that problem at all in public school.

Sources for your study? Or what you say is from personal experience only? Yes Ted Haggard made a ton of money, very smart, and also worked hard pulling wool over the gullible's eyes, so what? Yes some atheists do smoke pot and drink as if there were no tomorrow, but in order to take something out of the anecdotic and turn it into a statistic you need to walk the walk, in other words you need time, money and hard work collecting data all over the place, without prejudice and then see what the data tells you.

The only thing I care about and agree with in religion is not being selfish, push your limits, and actually accomplish something to be proud of before you push up daisies. Most people with no standards or book so to speak to go by don't have much room for living a productive life. All you'd ever care about with that mindset is beer, drugs and 40 women fucking you all at once. It's like nothing else matters. The only atheists that I'm aware that care about science like at all are those people on TV, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc but other than myself I've never met an atheist like that in person. I personally find it humiliating to the community. Celebrities make money not on education, but "acting school" which isn't the same thing. That would explain their stupid choice in investments. (drugs, etc). It makes me want to throw up. I'm desperate to meet more atheists that are like-minded with me in these regards. You know, like actually caring to do something beneficial for the human race at any level possible.

Well I haven't met personally (that I know) another atheist (I assume you don't count me or TheExDeus since we have never meet eye to eye so to speak) but them are fighthing words man.

First of all, if you admit that you don't know enough atheists as to make a significant sample, even if you do know how to make the statistics, you can't claim that most are cheating, stealing, rapist, pedophile, drug addicts, drunkards in all honestity, can you?

Seccond, most celebrities are religious, and some even buy their koolaid from the Scientologysts  :o

Third, would you like to know some atheists? it's easy search and go to a metting, most groups in the USA hold weekly mettings, get to know some before speaking about them.

Fourth, what you say postulates that we do need the book for our morals, if you read it you'll see it's chock full of inmorality, not only by the villians or the heroes, but by god hisself. What with all the raping, incest, mass murder, slavery, gay bashing shit it's in there, you still believe you need a book that says you should be stoned to death for not believing in Jesus? And guess what? Is Jesus hisself who supossedly says that!

Does anyone here know Second Reality from the GMC? He's the kind of friend I could be super close with if only we lived anywhere near each other. He's an atheist but he actually cares to do things that can benefit other people. He's so awesome. I need a friend like that I know in person. It really sucks. Like really bad. I want to let go my christian friends sooner or later. But all that's left are the atheists in my neighborhood who hate my guts for damning them to hell. Almost forgot, Robert is another great example of an unselfish friend. You're awesome Robby!! :D

I'm just gonna stop complaining about my lack of friends right now.

No I don't know him, I can only hope he doesn't also believe that atheist=amoral, bastard...  :o

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 19, 2014, 12:02:34 am »

Not everyone is "jumping", only a certain group of people who are preaching alien beings and other stuff :P  However since ends up saying they don't know but that does not mean they can't entertain the possibility....  There is no proof of a God or aliens, but there is also no proof of the non existence and since humans are hard wired to only believe in what they see, I guess one can take the easy way and assume nothing exists, even if science cannot explain it. 

Actually, most of the scientific community would argue that the easy path, the one we always took before science, is to asume god did it. If you read about the god thing in our brains you'll see we are evolved and hardwired to assign agency (will, intent, etc.) to what we don't understand, when our ancestors evolved in the african planes it was safer to asume that if the leaves moved a predator was behind and jump to a tree or hide as you could than to do nothing, many times you'd jump and it would be nothing, but it takes only one time you don't jump and there is a predator for you to be eaten. So the evolutionary pressure was to assume intent and to act in consecuence, therefore we asigned intent and consciousnes to the sun, the storm, the thunder, the volcano and so on. Even now we asign intent to what we don't understand, that's why the majority of the people are still religious, or believe in ghosts, aliens and whatnot.  :)

Do you know eds that the US spends billions of $ yearly in search for other life and other planets, whilst people are fucking dying and starving to death ?  Guess if that is not proof enough science is interested in finding out and entertaining the POSSIBILITY, then what more proof do you need...... I'm sure science knows MORE than it lets out, but keeps it classified for political and financial reasons and population control.  I do firmly believe we have cures for many diseases that currently cannot be cured, but some cures are being blocked. 

