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Off-Topic / Re: MacOS Counter-intuitive?
« on: July 31, 2014, 10:18:00 pm »
square I thought Linux was your personal fuck-buddy! :D

Linus Torvalds you mean? Hell no! If I liked guys he most surely would not be mi type!  ;D

Programming Help / Re: Creating a HtmlView control on Linux
« on: July 31, 2014, 10:12:49 pm »
Is it currently possible for me to do this in EDL and/or enigma's C++?


Okay nevermind, edsquare you have exactly what I need - thanks for the link!!! :D

What do you want to do?

If it's on wxwidgets, gtk and qt then it's accesible for C++; not sure about EDL though.

Proposals / Re: Close file without closing LGM/ENIGMA
« on: July 31, 2014, 10:04:27 pm »
Why not just hit the new file button...?

It closes the current project?

Programming Help / Re: Creating a HtmlView control on Linux
« on: July 31, 2014, 09:49:33 pm »
*Windows has by default an IE based ActiveX control for embeding HTML in dialogs.
*Macintosh has by default a Safari based control for embeding HTML in dialogs.
*WTF is the Linux equivalent? Me needs it.

Blitzmax doesn't have a WebView control on Linux, it's more of a raw text viewer than anything. They said this is because Linux has no equivalent. If Linux does have one I assume it's Firefox based but I've googled everywhere and can't find shit. If ENIGMA supported a Linux WebView control, I would trash Blitzmax (other than for Mac use) and use ENIGMA right way.

You can use webkit (from safari I think) in linux, not sure if that's what you need since I have no idea what you want to do.

Try this:
It's one sprite, added to one object (without any code) and then added to the room. When I launch it I see ENIGMA logo in the middle. It doesn't render anything to you? Graphics system is set to GL3.3 in that example. Try GL1.1 if it doesn't render.
And did you actually download newer LGM+plugin as well? Because you cannot get it by "git pull".

I'm using the installer script to update, it in turn uses so yes I'm updated on all fronts.

Downloaded your file, opened it and tried to execute it but it crashed even lgm/enigma, here's the log.

EDIT : Just to be on the safe side I manually downloaded lgm and replaced the one I already had, load your test and when I try to execute it it crashes lgm/enigma

Okey, just pulled from git, trouble persists, opened mario isometric and cheked mario's object it has a create event and then executes a piece of code, none of my projects has that, but TED reported he could run them and see the sprites, what are the exact steps to place an object on the room and see it?

EDIT : Added to the latest test a create event and on this a create an instance, saved and executed, it closes by itself and the output says : game returned zero.  ???

Something even weirder just happened, tried to open a project while having one already open and I ended up with both projects open at the same time, one below the other in the project inspector.  :o ??? :o ??? :o

Proposals / Close file without closing LGM/ENIGMA
« on: July 31, 2014, 03:42:48 pm »
Since I don't know how to do it that is the gist of my propossal: The option to close the game we are working in without closing the ide nor the plugin. All the IDEs (regular development ones) I know have this option, it even asks you if you want to save the changes, then closes the project but not the ide.

It seems sprites are not written to the game:
Adding Sprites to Game Module:
Done writing sprites.
Finalized sprites.
I think it might be a format issue. As I said, save and use only EGM. Try creating a new project, add a sprite, then assign sprite to object and put object in room. Launch the game, see the sprite.

Nop, new game, only one sprite, one object, one room, no background, saved as egm and still no object on the room.  :(

EDIT 1 : Saved as gmx, gmk, it makes no difference, but I can still open the chopper and isometric  mario examples and they compile and run without a hitch.  :o So it's not the graphics system, most likely it's not saving something.  :(

EDIT 2 : Saved mario isometric as egm, it runs! Closed enigma and restarted it, open mario isometric's egm and it runs!  ???

Off-Topic / Re: MacOS Counter-intuitive?
« on: July 31, 2014, 02:52:42 pm »
Steve is already there, since I mean he's dead so.. I've heared rumors of Bill's death, but I think it's just an internet prank.


