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Posted on: May 17, 2008, 03:28:21 pm

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I'm doing more things to the third alpha to make it more like Mark Overmars' program Game Maker.
Syntax check
This new release will indeed have a syntax check--which I am currently working on--for its off-brand language.
Behind-the-scenes processing
R3 will also have some nifty things as far as 'apply a direction and speed, and watch game work' goes. That will take like five minutes to do; the hard part is making hspeed and vspeed change with direction and speed, and vice versa. Nevertheless, it will get done, and it will get done right.
I have implemented a basic draw_text(), and it is functional. I'll leave it to anyone who wants to work on it after R3, and I say this with high hopes for a potential new ENIGMA Team member X-Tra Fear, from the GMC. He is, from what I have seen of him, a GL expert. Which will certainly not hurt ENIGMA's speed and functionality.
More callback related functions
In R3 you will find the keyboard callback of R2, as well as complete mouse button callback (all events and functions) for all three buttons, and the mouse wheel.


I'll let the rest of the cat out of the bag here. Ludamad from 64Digits has been working on a large collision system to power enigma, which from what I've seen has more than twice the features Game Maker offers. I do not have any data on speed for either Game Maker or ENIGMA to share with the public, but I am confident it will be fine. Luda has spent time optimizing the code to work with bits instead of chars, as many professionals do in similar systems. I can assure you it is memory efficient and assume it is speed efficient as well.


I have a release of GCC for Mac, but I lack a Mac to install it on. I may be able to gain access to it on the Macs at school, in which case ENIGMA R3 will support OS X development. I still haven't decided on and installed a version of Linux, so please be patient, Linux fans. This is also an invitation for anyone who has Linux or Mac to do me a favor and work on the callback for all that good stuff. It should be a two hour job to port ENIGMA to either of the consoles for anyone who knows what they are doing with the respective API, as all ENIGMA's draw functions and behind the scenes operations such as var, data structures, FPS measurement, etc. are all completely cross platform. The job meerly entails using the API to keep track of button status for all keys and mouse buttons in a small array, and to create a game window of the proper size with GL enabled.
Thanks for reading, I'll be syntaxing.
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