NASA is investigating the possibility of life on other planets (or whoever runs SETI) yes, but they do not claim to have found it yet, nor do they say to have encounters with aliens be they green, gray or humanoid. The laboratories have cures they do not reveal? Possible and even probable, but do not confuse GlaxoSmithKline with the scientific community, they do research it's true but they are above all a bussines that has to answer to the board and pay dividends, and the people doing the research sign confidentiality clauses on their contracts. So corporations may hide something that may benefit some of the population but the scientific community does not. How do I know? Peer review, it's what keeps the scientists honest and it's what keeps the personal beliefs of one or the other out of the picture, add the fact that when you see other scientist's work you are not trying to prove him right, you are trying to prove him wrong; if it turns he is wrong science gains knowledge, they know how something doesn't work, and if he is right then they know how something most likely works, most likely because in the future we could find new facts, evidence that could prove him totally or partially wrong.  :)

There has never been a demonstrated case of someone having no brain activity (Brain death) and comming back to life,

Very wrong on that one, it is documented.

Clinically dead is no heart beat and no brain activity.  Not ALL cases report NDEs, but out of all the reported NDEs cases they all share the same thing in common.  Maybe medicine can explain the tunnel visions and lights, but they have yet to explain how people manage to see and hear above their body what is going on in the ER and other rooms.  That cannot be explained by chemical reactions or brain cells dying off / firing off at the time of death.

Actually it's not, clinical death is when the heart stops and there is no beat and no respiration, brain death if it's not present at the same time (For instance most shots to the head are fatal, sometimes a swelling can cause brain death which in turns causes the heart to stop beating) ocurrs about 3 minutes after the heart stops beating. Sources:

EXACTLY, good you have been doing your homework :D  They have recreated only PART of what people report from an NDE, but they have yet to recreate or explain how people managed to SEE and recall what was going on above their bodies, and the conversations / seeing across rooms.

As far as the recreation in a lab, this I believe is what's behind the theory that we have a "God" part of our brain responsible for our beliefs and the euphoria we feel/see at the moment of death as a coping mechanism to death.  But NDE is more than just tunnels and seeing lights, and those events can be recreated providing brain activity is present.  otherwise people are experiencing these at the flatline/brain dead stage as in absence of electrical activity and a hear beat you are clinically dead.

See the prior answer.

Right, so what created those alleged chemical forming polymers ? :P  What created the creator ?  These are questions that we will never be able to answer.
But it's far easier for the human brain to process that NOTHING exists, we are the only one and everything outside us is void.....than process a bunch of theories.  The brain will always choose the easy path :P

What created those chemicals? The Sun, well the sun and other stars create those chemicals by fussion, what we don't know is how the organic compounds (organic means carbon based only) got together and formed autoreplicating polymers, the precursors of ARN which in turn is the precursor of ADN, but once you have those (And we do know somehow, somewhere they formed) evolution takes place and results in ever more addapted polymers until you have the first cell, and from there possibly more complex life forms. You must remember evolutions is blind, it doesn't have a goal it just is.

EDIT 4: The organic compunds form spontaneously if the right chemicals are present, since we know somewhere, somehow they formed we have to infer the right chemicals and the right conditions.

As to what created the creator, well you see... that presuposes the existence of a creator, and since there is no evidence of one...  :)

Well we can both agree that humans didn't create the black matter, stars, other planets, meteors and all that is happening in outerspace......So who the bloody hell did then ?  We can sit all nite and say that this does not mean a God exists, but then WHO/WHAT created this ?  It's hard for a human brain to grasp that something has always existed and never been "created".
So who created the sun ? who created the moon ?  BIG BANG ? So who created the big bang, and who created the thing that created the thing that lead to the alleged big bang ?
Who created the emptiness before all things started ?


Who created the universe or who created the bigbang presupones a creator and therefore is a loaded question.

The emptiness? What emptiness? Science doesn't say that there was a moment when there was nothing, the BigBang postulates a singularity but now scientists don't think so, they say it would be impossible, but since we don't have the equipment to see beyond the first seconds after the BigBang the question of what happened, how and if there was something, and what it was, must remain (for now) unaswered.