Edsquare I completely agree with your above post. Most people do it out of the ignorance, "sexy" and "slick" look, and of course "bragging rights" associated with being well off and able to afford the expensive brandname. As for the virus argument, if everything you want to download is on the Ubuntu Software Center, screw crapple, no virus issue just that easy (Linux has much less virus issues than Mac).

Actually, is not that linux/bsd/hurd are really inmune to viruses (although in linux given the design and a correct use of it (never navigate with the administrator but with a user) you can kiis them good bye, it's more the built in security and the lack of interest on the people that make the viruses.

2.- You work as a graphic designer/digital artist/designing publications or something along those lines, the software you use works on MAC or on Windoze and you don't want to risk viruses and all the other fauna of windoze.

Actually this was quite true ages ago, and not only that, for film editors.   There was a time where you could never dare think of using NLE (non linear editing) software on a PC back in the days......MAC was industry standard for film makers. 

But things have changed quite a lot and software has gone long ways now.  I've personally been in that industry and done some very labour intensive work (audio/visual / non linear editing, rendering, etc....) on a PC and never had stability issues.  It all comes down to choosing the right PC components......quality power supply, quality RAM, quality motherboard & chipset, quality motherboard components, etc.etc.... Most people I know in the field used MACs, but a lot now use PCs, including myself.  But still know some people using MACs.

The fact of the matter is that the most of the same software that runs on MAC now exists for windoze, although linux has free alternatives they are not the swiss army knife you may be used to, sometimes having to resort to 2, 3, or more applications to do the same stuff you did on your mac software, this coupled with the time you nedd to learn 3 different tools instead of keep using the same one on windoze gives the latter the edge against linux.

My humble opinion is that only number 2 is a real reason, but I could be wrong, and there could be other reasons why someone would buy a MAC.

Some people really amaze me when they use the virus/malware as an argument not knowing that it was a myth that MACs are immune from those, there is documented proof otherwise.....if MAC took a large part of the market things would be different.
There were valid reasons I agree, SHITTY OS, SHITTY stability for the part.  Luckily I had the means to buy decent hardware when I began doing audio, video, graphic, edit work.....but had I rewound many many years earlier I would have definitely done that on a MAC.

It's not a mith, for every real mac virus you find there are tousands for windoze, most of which you can avoid with a good antivirus and good IT practices but... most people can't be bottered to learn, my nephew and niece keep my sister's pc flooded with malware, why? Because they just go and download from softonic, softpedia and the like, they navigate and open anything so I have to go to my sister's house every 2-3 months and eliminate about 300 infections, fuck! one time there were over a TOUSAND!

So yes, MAC does help people stay safe from malware, but the cost is prohibitive for most, and even university professors say "why do you have linux on your laptop? Don't you know it's a piece of shit?" True story one of my nephew's professors told him so.  :o

"Crapple!" LOL! I'm stealing it!

Off-Topic / Re: MacOS Counter-intuitive?
« on: July 31, 2014, 01:18:17 pm »
Rusky is so excited he just can't hide it. It's okay Rusky, we know you're an Apple fan deep down, we still love you. :D

LOL!  ;D

, but Macs are just high-end machines with fancy designs- get a $2999 PC and it won't be 33% faster than a $1500 PC either.
It might, because you could easily buy more ram, sli a GPU or two. Can you have 2 Titans in SLI in Mac? Can you even have Nvidia cards in a Mac? Apple themselves don't provide that. So things like CUDA for scientific stuff is off the table. That is why Mac's are not used for science, even though Apple tries to prove otherwise in their public material.

In my humble opinion there are 3 main reasons why somebody would buy a MAC:

1.- Some one convinced you it's the ultimate machine, with the ultimate OS and none of the weaknes of Windoze (This presuposes you know didly squat about linux).

2.- You work as a graphic designer/digital artist/designing publications or something along those lines, the software you use works on MAC or on Windoze and you don't want to risk viruses and all the other fauna of windoze.

