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Author Topic: got my fork of enigma working on Mac (sort of)  (Read 4815 times)
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Posted on: March 18, 2022, 12:12:40 pm

Mostly everything works, except for some odd reason the string/toString macro under Universal_System/var4.h isn't being defined. Also all functions that return a string aren't being recognized by the compiler.

The good news is, some complete games still do compile. Such as my Key to Success game and hpg678's Open Balloon Pop game.

Screenshots attached. You can also test my fork (requires macports installed before running the install script).

Home-brew doesn't have a way to install universal deps. So anyway that's why I am using Macports. Although, supporting universal binaries is a work in progress.

Macports is missing the alure dependency, so I have temporarily, (and very reluctantly) have the user install hombrew as well until macports adds a proper alure package, so I can finally support universal binaries and add the +universal flag to dependency installer and build script.

More info here:

Even though none of our ENIGMA sources are including the C++17 <variant> header, it appears good old apple doesn't like us using the reserved keyword "variant" regardless, which means you will need to find and replace all occurrences of "variant" in enigma and the compiler's sources with something else to call that type, I went with "evariant" in my fork to prevent the name clash, short for "enigma variant".

you can apply this patch simply by doing the following on your enigma-dev folder:

Code: [Select]
LC_CTYPE=C grep -rl variant "/path/to/enigma-dev/" | xargs sed -i 's/variant/evariant/g'
Code: [Select]
LC_CTYPE=C grep -rl multifunction_evariant "/path/to/enigma-dev/" | xargs sed -i 's/multifunction_evariant/multifunction_variant/g'
I am happy to help you guys get macOS working again if you ever unban me from discord and/or github long enough for me to work on that briefly with/for you.

you may download my key to success Mac app here btw:

so yeah
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