Really because unless proven otherwise we still don't have answers to most of the important things.  I mean all we hear from NASA is discovering new planets, new galaxies with gay names, and earth like planets....and they starting to claim we might not be alone....Gee thanks NASA, we pay you billions of $ to tell us something we already bloody knew :D  So if we are the only living beings in the entire space carrying universes and galaxies, what the hell is the purpose of other planets then ? Just for show ? So it was just a COINCIDENCE that 2 rocks collided and boom, a universe, galaxies, planets, life ???? :P
Science knows fuck all about this shite, it's all based on assumptions/speculations and seeking of proof, which they will never get or if they do they will keep it classified and lie to the I think they are right now. :D

You see in science you don't go and say: An invisible Pink Unicorn created the Dark Matter, now disprove it. You take the evidence, the known facts about something and then postulate a hypothesis trying to explain some phenomenon, your hypothesis not only has to explain it, it has to make scientific predictions about it under different circumstances, and then you go and see if your predictions are true, if they are not you don't throw your arms up and say The Pink Unicorn did it, you go back to the drawing board and modify your hypothesis to adjust it to the new evidence or even postulate a completely new hypothesis. If the phenomenon is relatively small and if/when your hypothesis has been under peer review and hasn't been disproved then you get a law, when you try to explain several laws of a same field your hypothesis, if confirmed becomes a Theory.

Scientists do not hide the facts, nor do they hold to some hypothesis because they like it, peer review prevents it, you are saying that everybody in the scientific community is BFF with everybody and are willing to lie and lose the possible Nobel Prize $$$ they would win if they could prove God is real, or evolution is false, or Leprechauns do exist.

The person that first encounters an alien, or confirms the existence of inteligent life on other planets will become famous and rich, scientists have big egos, and big egos like to be told how great they are, so, even if you forget the money, that hypothesis is highly unlikely. Remeber that they are in a fierce competition with everybody in their field to be the first, the best; and every year new scientists join the community, what they are in the conspiracy too?  :)

That is in sync with what I was saying....But the "believers" are not part of this mess.  It's the way religion has been commercialised..... but I again, religion != God...  Religion is a creation of man kind and inherits its flaws with it.

I agree with you almost a 100%, sorry but Religion does equal God, no god no religion, no religion no god (In broad terms of course)

lol did not mention about Aliens....... But entertain the possibility we are more than just physical bodies and electrical impulses.
otherwise science cannot explain those child prodigies and people who seem to "know" without having learned.  What about people knowing stuff from regressive hypnosis they never could have possibly known.

I do believe there is more to it than physical bodies.  We are physical but we are also energy.  now don't attribute everything I say to God or Aliens :D 

There has been studies made where plants, flowers, etc, growing around an environment where love is present, to grow faster and healthier, whereas negative would have the opposite effect on plants.....etc.  In fact science is studying many different aspects but has yet to explain how certain mechanisms work.  Science claims we only use a % of our brain.  What about people who have amazing abilities, they might be using the rest or only a few % more, but what about the 70-80% not accounted for........This shows you that science has a long ways to go to fully explain the human body.

Yes living beings have feelings and these feelings do affect their health, Prodigys and savants? Don't know how they get the way they are, notice I'm not saying God didn't made them, I'm saying I don't know, if scientists do know I'm unaware of it, if they don't they will tell you the same thing, I don't know. And that's a good thing, if they said I don't know must've been god science would stop working, and if science stops working then you can say good bye to any technical or scientific progress, so the next new virus could verywell wipeout the human race.

People recovering from terminal illness, yes I know it does happen, you sure you want to make the case for god based in that?

No, I did not say that, but that we might not be alone and that there is something beyond our physical world and level of comprehension.   Might have nothing to do with a God or aliens......I did not imply that.
I do still believe in a God/Supreme creator but ALSO believe there is more to our physical bodies.  LIFE itself HAS to have some meaning, otherwise why the hell do we exist in the first place........ALL this for nothing ?

My life has meaning, maybe more now than when I believed in the afterlife, you see, I believe my time is finite, so I try not to waste a single nanosecond of it.