3.- To show off that you have a great looking (no denying that) machine, that you can afford it, that you're cool, etc.

My humble opinion is that only number 2 is a real reason, but I could be wrong, and there could be other reasons why someone would buy a MAC.

Okey will compile in debug mode and launch dbg  (Y) (why is this neccesary? the debugger should a part of the ide)  :-\
You don't have to use gdb. The reason you have to launch it from a terminal is because in debug mode the messages are printed in the terminal. As LGM hides the terminal window, then you cannot see it there. We will look into printing messages in a custom debug window.

Not sure if this is what you need but I couldn't find a way to execute the .temp file enigma creates when it compiles in debug mode, so I launched enigma  on a terminal, then presed the debug button and this is the output I got from the game's execution, same game, saved as egm.  ???

By the way enigma does print the output to an independent window, only it closes as soon as you stop the game's execution, it would be better if this window wasn't lost or if enigma generated some permanent file every time you debug.  :)

Since the file is very long I saved it as txt and attached it.  :D

I forgot, I updated (pulled) today rigth before doing all this, about 5 minutes ago.  ;)

EDIT: Funny the chopper game from the examples does compile and run without a hitch.

When is the last time you pulled?

Yesterday morning, before seing TED's post.

Off-Topic / Re: MacOS Counter-intuitive?
« on: July 31, 2014, 02:00:21 am »
lol - then you must not be a fan of WinBlowJobs 8....when they shafted desktop users by forcing a gay mobile interface down their bloody throats ..... I call it the N.O.M.M.F.D syndrome (Not On My MFing Desktop). Hopefully with Windows 9 coming out in 2015 they will have learned not to merge mobile fagness into desktop.  Long live windows 7.

Wouldn't know, the last windows I have used is windows7, a vast improvement over the steaming pile of shit Vista was, and yet made me miss XP. Every time they "innovate", they make me glad I switched to Gnu-Linux some years ago, not only I'm virus free, but also adware, spyware, trojans, worms and whatnot. And in top of that I get tons of professional grade software for free! Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, LibreOffice, and lots and lots more I don't use (actually blender haven't been able to really use it for lack of ram  :( )

About rapping your user base's throats with a mobile interface on a desktop, M$ didn't innovate, they only did what Ubuntu did first with their fucktarded Unity. Boy was that an ugly, useless, convoluted, overcomplicated desktop experience, it was this shit along with a series of mysterious crashes ( a la BSOD) that made me start testing distros again after more than 5 years of sticking with ubuntu. If not for the stupid policy Debian has of not making the users life easier (when ubuntu and others have demonstrated it is possible), and their constant two to 5 years outdated repositories (for the stable release) it would be the ultimate distro (in my opinion); so I settled on LinuxMint; a descendant of ubuntu, that, inspite of it's genetics, works better than it's mother and has cinnamon and mate as default installs, tried both and ended preferring cinnamon, that's a Unity without the retarded bits.  :D

Off-Topic / Re: MacOS Counter-intuitive?
« on: July 30, 2014, 11:53:37 pm »
I really loved the features available in a default GNOME 2 install

Me too, a shame they fucked up gnome3 so badly, unity stinks, I hate KDE, mate isn't ready yet, cinnamon is the only real alternative to gnome2, I also love some bits and stuff of xcfe and lxde but... neither ever felt as intuitive as gnome2 did, lets see if when they finish porting lxde to qt it's still usable. About Mac's and windows desktop experience, funny how they have been around since forever, both come from multibillion companies and yet they can't compete in usability with the opensource community.

Unity sucks big time! Did I mention that? What kind of fucktard makes a desktop look and behave like a phone? In a Phone or tablet you have very little desktop real-state so you need something like unity, but in my desktop I don't want your fucking retarded "hot corners" nor your stupid menu whatchamacallit where you can't find anything easily, and to top it all you insult me by putting a "fallback" mode that supossedly works like Gnome2? FUCK YOU!

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