God could very well exist, I dont think so but he could, and that fact would not give my life more or less meaning, before being able to love someone you must love yourself, before being able to be happy with someone else you must be happy, so my advice is search your meaning inside yourself and not outside (Don't throw away your faith if you don't want to), that kind of pourpose and meaning is something nobody can take away from you.

Why doesn't he heal then all the babies and children? I'm sure their parents can be teached whatever important lesson in other less painful ways.

Good question.  Why can't we all love each other, why can't we NEVER have diseases, why can't we all sing and dance and party and never fight and all be happy on earth........  :P  Perhaps it would negate the purpose of life.  No answer to your question, why this and why that.......Why can't God stop the tornados and hurricanes, why can't God catch you if you decide to jump from the ledge :D Fuck if I knew, I dunno, and nobody will ever know.  if there was a God or supreme being, it would not run on dictatorship but allow free will and not intervene.  Should the definition of GOD = constant interventions ???  :P
That is RELIGION territory and that is where man kind carved religion and all the rubbish surrounding it, what you refer to a SCAM, which it is. :D

When I prayed for faith with tears in my eyes, would he rob me of my free will by answering? Was not I asking him? Was not I choosing, to hear him? If he saved the babies and children whose free will would he infringe upon? Do the babies and children choose to die? From horrible, long and painful diseases? If it were in your power would you allow a single babie or children to suffer? To be raped?, To be turned in a sobing mass of pain?

And if you did prevent all that suffering would you be more moral or less moral than me that having the same capability choose not to?

FUNNY, now you are quoting scientific hypothesis (the multiverse, the permanent universe, panspermia, among others)

I was just messing with you I'd figure you'd enjoy that part..... I'm just as human as you are mate :D

As far as parallel universe, shadow universe, multi dimensions, etc to be honest I am on the fence about that .......I'd LOVE to entertain the possibility of me existing in parallel in different planes, experiencing a different outcome.......Note the word "entertain"..... So I might be eating a pizza on this earth and on some other dimension where I also exist, be eating a big hamburger.  :D Please note this has nothing to do with God or aliens now.  As far as aliens, again, on the fence on that one.
Where my beliefs are strong is that we are more than physical bodies and that all this space containing life form and energy has a creator. :P  Maybe Elvis did it !  ;D

Well there have been people claiming that Elvis is alive since forever!  ;)

Warp holes, if I understood that book about quantum physics correctly, are indeed possible, not sure how likely but possible yes.

Sorry I meant black holes.  Everything around it is sucked in, but where does it go to, does it just disintegrate ? 

I thought you meant Worm Holes (Supossed to conect two distant points by warping space/time)

Black Holes mmm?  Did you know they dissintegrate? It's called evaporation, don't know why, maybe they are the ones making the dark matter and dark energy? maybe they in some point explode into another universe? (That is one on many scientific hypothesis right now)

Time travel is possible, yes science tells us that, it's only impraticable by us in the current state of our knowledge,

One thing that is puzzling to me, what we call "TIME" again is something man made, as there is no "TIME" as we know it so could this explain that past-present-future exists simultaneously hence, explain why we can "travel" this "timeline" otherwise if time did exist, wouldn't that negate time travel as events have to come to pass in order to go back in time..... But that is good for another topic though..... These are the type of topics I really like to discuss. :D

I think that in that both are wee beyond our grasp don't you?

We are not alone... If you mean aliens do exist, yes is so probable that it's almost a certanty, do they visit earth? I don't think so:

They do, they are evil and they are what we call "politicians" lol!

So I see you studied quantum physics and astronomy that's good that you did your homework.   :P

Damn! I knew it! and they do have their base in Rosswel!    ;D

EDIT: I didn't study quantum physics, I read a book for the uneducated masses about it  :D

EDIT 2: Had to erase my comments quoted by you so as to be able to correct some mistakes (2000 character limit)

EDIT3: To process nothing is easier? Then how do you explain that only two or three cultures managed to come up with the concept of zero in math?

Works in Progress / Re: Norse Adventures planing stage
« on: July 18, 2014, 07:55:47 pm »
Does he have animation? Because animating that seems like could take quite a skill. But I like it.

It does, I only need the being hit and dying animations, will need to see how easy to use is Synfig Studio, and if I can't do it like that I can always draw it by hand.

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